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How to Easily Split a PDF into Multiple Pages [Free Options]

By Roche | Follow twitter | Updated on July 29, 2022 | Deutsch
You may occasionally receive large, long PDF documents with multiple pages. In particular, you need to remove unnecessary content or extract the pages you need to obtain smaller PDF documents for file sharing. In this case, you need a PDF splitter to separate PDF pages in a document. 

What Is a PDF Splitter?

What is a PDF splitter? A splitter is a tool that enables users to split a PDF into multiple files for easier document management. Usually, a split PDF has a smaller file size and simplifies file sharing. For instance, a project manager may need to split up PDFs to distribute the teamwork. A PDF splitter comes in handy at this point.

So in this post, we’ll provide a complete list of the best PDF splitters in 2022. Users have the chance to know how to split PDF pages on different OS.

How to Split PDF Pages on Windows

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a comprehensive document management service provider, which can combine, extract, add, and replace PDF files, and most importantly, split PDFs into any desired pages. Let’s go to see how to split PDF into multiple files with SwifDoo PDF:

Step 1: Download and install SwifDoo PDF on your PC, and open the PDF that needs to be split;

Step 2: When the PDF is successfully uploaded to the workplace, click on the Page button to choose Split;

Step 3: Change the splitting options in the drop-down menu of Options. After this, hit the Start to split up PDF pages.

Tips: The split PDFs will be stored in the default folder where SwifDoo PDF is installed. If in need of changing the destination folder, choose “Select Path” to change the output settings.


As the above picture shows, SwifDoo PDF has a clear user interface so that users have no difficulty separating pages in PDF and splitting PDF pages into multiple files. For those who need to batch split PDF pages, SwifDoo PDF streamlines the whole process, and users need to click "Add Files" to upload more PDFs to the operation panel. Users can expect SwifDoo PDF to separate PDF pages evenly, every X page, or custom the page range of splitting.

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But we need to point out, SwifDoo PDF doesn’t support separating PDFs by file size and top-level bookmarks, nor does it provide a PDF splitting service for Mac users or users of other operating systems. It is only a Windows-based program.

LightPDF (formerly ApowerPDF)

Apowersoft has long been devoted to providing high-quality software, and one of the solutions is LightPDF. As another feature-rich PDF splitter, LightPDF integrates 30+ features, including splitting PDF pages. Check out how to split up PDFs:

Step 1: Download and install ApowerPDF, and upload a PDF for splitting;

Step 2: Click Pages to choose Split Document;

Step 3: When the Split Document window pops up, choose how you’d like to separate pages in the current PDF document.


LightPDF can batch-split PDF pages by many pages, file size, and top-level bookmarks, which SwifDoo PDF can partially realize. That is to say, to split PDF pages on Windows, ApowerPDF is much more comprehensive compared with the previous PDF separator.

However, if you determine to separate PDF pages in ApowerPDF for free, your documents will be watermarked. Except for the marks on your PDF, this desktop program is a good PDF splitter.

How to Split PDF Pages on Mac

The default PDF viewer can be of huge help for macOS users if you need to separate a long PDF document into smaller parts. In addition to Preview, some other free comprehensive PDF programs can meet your complex needs for splitting PDF pages on Mac, for example, PDFsam.


Dividing PDF documents is made significantly more accessible by the Mac-exclusive Preview. This built-in image reader and PDF viewer is a jack-of-all-trade on macOS devices to annotate, combine, sign and split PDF pages on Mac.

Step 1: Open a PDF document with the default PDF splitter- Preview;

Step 2: When you see the thumbnail of the current PDF on the left sidebar;

Step 3: Select a specified page and click on it, then drag the page to the desktop and release the mouse.

Note: If you need to select more than one page, press the Ctrl key and choose multiple PDF pages.

Although Preview can perform multiple PDF splitting tasks, it cannot separate pages in multiple PDFs at the same time. That’s why we need to mention another free open source software on macOS - PDFsam.

PDFsam Basic

PDFsam may sound a little bit old-fashioned, at least it is to me. However, this is actually an open-source PDF splitter on Windows, Mac, and Linux, which is free of charge forever. PDFsam has a product line of Basic, Enhanced, and Visual. Among them, PDFsam Basic is for free and can carry out PDF combination, splitting, extraction, and rotation. See how to separate PDF pages without cost:

Step 1: Download and install PDFsam Basic on your Mac devices;

Step 2: Import the PDF to the operation panel, and choose the splitting mode based on your needs, such as split by file size, page numbers, or bookmarks;

Step 3: Specify the output folder and rename the split PDF. The final thing is to hit the Run button to start the splitting.

The free PDFsam Basic only covers some primary features. Given how to edit PDFs with PDFsam, users need to try its Enhanced or Visual version. But please note that these two versions are PAID VERSIONS. Nevertheless, the PDFsam Basic can fulfill your needs to split up a PDF well enough. 

How to Split PDF Pages Online

Maybe you hold a cautious attitude towards some desktop PDF separators considering any malware, and it is understandable. Therefore, we are going to introduce several online tools to split PDF pages.

Google Chrome

As a popular Internet browser, Google Chrome can split a PDF document as well because of the default Microsoft Print to PDF. OK, no more wasting time, and let’s get down to business:


Step 1: Right-click on a PDF and open the PDF with Google Chrome;

Step 2: Click on the Print button, and then choose Pages to change the setting to Custom;

Step 3: Enter the page range and finally hit the Save button to output the new PDF.

Tips: This free method applies to other browsers such as Firefox and Opera since they all adapt the technology of Microsoft Print to PDF.

Unluckily, Google Chrome doesn’t have options to split the PDF pages evenly. If you meet with a similar problem, keep on reading.

Sejda PDF

Though we categorize Sejda PDF as an online tool, it has a desktop version. It is an all-feature web-based PDF tool, which can split specific PDF pages or extract every page into a separate PDF file. Let’s check out how this tool works to split up a PDF:

Step 1: Type the link on the search bar and click Split among POPULAR;


Step 2: Upload a PDF document via local folder, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or URL;

Step 3: Choose an option to separate the PDF pages: extract every page into an individual PDF, select specified pages to split, split every X page, and split every even page.

Similar to other online PDF splitters, Sejda PDF only provides three free tasks every 24 hours, no matter whether it is Sejda Web or Sejda Desktop. However, four different splitting options provided by Sejda are sure to meet diversified needs. 

Final Words

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, users have many more options to choose from when separating PDF pages into PDFs. Some of the mentioned PDF splitters are free to use but with limited free tasks (usually two or three free tasks per day), such as Sejda PDF. Google Chrome and PDFsam Basic are freeware but with limited features.

Generally, if you are searching for an all-featured PDF program to separate pages in a PDF file, try SwifDoo PDF and ApowerPDF, and they won’t let you down on how to split PDF pages.

Common FAQ about How to Easily Split a PDF into Multiple Pages [Free Options]

Q:How do we split PDF pages on mobile devices?

In some circumstances, users may be required to handle digital documents on mobile devices, such as separating PDF documents on Android or iOS devices. If you have a smooth Internet connection, you can access free online PDF tools to perform such a basic task. Such applications as iLovePDF, SmallPDF, PDF2GO, and Sejda PDF are safe to use, but most of them only provide two or three free tasks every 24 hours. If exceeded, you are not allowed to access the online service to separate PDF pages.



Roche has been an active PDF user for 6 years and tried different types of professional PDF tools (both online and desktop version) since at his bachelor degree. Now, Roche works as a columnist for SwifDoo PDF over the course of the last one year, and provides useful and practical solutions pertaining to various PDF topics for users from different features.

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