Annotate & markup PDFs

From highlight, stamp, note, pencil to shape, you can find annotation-related tools in SwifDoo. Once you have added annotations to the PDF document, the changes will always remain stable irrespective of any operating systems.

Pinpoint and track your annotations

You can reply directly to others’ annotations with ease. At the same time, you can open Status button to choose the status of your reply, such as Accept or Deny. It is quite easy to start a conversation between reviewers and you. More than that, SwifDoo provides you a Manage button to view all annotations you made at the left side bar.

Create and add stamps to PDFs

If you meet with customers from multinational companies, stamps may come in handy to label the document with important information, such as the document’s approval status or confidentiality level. We offer different stamps for you to indicate the status of your file. By this way, we hope to cover your needs.