JPG and PDF are two frequently used file formats. Sometimes, users need to convert JPG/JPEG to PDF for smaller file sizes or printing. When users compress a PDF document, the original quality is still retained. That may be the most significant benefit of converting a PDF/JPEG to a PDF

When you understand the significance of converting JPG to PDF, an inevitable question arises: how to turn JPG into PDF for free? You’ll find answers in this post. In the following paragraphs, several JPG/JPEG to PDF converters will become the spotlight of this article. The explicit content is provided to assist in converting a JPG to a PDF.

How to Convert JPG to PDF with Desktop Programs

How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF, a JPG to PDF converter, has a comprehensive range, such as converting PDF to images (JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG), Microsoft Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), HTML, CAD (DWG, DXF), and vice versa. The excellent performance and stability are the critical factors we put this JPG to PDF converter in the first place. Now follow the guide to figure out how to change a JPG/JPEG to a PDF readily:

Step 1: Download and install SwifDoo PDF from the official website or Microsoft AppSource;

Step 2: Click on the Convert tab on the top menu and then move to Image to PDF;


Step 3: When SwifDoo PDF converter window pops up, choose Image to PDF and then upload JPG/JPEG file(s) to the workstation;

Step 4: Ensure the conversion options, output path, and page size are correct. When ready, click Start to change JPG into PDF.

To convert multiple JPG/JPEG files to PDFs, which is a batch conversion from JPG to PDF, simply click on "Add Files" to upload the files, then navigate to "Options" to select “Create Multiple PDF Documents”. Additionally, SwifDoo PDF enables changing the page size from the original page, A4 portrait, A4 landscape, and custom size.

Noteļ¼š After JPG/JPEG to PDF conversion, your newly created PDF document will be automatically opened within SwifDoo PDF. This converter then offers the chance to modify the JPG in this image-only PDF, including rotating, replacing an image, changing transparency, and editing page size.

Photo by Microsoft

If you are running Windows OS on your PC, things come much easier when converting JPG/JPEG to PDF. The default Microsoft Photos on Windows serves as a basic and free image viewer, organizer, and converter (specifically JPG/JPEG to PDF converter). In other words, users only need to utilize the inbuilt image viewer to convert JPG/JPEG to PDF without any effort. Here we explain how to make full use of this free JPG to PDF converter:

Step 1: Find the JPG/JPEG picture in your Windows computer and open it in Microsoft Photos;

Step 2: Choose Print on the top right or directly use shortcut key Ctrl + P to activate Print settings;

Step 3: In the Printer options, choose Microsoft Print to PDF. If necessary, users can change the orientation, page size, page margins, and scale of the upcoming PDF document;


Step 4: When ready, you will arrive at Save Print Output As window. Feel free to rename the PDF document and change the output path at this step. Hit the Save button to finalize the JPG/JPEG to PDF conversion.


The whole conversion process can be completed within several clicks. Without any external JPG to PDF converters, users can quickly turn their JPG files into PDF documents. However, even Microsoft Photos can help with batch conversion. The image quality is inferior to the PDF converted by professional JPG/JPEG to PDF converter, for instance, SwifDoo PDF.

Google Chrome

Generally, a web browser is a tool you use to surf the internet, and you won’t expect it to change your JPG into PDF. In fact, a browser can be a fundamental JPG/JPEG to PDF converter. The next section will show you how to use Google Chrome to change JPG files into PDFs.

Step 1: Open a JPG with Google Chrome;

Step 2: Press Ctrl + P to activate the Print settings;

Step 3: Change relevant settings before saving the PDF.


Google Chrome now allows users to change page range, layout, size, margins and scale. Likewise, users can turn to other web browsers to change JPG/JPEG into PDF, such as Firefox, Opera, and Safari. All of them share a similar conversion process.

Please realize that web browsers cannot perform JPG to PDF conversion in bulk. That is to say, if you need to convert multiple JPG/JPEG files, better ask dedicated PDF converters for help.

If you are looking for the answer to convert PDF to JPG/JPEG, this post may be of interest to you.

Solutions: Best PDF to JPG Converter on Windows [Online & Offline]

Solutions: Best PDF to JPG Converter on Windows [Online & Offline]

JPG is a universal image format and can be viewed on different device. Do you know how to easily convert PDF to JPG? Find answers in this post.


How to Convert JPG to PDF on iPhone and Mac

For Apple users, we prepare detailed instructions on how to convert JPG/JPEG into PDF on both iPhone and Mac. Luckily, whether iPhone or Mac users, converting a JPG/JPEG to a PDF requires no external software or apps. The built-in printer helps a lot. Take a look at how to convert JPG/JPEG to PDF on iPhone and Mac.


Step 1: Select an image in your Photo album;

Step 2: Tap on the Share on the left bottom to choose Print. In the Printer Options, perform a zoom-in gesture over the preview;


Step 3: Then, on the left bottom, select Share again to save the JPG as PDF.


iPhone can directly share the new PDF document to other apps or save it to the “Files” folder. When iPhone users convert the JPG/JPEG into a PDF, they can only change the page size and the number of PDF copies.


If users want to change a JPG/JPEG file to a PDF on Mac, the default PDF and image viewer cannot be ignored. Let’s dive into how to take advantage of this free JPG to PDF converter on Mac:

Step 1: Open a JPG/JPEG file in Preview and navigate to the top menu. Select File > Export in the drop-down menu;

Step 2: Choose PDF as the file type in the Format menu;

Step 3: Click Save to output this JPG as a new PDF document.

Preview can open JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and PSD files on Mac. Therefore, this step-by-step guide holds true for the conversion tasks among these mentioned image file formats. Nevertheless, it is inconvenient to batch convert JPG/JPEG to PDF. That’s why we talk about changing a JPG to a PDF online.

How to Convert JPG to PDF Online

Maybe you already know that online JPG to PDF converters provide free tasks every day. In a sea of similar online converting products, which one should you choose? No hurry, read the following paragraphs to figure out how to free convert JPG to PDF online.

Sejda PDF

Admittedly, the name “Sejda” seems a little bit weird to me, but it doesn’t matter, and Sejda PDF is still a well-rounded online JPG to PDF converter from my standpoint. Without further description, have a closer look at how it works:

Step 1: Type the URL on the search bar and go to the official website:

Step 2: In the All Tools drop-down menu, choose JPG to PDF. Then upload JPG files from local device, Google Drive, or Dropbox;


Step 3: Change page size, orientation, and margins if needed. Once ready, click Convert to PDF.


Sejda PDF enables users to process three JPG to PDF conversion tasks per day. At the same time, other online PDF converters can only deal with up to 2 PDF documents free of cost. Apart from JPG to PDF conversion, Sejda PDF can edit, annotate, e-sign, and password-protect PDFs. Its intuitive UI design lets users navigate to what they need in seconds.

The Bottom Line

Speaking of how to change JPG/JPEG to PDF, it is not a tough job as we have a lot of online and offline converters in the market. The mentioned free JPG to PDF converters can stand the test and be helpful by millions of users.

If you want a multipurpose PDF converter, try SwifDoo PDF for free. After all, as a newly registered user, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial provided by this powerful JPG to PDF desktop converter.



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