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Download the full-featured PDF converter for Windows to unlock more features. Handle heavier and more complicated PDF tasks with this lightweight PDF program to improve your daily productivity.

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  • Is there a really free PDF converter?
    Yes. If you are looking for an online PDF tool to convert PDF files for free, look no further than the SwifDoo PDF Online Converter. Every user will be provided two free tasks per day to convert the files without any cost. Furthermore, sharing the converter page on other social platforms will earn you another free task.
  • Is it safe to use an online PDF converter?
    I can only tell you about SwifDoo PDF Online Converter, yes. Concerning file security, the 256-bit SSL encryption technology is employed to prevent information leakage in this online PDF converter. Therefore, no other third-party can steal your classified documents.
  • Can I make a PDF online without an app?
    Yes, you certainly can. SwifDoo PDF Online Converter is the online tool you can trust to make a PDF online without other software. If needed, you can convert Word, Excel, CAD, and image files to PDF or change PDF documents to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, DWG, and HTML files.
  • How do I convert a PDF file without losing quality?
    Here’s how to convert your files to PDF without compromising file quality with the help of the SwifDoo PDF Online Converter:
    Step 1: Navigate to the official SwifDoo PDF website. Then click Convert PDF;
    Step 2: When the workstation appears, choose one of the features you require from the left column;
    Step 3: Next, import the file you need to convert and wait for the automatic conversion. When ready, tap the Download button to export your converted file.