Password Protect & Guard PDF Files

Double protect your sensitive and confidential information and data by employing user password and permission password.

Encrypt your PDF

Two types of passwords safeguard your PDF files: a user password is required when you need to open a secured PDF while a permission password is used for restricting certain features such as printing, editing and annotating. SwifDoo PDF makes it easier to keep your files from any unwanted access.


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Tips for Protecting PDF

How to Protect PDFs with SwifDoo PDF

Open a PDF document with SwifDoo PDF
Click the “Advanced” button and select “Encryption”
Choose how you want to lock your PDF by setting passwords and permissions

FAQs about Protecting PDF

Q:How do i protect my PDFs with Adobe?

Q:How do i remove protection from a PDF?

  • Many PDF program provide both encryption and decryption. Let’s Take SwifDoo PDF for example.
  • 1. Open the password-protected PDF with SwifDoo PDF;
  • 2. Enter the password;
  • 3. Choose “Advanced” and select “Decryption”
  • 4. Enter the Open password again to complete the decryption, and then save the new PDF into the local folder.

Q:How do i protect a PDF from editing?

  • You can protect your PDF file from editing by setting Owner password.
  • 1. Open your PDF document with SwifDoo PDF;
  • 2. Click “Encryption” in the tab of “Advanced”;
  • 3. Tick “Owner Password” to set restrictions for certain behaviors.