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How to Make a PDF on iPhone for Free in 2023

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on October 25, 2023 | Deutsch

You can be mired in a circumstance where you have to create a crucial PDF file but are only carrying your iPhone. You'll undoubtedly be stuck for ideas if you don't know how to make a PDF on iPhone. Leave your troubles behind and read this post to learn the tip to create a PDF on an iPhone for free using quick notes.

make a PDF on iPhone

How to Make a PDF on iPhone with Online Converter

Let’s introduce the SwifDoo PDF Online Converter, which helps you effortlessly make a PDF on your iPhone for free. It is an online tool that shares the same features as its desktop version, SwifDoo PDF. You can create a PDF on your iPhone quickly while preserving the layout.

Major features:

  • Strong ability to process large files;
  • Support files of up to 20MB and 200 pages;
  • Convert your Excel, CAD, or image file into a PDF quickly.

How to Make a PDF on iPhone with SwifDoo PDF Online Converter

In this context, you can understand how to make a PDF on your iPhone for free with SwifDoo online PDF converter. Let’s check out the steps:

Step 1: Enter the URL on the search bar: https://www.swifdoo.com/convert-to-pdf;

How to make a PDF on iPhone using SwifDoo PDF

Step 2: When the page is fully loaded, select any of the options from the Convert to PDF column to get ready for creating a PDF on the iPhone;

Step 3: After the selection, click Choose file to upload the file you want. The converter will automatically make it a PDF on your iPhone;

Step 4: Hit the Download button to export the file.

Once you make a PDF on your iPhone in this online converter, you can send the PDF file to email or share it in other ways. You can access all these premium features from your iPhone twice a day. Furthermore, you do not need to install or register the online tool to create a PDF on your iPhone, which saves you much time.

Apple technology reduces device dependence by allowing consumers to straightforwardly create a PDF on their iPhones. As a result, you can make PDFs on your iPhone, distribute, and edit these PDFs on your iOS device without downloading any other software, and save them for further use. The following sections will shed some insights on how to make a PDF on iPhone using the innate Apple’s Notes and Photos:

How to Create a PDF on iPhone from Notes

Apple Notes is the built-in note-taking app for Apple devices. In some cases, users may find it useful to convert their notes to PDF documents but don’t know the right method. Here is a complete guide on how to make a PDF on iPhone using Apple Notes:

Step 1: Open Notes on your iPhone, and click the target note for creating a PDF on your iPhone;

Step 2: Select the share button (on the top right) and choose Print to activate the printer setting;

Step 3: Perform a zoom-out gesture over the preview of the note (down below) and you can make a PDF on iPhone;
How to make a PDF on iPhone using Notes
STEP 4: Then click Share on the bottom left. Feel free to share this newly created PDF via apps or save it to the local folder.

If you need to re-check the new PDF document, navigate to the system folder that you just saved the note into.

How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone for Free with 3 Built-In Apps

How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone for Free with 3 Built-In Apps

Wondering how to convert photos to PDF on iPhone? In this article, we offered you 3 different methods to help convert picture to PDF files on iPhone devices.


How to Make PDF on iPhone from Photos

Moreover, if you want to convert pictures to PDFs on iPhone, Apple’s native printer can also help. This image can be in any format, such as HEIC, JPG, PNG, and so on. Do you know the way to make a picture a PDF on iPhone? Here, we explain how to make a PDF on your iPhone using Photos as well:

Step 1: Open any of your albums and click to choose a photo. If you want to create a PDF from multiple photos, select those photos in the first phase;

Step 2: Hit the Share button down below (left bottom) and scroll down to choose Print;
How to make a PDF on iPhone using Photos
Step 3: Long press the photo and re-click on the preview to make it a PDF on your iPhone. Alternatively, it works to pinch outwards on the preview.

Step 4: Tap the drop-down arrow next to Photo and choose whether to share this PDF via apps or to a local folder when needed.
How to make a PDF on iPhone using Photos 1
With this method, users can quickly make a PDF on iPhone from more than 2 images. And the newly converted PDF contains all these selected images within.

You can now create a PDF on an iPhone effortlessly, whether you take a picture with your iPhone camera, use Apple Notes, or send an email. The original file structure can be easily shared in a storage-friendly format like PDF.

Bonus Tip: Read & Annotate PDFs in SwifDoo PDF on iOS

It could be a little troublesome to read or annotate a PDF on your iPhone after creating one, especially when the formatting settings are not displayed properly. That's why you need a professional PDF reader and annotator app like SwifDoo PDF for iOS. The software has a mobile-friendly user interface that can show the PDF text on your screen clearly. With two fingers, it is easy to zoom in and out to adjust the display aspect ratio. The easy navigation lets you locate the tool you like in seconds. More importantly, file quality doesn't drop and the complete layout is shown on different versions of your operating system. Let's check out some handy features the iOS app has:

How to read and annotate PDF in SwifDoo PDF on iOS

  • View PDF files in a desired reading mode to prevent eye strain;
  • Read your PDF aloud to enjoy a more immersive reading experience;
  • Highlight and underline the text to mark up important information;
  • Add stamps to update the status of the PDF with a single hand;
  • Print and share a file whenever you are.


An online converter is an optimal option when it comes to creating a PDF on an iPhone. It can remove cumbersome steps to install a new application. SwifDoo PDF Online converter can create a PDF on your iPhone regardless of the file size. The advanced online tool will help you handily create a PDF on your iPhone and vice versa without installing any app.

Apple technology reduces reliance on external devices and enables customers to complete all tasks on their iPhones. Learning how to make a PDF on your iPhone is also vital because there may be instances where you need to send something in PDF format but don’t have a computer. Hope these three approaches will be of great interest to you.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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