In your PDF documents you may want to add or attach photos or images. Images can help you visualize relevant topics and make the content of your documents more eye-catching; you can include logos for your business, the picture of someone you quote, or any graphic that visualizes what your document is about. This article mainly talks about how to insert images into PDF documents with ease.

Since PDF is not a readily editable file format, making changes to a PDF file can possibly be a pain in the neck, whether it be modifying a carelessly misspelled word, or inserting vivid images into a PDF. The good news is we have dedicated PDF software. In this article, we will demonstrate how to use SwifDoo PDF, an all-in-one PDF tool, to insert images into PDFs with four easy steps.

How to Utilize SwifDoo PDF to Insert Images into PDFs

Download and Install SwifDoo PDF

Go visit the homepage of SwifDoo PDF and click “Free Trial” to download this PDF program. After the successful download, launch the SwifDoo PDF installer.

Tips: It is better to have SwifDoo PDF installed in a folder with adequate disk space as you will be creating files automatically during usage. 

Open the PDF

There are three common methods for users to open a PDF document in SwifDoo PDF:

Step 1: Importing the PDF document by right clicking on the file and then pressing H to choose a suitable Open with;

Step 2: Launching the SwifDoo PDF, clicking Open in Recent Files, and then uploading the document which needs an image;

Step 3: Dragging the PDF document into the workspace.

When finishing opening the document, users can then insert images to the PDF.

Insert Images into PDFs

After opening the PDF document, it is time to insert the images into the PDF. Click “Image” under the “Edit” tab on the toolbar (see image below). In the pop-up window, select the graphic that you want to add and then click “Open”. If you need more than one image to be inserted on the current PDF document, just press "Ctrl" and add more pictures.


After inserting the image(s) into the PDF document, if you need to edit the graphic, right-click the picture and choose from the options in the menu (see image). SwifDoo PDF enables users to make the following changes to the image:

  • Changing the image order (e.g., bringing the chosen imageto the front or sending it to the back);
  • Deleting the image;
  • Copying the image;
  • Editing the position,orientation, size and dimensions of the image.


Save Changes Made on the PDF Document

When you finish editing the image, you can use the shortcut key Ctrl+S (or click the “Save” icon on the toolbar in the top left corner) to save the newly made changes within the current PDF, Or, you can create a new file for PDF by opening the file menu and select “Save As” to save the newly edited PDF under a different filename.

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Apart from inserting images to a PDF, users may need to modify the inserted images within the PDF document. The recommended post will help a lot. 

How to Modify PDF Images with Several Steps

How to Modify PDF Images with Several Steps

Need to modify the images in your PDF file? Check this post to get 3 useful tools and find out the step-by-step guides for image editing in PDFs.


Who Is SwifDoo PDF?

As a new PDF software company, SwifDoo PDF software has dedicated itself to help users deal with PDF-related issues, such as editing, annotation, converting, and many other useful functions. So far, SwifDoo PDF has accumulated nearly 1 million users globally and aims to simplify everything you do with PDFs.

For those who seek to insert images to a PDF, SwifDoo PDF proves to be a easy solution. If you download SwifDoo PDF for the first time, you can enjoy the free trial for one week. In addition, we offer a 30-day free trial for registered users. During this month, you will experience how this program increases your productivity and efficiency. Give SwifDoo PDF a try for your PDF projects!

Common FAQ about How to Insert Images into PDFs with Ease

Q:How do we insert an image to a PDF with Adobe?

Adobe is an all-round PDF editor that enables users to edit any images or objects in a PDF. Here's the guide to insert an image to a PDF:

Step 1: Launch the program and open a PDF, and then click on the Tools button to choose Edit PDF;

Step 2: Select Add Image and put the cursor at the place you need to add an image;

Step 3: Upload the image file and hit the Open button.



Roche has been an active PDF user for 6 years and tried different types of professional PDF tools (both online and desktop version) since at his bachelor degree. Now, Roche works as a columnist for SwifDoo PDF over the course of the last one year, and provides useful and practical solutions pertaining to various PDF topics for users from different features.

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