JPG (or JPEG) is one of the most popular image formats. At times, you may need to share a series of JPG pictures or screenshots, if sending them one by one, it is cumbersome for recipients to view. A good method to avoid the hassle is to combine all these JPG images into one PDF file and send them in one go. 

So how do we combine JPG images into a PDF? In this post, we will introduce several viable ways to help.

What Program Can I Use to Combine JPG Files into a PDF?

When it comes to combining JPG files into a PDF, the straightforward way might be inserting the JPG images into a Word document and then exporting Word as PDF. The method is similar to what we use to create a PDF file with images in Google Drive (as shown in our FAQ part at the end of the post). This is workable but not productive.

To merge multiple JPG files into a PDF file efficiently with minimal effort, there are offline and online programs to use.

As offline programs, also known as desktop programs, users can choose the right product according to their operating systems. On Windows, SwifDoo PDF is a good one for combining JPG images into one PDF document. For macOS users, the native photo and PDF viewer, Preview can help.

Concerning any online converter, jpg2pdf is available for free. Besides, combining JPG images into one PDF is easy to be accomplished through Google Docs in Google Drive, File Explorer, and the virtual Microsoft PDF printer.

The following content will explain how to combine JPG files into a PDF with these methods or programs respectively.

How to Combine JPG Images into One PDF with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a multi-featured PDF application applicable to Windows 7 and Windows 8/10/11 users. It has 30+ PDF tools that enable you to swiftly edit, compress, split, rotate PDF documents, and more.

The program can act as a powerful JPG to PDF converter. It lets you easily combine a group of JPG images into one PDF file, or convert them to multiple individual PDFs. If you want to organize all the images on the same page, use the PDF creating feature in the application to create a blank PDF page and insert images into it.

Combine JPG Images into One PDF Document in Different Pages 

Step 1: Free download SwifDoo PDF software and launch it;

Step 2: Click PDF to Word or PDF to Image in the home interface;


Step 3: In the pop-up SwifDoo PDF Converter window, choose Image to PDF in the left pane, then drag and drop your JPG images to the interface. After all, images are added, you can drag them to rearrange the order;


Step 4: Make sure you select the Create a PDF Document. Hit the Page Size drop-down menu to set the orientation and size of the PDF pages; 

Step 5: Choose an output path to save the converted PDF. Press the Start button to combine the JPGs into one PDF file.

Tips:To import several JPG images at once, you can hold down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard to select all the images you need to convert in a folder, then drag and drop them into the “SwifDoo Converter”. Or, you can click “Add Files” to upload multiple JPG images.

The method above is used to combine multiple JPG (JPEG) files into a PDF with different pages. That means if you choose 2 JPG images for merging, the PDF is created with 2 pages. What if you need to merge 2 JPG images into one page in a PDF? Read on to find out.

Combine JPG Images into One PDF Document in One Page

Step 1: Click Create in the Home tab to create a new blank PDF (Or if you have opened a PDF file within the program, go to SwifDoo, New PDF, then choose New Blank Page to create a blank PDF);


Step 2: Tap on the Edit tab on the top and choose Image to insert an image (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF) into the blank PDF;


Step 3: Move and resize the image. After adding all the JPG images you need to combine into a PDF, go to SwifDoo and choose Save as.  

Tips:If needed, SwifDoo PDF allows you to further edit an image in a PDF such as rotating or adjusting its transparency of it. 

Besides combining JPG images into a PDF, SwifDoo PDF also enables you to combine multiple JPG pictures into one JPG file. The method is to combine your JPGs into one PDF first and then convert the created PDF to a single JPG image. Read the recommended post to find out how to convert PDF to Image (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF).

Top 3 PDF to PNG Converters [Paid & Free]

Top 3 PDF to PNG Converters [Paid & Free]

This post focuses on converting PDF files to PNG images. We will show you the paid and free ways to convert PDF to PNG format without losing quality.


                                                                                        Free Download

Can I Merge JPG Images with an Existing PDF?

You can combine JPG images and a PDF into one PDF document using the “Page” or “Thumbnail” feature in SwifDoo PDF. To do that, you need to insert blank pages into your existing PDF and then add the JPG images to these blank PDF pages. 

Alternatively, you can join the JPG files to one PDF file first using the mentioned method, then combine this PDF with the existing PDF.   

With SwifDoo PDF, you already know how to put multiple JPG files into one PDF on Windows, what about on Mac? Read on to find the answers.    

