Release Notes

June 27, 2022
  1. Added the feature of Read Aloud to enable text-to-speech conversion;
  1. Improved the performance of Quick Translation to enable language switch;
  2. Redesigned the main menu.

Previous Versions

  1. Added the feature of Quick Translation and it is possible to translate the selected text. SwifDoo PDF now supports translation among languages such as Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese;
  1. Fixed the bug in displaying account status;
  1. Stabilized the performance of the software.
  1. Supported special fonts or characters in some languages.
  1. Added the feature to scroll the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the value in an input field;
  2. Added the feature to create PDFs from different sources in the “Home” view;
  3. Added the feature to hide or pin the ribbon;
  4. Added the Full Screen mode to the “View” tab;
  5. Added buttons to show or hide the sidebar;
  6. It is now available to check a word count in SwifDoo PDF;
  1. Corrected typos in copies and revised some tips.
  1. Optimized the “Save as” setting to rename the saved file;
  2. Improved the design of the “Home” view and added a search box to enable searches in recent files;
  3. Removed the Background from the “View” tab;
  4. Optimized the menu to merge “Show Annotations” and “Hide Annotations” in the Manage Annotations;
  1. Added a progress bar when converting files;
  2. Added a tip when compressing files: Higher PDF compression will lead to lower quality of image in the PDF file; adjusted the compression level from HD, Standard, and Normal to High, Medium, and Low; and added a progress bar when compressing PDF files; Removed the estimated file size after compression;
  3. Created a shortcut key (Ctrl+B) to quickly insert a bookmark to a PDF; changed the “Restore” shortcut key from Ctrl+B to Ctrl+Y; and changed the “Custom Window Zoom” shortcut key from Ctrl+Y to Ctrl+E;
  4. Added the feature of “Custom Stamp” and you can create stamps with custom images;
  5. Enabled batch page splitting: specific pages can be split at once by entering page numbers;
  6. It is now available to create PDFs from scanners;
  7. Added a checkbox of “Keep Page Margins” in printing PDFs;
  8. Added a “Manage Annotations” tab under the “Annotate” tab;
  9. Added the “Scale by Default” option in the “Scale” drop-down list from the “View” tab;
  10. Added the feature of “Convert to Searchable PDF” to make a scanned PDF searchable;
  11. Created a new window to remind users of saving the changes before performing OCR.
  12. Added the feature to enable pressing arrow keys (on keyboards) to move annotations (including arrows, lines, shapes, pencils, notes, stamps, and attachments) on PDFs. It is now available to press ESC to exit the current mode;
  1. When converting PDF to Scanned Copy, the file after conversion will be opened by default, and the “Open File” option is provided;
  2. When adding links, you are redirected to the external page by single clicking;
  3. The converted file will be saved to document’s current directory by default;
  4. GDI leaks have been fixed when adding e-signature;
  5. Fixed the issue of failing to open the directory in the Office to PDF converter window;
  6. Fixed the problem that the merged file cannot be found in the file directory when “Current Directory” is selected in the “PDF Merge” window;
  1. Optimized the performance of advanced search;
  2. Optimized the cursor status when adding links to PDF. When an external link has been added, click on any area to add more links;
  3. Optimized the display of the cursor status when in the “Edit” or “Annotate” mode;
  4. Optimized PDF compression. When compressing PDFs, if there are no images in the first 5 pages, the document is defined as a plain text PDF with a T (for Text) icon beside the file name;
  5. Improved the “Search” feature. When searching for words or phrases in a scanned or image-only PDF, you will be prompted to use OCR to recognize the PDF first;
  6. E-signatures can be added to other specified pages.
  7. It is available to left-click on the signature to move the embedded image(s) in the “Hand” mode;
  8. Optimized the display of the image size when dragging the picture, and improved the image editing menu;
  9. Improved the visual effect of image rotation to make the angle or rotation clearer;
  10. Improved the user experience when removing permission passwords from PDFs;
  11. Improved the PDF to CAD conversion speed and result, and supported the PDF to DXF conversion;
  1. SwifDoo PDF now supports right-to-left system languages if you are using Arabic and Hebrew as the system language.
  1. Fixed the problem that some antivirus programs mistakenly reported an issue about the software.
  1. Fixed an issue that the login window pops up too early even when not completely loaded;
  2. Fixed the bug that could cause errors in drawing on PDFs;
  3. Fixed the crash caused by time zone differences.