Stamps in a PDF document may provide additional information whilst indicating the status of the PDF document. When a PDF document is labeled with a stamp, the reader or other recipients will know the document's status and/or sensitivity, such as approval or confidentiality. 

In the following tutorial, it will be shown how to create and add stamps to a PDF without modifying its content.

How to Create and Add a Stamp to a PDF with Desktop Programs

When digital documents are relied upon in document transferal, it has become a frequent user need to add stamps to a PDF, requesting, reviewing, or proofreading. Consequently, this section will mainly explain how to create and imprint a PDF stamp using desktop programs, on both Windows and MacOS devices.

How to Create and Add a Stamp to a PDF on Windows

SwifDoo PDF

If someone asks for an easy-to-use PDF tool on the Windows OS, SwifDoo PDF may rank within the top 5 of my list. Its uncluttered user interface and wide range of useful PDF tools leave me with a great all-round impression. With regard to embedding electronic stamps into a PDF, SwifDoo PDF provides a variety of commonly-used stamps to label PDF documents. Follow the guide to see how to:

Step 1: Download and install SwifDoo PDF from Microsoft AppSource or official website;

Step 2: Run the program and open the PDF document which needs electronic stamp(s);


Step 3: Click Annotate on the ribbon bar and choose Stamp;

Step 4: Select the stamp you need, such as Approved, Draft, Confidential, and Final Draft.

Users can additionally edit the stamp by right clicking the stamp and selecting “Edit”, from which a sticky note window will pop up in which users can leave their comments on.


If basic stamps fall short of expectations, or to put it more simply, custom PDF stamps are required, then which PDF tool do you choose? No worries, the next recommendations will meet your needs and enable you to add custom stamps to a PDF.

                                                                      Free Download


PDFelement is an allrounder PDF program with 35 different features. More importantly, it provides more stamps than the previous PDF editor, SwifDoo PDF. Standard, dynamic, and digital stamps are integrated within the drop-down menu. Users who desire more types of electronic stamps can rely on this desktop software for Windows. Moreover, PDFelement is also available on macOS and mobile device.

Step 1: Download and install PDFelement from the official website;

Step 2: Load up a PDF to the workplace, then navigate to Comment > Stamp to add Standard Business, Sign Here, Dynamic, or Digital Stamp.


If users need to add a timestamp or Bates number stamp, PDFelement covers your needs. A dynamic stamp can be regarded as a timestamp as it contains the time you add the stamp. The Bates number stamp meanwhile can be found in the “Edit” section.

In case a user requires a personal, custom stamp, PDFelement has the ability to embed custom stamps, such as text stamp and image stamp, into a PDF page. A guide for this is provided below.

Step 1: Click on the Custom Stamp tab next to Stamp;

Step 2: In the Custom Stamp Form window, click Select Image to upload a local stamp. Hit the OK button to finalize the entire process.

Step 3: Once you have gone back to Stamp, you will see the custom stamp you added.


If you need to imprint the stamp on multiple PDF pages, simply right click on the stamp and select “Apply to multiple page” and the needed pages will be labeled with the stamp.

How to Create and Add a Stamp to a PDF on MacOS

When processing PDF documents on macOS, the native Preview application may first come to mind. Unfortunately, if you require embedding stamps into PDFs, it may disappoint you. Preview is only a basic PDF reader which fails to create or add stamps to PDFs. In this section, we recommend another easy-to-use PDF application for Mac users: PDF Expert.

PDF Expert

In the Mac App Store, PDF Expert won “the App of the Year” and “Top 1 Paid App”. These titles alone may convince you that this application for MacBook is worth a shot.

Step 1: Download PDF Expert from App Store;

Step 2: Launch the program and open a PDF document;

Step 3: Navigate to the top menu bar to choose Annotations > Stamp. Feel free to add the standard stamps to the PDF.


Furthermore, PDF Expert is an electronic stamp creator. In the Stamps window, users need to click “Custom” to create a customized PDF stamp.

PDF Expert is also compatible with all Apple devices, which means they provide related service for iOS, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. If you need a multifaceted PDF application for an Apple device, PDF Expert is one you can trust.

How to Create and Add a Stamp to a PDF Online

If you are still searching for a PDF tool, a tool without annoying registration or installation process may be right up your alley. Two online PDF products to help add stamps to a PDF will be mentioned in the following paragraphs.


PDF4ME is an online PDF tool with 26 different features, from PDF conversion, editing, password protection, to PDF optimization. The reason we put PDF4ME in the first place, however, is its user friendliness and intuitive UI design. No more wasting, let’s get to know how it helps in imprinting PDF stamps:

Step 1: Firstly, open PDF4ME’s website and go to the All Tools tab. Here, look for Watermark in Edit PDF;

Step 2: At Add Watermark to PDF page, import a PDF from local folder, Google Drive, or Dropbox;

Step 3: Choose the stamp type: either a text or image stamp. Then specify the page range to add the e-stamp. When ready, PDF4ME will present the preview of the stamped PDF, page by page. If you are content with the results, click on the OK button -> Start adding watermark to complete the process.


PDF4ME is a free online PDF product that provides 1 free task an hour. More tasks will require an upgraded plan: the basic and pro plans are 3 USD and 6 USD respectively. If you are looking for a mobile version, PDF4ME have developed Android and iOS versions too, for a wider userbase.


iLovePDF is another online PDF tool and may be considered one of the most popular online PDF tools. Their secret sauce is more features alongside considerate customer support. iLovePDF has served and dealt with millions of users and PDF document. The guide to add text or image stamps to a PDF is detailed below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of iLovePDF, go to ALL PDF TOOLS -> Add Watermark;

Step 2: Drop or drag your PDF file to the workstation or from a cloud service provider, such as Google Drive or Dropbox;


Step 3: Determine which type of e-stamp to add, the position, transparency, page range, and layer. Once ready, press the Add watermark to stamp the PDF.

These two Internet-based PDF products has different strengths: PDF4ME allows users to see the previews of the stamped PDF whereas iLovePDF has more modularity on the layers of stamps, opaqueness, and rotation degree. However, during the review, one thing puzzles me is online PDF products would rather describe stamp as watermark so watch out for that.


Comprehensively, desktop programs are preferable as they are able create and add custom stamps, including timestamps, text stamps, or image stamps. Nothing comes for free. Adding stamps to a PDF requires a paid account. Online tools usually offer two or three free tasks every 24 hours. Users can choose what they need based on actual requirements.  

Common FAQ about How to Create and Add a Stamp to a PDF with Simple Steps

Q:How do we add date & timestamp to photos on iPhone?

If you have already upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 15, it is easy to change photo date/time and location on Apple device:

Step 1: Select the photo you want to add the date or timestamp of. Click on the screen and tap the Add a caption icon at the bottom of the photo. This is displayed as an "i" icon;

Step 2: Choose Adjust to add or change a date & time, time zone, time, date, or location stamp;

Step 3: Once ready, select Adjust to finalize adding time or location stamp to the photo.

Q:How do I add stamps to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is another a feature-rich PDF program in the industry, including creating and inserting stamps to a PDF:

Step 1: Navigate to the Comment tab and choose Stamp;

Step 2: Add a stamp you need to put into the PDF document;

Adobe Acrobat enables users to create or custom such stamps as dynamic stamps, sign here, or standard business stamps.



Roche has been an active PDF user for 6 years and tried different types of professional PDF tools (both online and desktop version) since at his bachelor degree. Now, Roche works as a columnist for SwifDoo PDF over the course of the last one year, and provides useful and practical solutions pertaining to various PDF topics for users from different features.