PDFs are intact and stable, and these two features contribute to why we save the draft as PDF. However, we sometimes need to revise or amend the content with a PDF. Finding the original Word document and converting it into PDF is too bothersome. Is it possible to directly delete text from PDF? If so, how to?

Fortunately for you, we have some applicable PDF products to easily remove text from a PDF. In this post, we have reviewed several useful solutions which enable deleting text from PDF on Windows, macOS, and online.

How to Delete Text from PDF Using Desktop Tools

This section will mainly talk about removing some text from a PDF on two different operating systems, namely Windows and macOS. Let’s find out how to figure it out.

How to Delete Text from PDF on Windows

Unlike Microsoft Office formats, PDF (Portable Document Format) is not actually editable. In other words, if you need to modify or delete text within a PDF document, you will fall flat in the end. In this case, dedicated PDF editors turn out to be helpful.

SwifDoo PDF

Probably you’ve never heard of this Windows-based PDF editor before, but now you do. SwifDoo PDF is a feature-rich PDF editor which can add, replace, delete text in the text box. Users can change the font, color, and size. Provided below are several methods to delete text from PDF:

Convert PDF to Word

One of the conventional methods to delete text from a PDF file is to convert it into an editable Word document. This approach may not be the most straightforward one to remove text. Still, it offers an opportunity for users accustomed to digital editing files in Word.

Step 1: Download SwifDoo PDF from the official website or Microsoft AppSource;

Step 2: Launch the program and click PDF to Word on the startup interface;


Step 3: Choose Add Files to upload the PDF from the local disk. When finished, select Start to output this PDF into an editable Word document;


Step 4: Delete the unwanted text in Microsoft Word and save it as a PDF.

                                                                              Free Download

Like we said earlier, this solution can remove unnecessary text from PDF. I guess you don’t want to go into trouble. Honestly, deleting text from PDF can be made easier, especially with a usable PDF editor.

Delete Text from PDF by Editing

Rapid development has been made in the PDF software industry. Now it’s possible to remove text from PDF directly. Follow the guide to get rid of undesired content.

Step 1: Open a PDF document in SwifDoo PDF;

Step 2: Navigate to the toolbar and choose Edit, then click Edit to make text boxes appear;


Step 3: Select the text you don’t need, press Backspace on your keyboard or right-click on the selected content to choose Delete;


Step 4: Save the changes to the PDF document.

That’s the entire process of deleting text from PDF files. However, this method applies to standard PDFs. Things get trickier when your PDF is a scanned copy or image-only PDF. We have published the tutorial to delete text from scanned PDFs recently. Please read the following post to learn more.

How to OCR PDF and Convert It into Text

How to OCR PDF and Convert It into Text

The only way to recognize text in scanned PDFs is to utilize OCR technology. This post will list several OCR tools to convert PDF to editable text.


Some users may need to remove sensitive or confidential text from PDF. What should they do? SwifDoo PDF offers the option to redact a PDF. By permanently deleting text from PDF, they won’t worry about information leaks. Let’s take a look at how to delete text from PDF forever:

Step 1: Still, open a PDF in SwifDoo PDF and go to the Edit tab on the toolbar;

Step 2: Choose White-out and then place your cursor over the text you need to remove from the current PDF permanently;

Step 3: Click Save to successfully delete text from this PDF.

Please bear in mind redaction is an irretrievable action. Once you apply redactions on a PDF to remove the text, the content vanishes entirely and cannot be recovered. Think twice before redacting a PDF.

How to Delete Text from PDF on Mac

When it comes to deleting text from PDF on Mac, Preview may escape your lips. The truth is, Mac users cannot remove text from PDF in Preview as this default PDF viewer is not a PDF editor. Therefore, how do you delete text from PDF on macOS?

PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a comprehensive PDF editor on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. With the ability to edit, read, annotate, sign PDFs, this product is the top 1 paid app in the Mac App Store. Regarding how to edit PDF text, PDF Expert allows Mac users to change, add, replace, and delete text from the PDF. Let’s dive into how it works:

Step 1: Download PDF Expert from the App Store;

Step 2: Open a PDF document in the app, select Edit in the top menu, and choose Text ribbon;

Step 3: Select the unwanted text and press Backspace on the keyboard.

Thought easy to use, PDF Expert is not a free app. When the free trial expires, you still need to pay. The good news is that we have many online tools to remove text from PDF.

After reading this section, you may have already known how to delete text from PDF, but do you have any idea of adding text to a PDF? No hurry, this post will fill the gap:

Solution: How to Add Text to a PDF Document Online & Offline

Solution: How to Add Text to a PDF Document Online & Offline

PDF proves to be useful, but its compatibility and integrity make it hard to add and edit the text in a PD. Follow the guide to add text to a PDF.


How to Delete Text Online

Suppose you ever wonder how to delete text from PDF with no download and registration process required. In that case, this section is of huge help as we will discuss removing text using online PDF tools.


It is a free web-based tool you cannot miss. If you need to remove the text from a PDF, you’re here at the right place. AvePDF can remove the entire text and partial text from the document. Check out how this text remover works:

Step 1: Open the official website and go to Edit > Remove Text;


Step 2: Upload a PDF file from local folder, Google Drive, Dropbox, or link;

Step 3: Choose a delete mode (full or targeted), and select the text you want to remove from the PDF. When ready, hit the Download button.

The process of removing text requires no complicated operation, and it is a FREE online tool. Therefore, we’d like to give AvePDF the thumbs up. In addition, AvePDF is a versatile PDF tool that integrates the PDF converter, editor, and merger within its official website.

Final Thoughts

We hope you know how to delete text from PDF with desktop and online PDF editors from the detailed description. If you need an all-in-one PDF software, SwifDoo PDF might be worth a try. If you don’t need to edit PDF regularly, online PDF editors can solve your need to remove unneeded text from a PDF.

Common FAQ about Ways to Delete Text from PDF in 2022

Q:Why Can't I Delete Text from a PDF?

When users cannot delete text from a PDF, they must confirm whether a permission password secures this PDF. If that's the case, use a professional password remover to delete the permissions, for instance, SwifDoo PDF.

Otherwise, make sure this PDF is a scanned PDF document created by scanned software. If yes, try an OCR tool to recognize the content and delete the text from the document.



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