How to Combine JPG Images into One PDF with Preview

Many Mac users may have benefited a lot from the built-in PDF software on their OS, Preview. Apple offers its users the app to deal with some common PDF tasks, such as merging, splitting, and protecting PDFs. It is freeware for you to combine multiple JPG files (or JPEGs) into one PDF. In addition, you are able to use Preview to merge JPG images with an existing PDF. 

Step 1: In your image folder, select all the JPG images you wish to combine into a PDF and right-click on them to choose Open with, Preview;

Step 2: Go to File and click Print;

Step 3: In the Print dialog box, hit the PDF drop-down menu to choose Save as PDF;

Step 4: Rename the PDF and select where to save it. Click Save and then print the images as a PDF document.  

This is how to combine JPG files into one PDF on Mac. When there is a need to merge new images with the PDF you’ve created, you can drag the images into the PDF document in Preview and save the changed file as a new PDF.

How to Combine JPG Files Into One PDF Using jpg2pdf

jpg2pdf is an online JPG to PDF converter that enables you to turn JPG files into individual PDFs or combine the JPG images into one PDF document. It can also help with compressing, combining PDFs, converting PNG to PDF, PDF to Word, and vice versa. All these services are provided for free. Let’s take a look at how to combine multiple JPG images to one PDF file online free using the converter.

Step 1: Get into the website, choose JPG to PDF, then click UPLOAD FILES to upload your JPG files;  


Step 2: Once the JPG files are uploaded, they have been converted to PDFs separately. Hit the COMBINED button to combine the JPG images into one PDF document. If needed, you can click DOWNLOAD to save each JPG image as a single PDF file.  


jpg2pdf is a handy tool used to combine multiple JPG files into one PDF file at once with the original image quality retained, and it provides the JPG to PDF conversion service without limit in file size. 

Note:The free online JPG to PDF combiner or converter allows users to upload up to 20 JPG or PNG images each time.

How Do I Convert JPG to PDF in File Explorer?

For a Windows 10 user, you can print a file as a PDF easily with the virtual Microsoft PDF printer. Thanks to the native support, combining multiple JPG files into one PDF can be conveniently accomplished via the File Explorer, and thus you don’t need to turn to any third-party PDF software. Follow the steps below to combine JPGs into one PDF file on Windows 10.

Step 1: Put your images in a folder. Hold Ctrl/Shift key to select all the JPG images you want to combine into a PDF file, then right-click on them to choose Print;  

Step 2: In the pop-up Print Pictures dialog box, click Printer drop-down menu to select Microsoft Print to PDF. If there is not, you can hit the Install Printer option and follow the prompts to install it;

Step 3: You can uncheck the Fit picture to the frame or not. Choose Options at the lower right corner, then click Printer Properties to change the orientation of the printed pages to landscape or portrait; 

Step 4: Hit Print to combine the JPG images into one PDF.

Using the Microsoft PDF printer, you can print the JPG pictures as one PDF on one page by choosing 4x6 in. (2), 3.5x5 in. (4), or some other options within the “Print Pictures” dialog box.   


At this point, you've known how to combine JPG files into one PDF offline and online. So, among all the methods or tools, which one may suit you best? If you oftentimes work with PDF documents, it's recommended to get a desktop PDF application instead of using a web-based tool. The former is always more powerful and safe. For Windows users, SwifDoo PDF can meet your needs very well.

As a JPG to PDF converter or PDF combiner, SwifDoo PDF enables you to merge multiple images or PDF files into one PDF in just seconds, without losing quality. On top of that, it is also a PDF compressor, PDF splitter, PDF editor, and so on. Encompassing a full set of PDF features, SwifDoo PDF will help you be more productive with your work.

So download SwifDoo PDF and start your free trial now to combine your JPG (or PNG, BMP, TIF) files into a PDF document, and do more with PDFs as needed.

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Common FAQ about Combine JPG Images into One PDF (Step-by-Step Guide)

Q:How do I convert JPG images to a PDF file with Google Drive?

To turn multiple JPG files into a PDF, you can insert all the images into a Google Docs document via Google Drive. Google Docs works in a similar way to Microsoft Word. Find out how to combine JPG files into one PDF in Google Drive.

Step 1: Log in to your Google Drive account in a web browser, go to New, and choose Google Docs to create a blank document;

Step 2: Click the Insert tab on the top menu bar, then Image to insert the JPG images you want to combine into a PDF from the computer, Drive, or other sources;

Step 3:After all the JPG images are added to the document, drag the bounding box handle or corner to resize them, and move these JPG pictures to your desired location on the pages;

Step 4: Go to File, Download in the drop-down list, and choose PDF Document. With this method, you can combine several JPG images into one PDF on one page or individual pages.



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