Add E-signatures to Your PDF Documents

When file security and information privacy are what we care about, signing PDF documents with electronic signatures becomes an essential method to streamline the workflow. SwifDoo PDF enables you to sign the document almost instantly by offering three ways of adding e-signatures.

Electronic signature

We offer three ways of creating a new e-signature: from image: upload an image as your signature; from typing: enter your name in the blank area; from handwritting: use your mouse to draw your name within the box.



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Tips for E-signing PDF

How to Add E-signature to PDFs with SwifDoo PDF

Open a PDF document with SwifDoo PDF
Click the “Advanced” button and select “Create New Signature”
Choose the way you need to create an electronic signature

FAQs about E-signing PDF

Q:How do I sign a PDF document electronically?

  • Most PDF software allow for several methods of electronically signing a document: If you prefer to use your own well-designed signature, just upload an image of your paper signature file using a .bmp, .png, .gif, .jpg format; You can draw your signature with mouse; the third method is to directly type your name with keyboard.

Q:How do I create an e-signature for free?

  • If you need a well-designed and free electronic signature, try these websites: Signaturely, Docsketch, MyLiveSignature. All of the above service providers require no registration or log in. Just type your name into the box and they will help you generate signatures in different styles.

Q:How do you create an e-signature with Adobe Acrobat?

  • If you have installed Adobe Acrobat Pro DC with E-sign, follow the instructions below to create an e-signature:
  • 1. Select the "My Profile" option and choose "My Signature";
  • 2. When the signature panel pops out, choose how to create your e-signature. There are two options: by drawing: you are asked to use your mouse to physically draw your signature within the box; by uploading an image: you are prompted to select a file from a local folder;
  • 3. After you choose how to create a signature, click "Apply".

Q:What's the difference between an e-signature and digital signature?

  • A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that is much more secure than a traditional electronic siganture. It employs Personal Key Infrastructure into the signing process to identify the signer and the party requesting a digital signature. For an electronic signature, it is less secure because it doesn't involve any secure coding or other encryption method. It is usually an image placed on the document, and can not show if somobody tampers with the document after it is signed.