This post gives a detailed guide on how to save an email as a PDF across different mail platforms. Whether you are using Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, or others, there is the right solution to convert emails to PDF documents.

When exchanging some crucial messages via email, you may want to keep them locally rather than online. This requirement gives rise to the need to quickly make an email a PDF for archival purposes.

#1. How to Save an Outlook Email as a PDF

Data Extraction Kit for Outlook is a third-party email-to-PDF converter designed for Microsoft Outlook. If you are running Windows OS, this software can be considered a superb desktop product to extract data in your Outlook account. It can easily convert emails from Outlook Profile to a PDF or HTML file.

This software stands out for the capability of converting Outlook emails to PDFs with attachments and hyperlinks contained. When someone sends a PDF to an email as an attachment. The feature allows you to seamlessly access the attached files or hyperlinks without further edits.

Let’s have a look at how to save an Outlook email as a PDF:

Step 1: Download and install the program on your Windows devices;

Step 2: Tick Custom export format in Output Format;

Step 3: Next, choose PDF-Adobe Acrobat in the Email drop-down menu;
How to save an Outlook email as a PDF

Step 4: After changing the relevant settings, click Outlook or PST file to select the source and convert the Outlook to a PDF.

Tips: If you haven’t registered for this software, you can only handle up to 5 items per folder. If needed, go for a new account.

#2. How to Turn a Gmail into a PDF

Speaking of making Gmail a PDF, you can capitalize on the printing feature. Gmail offers a printing option to turn all your email messages into a PDF or a printed file. This is a free feature, enabling you to easily adjust the layout, paper color, and paper display. Don’t worry, this method is practical across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. There is no need to search for other steps to export your email across different devices.

For how to save an email as a PDF in Gmail, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open a Gmail that you want to convert;

Step 2: Click on the Print button in the top right;

Tips: Alternatively, navigate to the three-dot icon and choose “Print” from the list to enable the email-to-PDF converter.

Step 3: Select Save as PDF in the Destination drop-down menu;

Step 4: Hit the Save button to start converting this email into a PDF document.
How to save a Gmail as a PDF

Note: Users can only convert one email with this direct method. For multiple emails, you need to repeat the process too many times.

If you need to print the converted PDF with multiple papers per sheet, go to the More settings tab and make adjustments to the Pages per sheet tab.

#3. How to Download a Yahoo! Email as a PDF

Yahoo also uses the built-in PDF printer of your computer to easily save emails as PDF documents. You can follow the similar steps to turn a Yahoo email into a PDF:

Step 1: Open your target email and hit on the More button (the three-dot icon);

Step 2: Click on the drop-down tab next to Destination and choose Save as PDF;
How to save a Yahoo mail as a PDF

Step 3: Tap Save to download the email as a PDF in Yahoo.

#4. How to Save an Email as a PDF with the Mail App

Mail app might be one of the most popular email providers for Apple users. This app allows you to convert an email to a PDF or a postscript while preserving the formatting. Even long emails can be saved with quality to make sure you have a comfortable reading experience. Thanks to Airdrop, you can quickly share the PDF online across different Apple devices to sync the file.

Check how to save and email as a PDF on Mac or iOS:

Step 1: Run Mail and double-click on your mail;

Step 2: Head to the fax-like icon and select Save as PDF option next to Show Details;
How to save an mail as a PDF in the Mail app

Step 3: Rename the newly created PDF file, specify where to store this document, and click Save to export this email as a PDF successfully.

#5. How to Convert Any Email to a PDF

For other mail providers that we don’t mention in this post, you can simply use an online email-to-PDF converter to turn an email into a PDF. PDFen is a web-based software whose primary goal is to solve every PDF problem. Its capability to transform an EML file to a PDF ensures quick and quality results.

Tips: You need to save your email as an EML file first before the conversion. For most email platforms, open the mail and click the three-dot button. Choose the Download message or similar option to get the EML file.

See how to download an email as a PDF with this online converter:

Step 1: Open PDFen, go to Convert, and select CONVERT EMAIL;

Step 2: Upload your file to the designated area;

Step 3: Tap Convert to output this message as a PDF.

How to convert an email to a PDF

Edit Your Converted PDF in SwifDoo PDF

Since you save your emails as PDF files to archive the information, you might need a great assistant to manage these converted files. SwifDoo PDF is a versatile PDF application to handle PDF documents. It helps you to view the PDF emails with various reading modes. Based on your requirements, you can adjust the page size, change the theme, etc. to reduce your eye strain.

How to edit an email-converted PDF in SwifDoo PD

Here are some major features of this PDF program:

  • Edit PDF text and insert annotations;
  • AI translates PDF in any language;
  • Analyze PDF text with AI-powered technology;
  • Compress PDF to reduce file size;


Final Thoughts

In a word, most email service providers have provided inlets with the built-in printer of your device to make the email-to-PDF conversion more effortless than ever before. You can easily convert single or multiple emails as PDFs simultaneously with the right tool.

If you need to read the saved PDFs more comfortably, try SwifDoo PDF to make PDF management easier.


Q:How do I convert my emails to PDFs?

As we have described before, most email apps have enabled users to save emails as PDFs, including some mainstream providers Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Users need to open a message and click a three-dot icon to select the Print feature. Then in the Print setting, users can custom-relevant printing settings and export emails to PDFs.

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