Converting PDF Files with High-quality Conversion Technology

SwifDoo PDF is one of the fastest and smallest PDF converters. When you regularly work with MS files, images, scanned copies or other file types, SwifDoo can always help you convert any PDF into an editable file in a blink of an eye.

Convert PDF to Editable Office Documents

SwifDoo PDF is able to convert PDF files to Word (doc/docx), Excel (XLS/XLSX), PowerPoint (ppt) formats at fast speed and vice versa. SwifDoo helps you convert your documents within just a few mouse clicks.


Convert PDF to Multiple Image Formats

SwifDoo PDF converter makes PDF to JPG conversion faster and easier. To transform PDF files into PNG, BMP and TIF become a reality. The quality and resolution of all images will remain intact. Apart from commonly seen file formats, SwifDoo PDF can help export CAD documents into PDFs.

Batch-convert PDFs at One Time

For better enhancing productivity, batch processing is developed to help you multitask. You can process a large number of files at the same time and batch convert these documents to PDFs orvice versa.


How to Convert PDF to Word or JPG with SwifDoo PDF

Open a PDF document withSwifDoo PDF

Click “Convert” buttonand select the target format you want to convert

Choose the output fileformat and local folder before hitting the “Start”

Tips for Converting PDF


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FAQs about Converting PDF

Q:Can i extract images from my PDF with SwifDoo PDF?

  • 1. Open a document full of images.
  • 2. Move your cursor to the picture you want to copy or export.
  • 3. Right-click the image and choose what you want to do with this picture, including editing, saving, deleting, and copying to clipboard.

Q:How do i convert PDFs into Google Docs?

  • 1. Log into your Google Drive;
  • 2. Upload the PDF file you want to convert on your Google Drive: drag the file on your Drive's home page; create a new folder, open it, and click on "Upload files" to select a PDF document from your local folder;
  • 3. After the PDF is successfully uploaded to the Drive, right click the file to choose "Google Docs" in the tab of "Open with";
  • 4. Then Google Drive will automatically convert your PDF into Google Docs format in the same folder. Users can download the newly created file in different formats such as .docx, .pdf,. epub, . odt, .html.

Q:How do i convert a PDF to a Word file on Mac?

  • 1. Using built-in Preview to copy and paste all the content from a PDF document to an editble file, such as MS Word (only for text-only PDF);
  • 2. Utilizing Google Docs to automatically convert uploaded PDF files to Google Docs editor format (this method is preferable for a text-based PDF).
  • 3. Using built-in macOS tool Automator to extract all the text from your PDF and export in into a plain or rich text format;
  • 4. Converting a PDF to a Word file with the help of professional third-party PDF tools, such as Adobe Acrobat, PDFelement, Foxit PDF, iLovePDF, PDF Pen, and PDF Expert.

Q:Can i convert an EPUB to a PDF?

  • Yes, you can convert EPUB documents into PDFs by using the following tools:
  • Online conversion tools: Zamzar ,Free PDF Converter, PDF2GO, EPUB Converter;
  • Desktop conversion tools: Icecream PDF Converter; Calibre; EPUB to PDF Converter; Wondershare PDFelement.