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Translate PDF from Arabic to English Efficiently with 6 Top Translators

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on December 19, 2023
If you are an English speaker and do business with Arabs or read books in Arabic, you may often need to translate Arabic to English. Most office documents and ebooks are made in PDF format. That means, that to understand the content, you will frequently translate PDFs from Arabic to English. To improve your productivity and ease your life, it’s important to have a good-to-use PDF translator. Read this article to learn the 6 best translator software that you definitely can give a try.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is your ideal PDF translator that can translate PDFs from Arabic to English, English to Arabic, and over 100 languages in the world. It allows you to translate both an entire PDF and specific text in a PDF file. With a streamlined workflow and a user-friendly interface, the application will speed up your translation process. It saves your translation history in case you later review it.

Check out the steps to translate a PDF from Arabic to English easily.

Translate an Entire PDF

Step 1: Open Your PDF

First download and install SwifDoo PDF on your computer, launch it and open a PDF file with it by clicking Open or drag-and-drop.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English for entire PDF with SwifDoo PDF step 1

Step 2: Access the Translator Tool

Go to View on the top and choose the Document Translation option on the right side of the secondary toolbar to open the PDF translator.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English for entire PDF with SwifDoo PDF step 2

Step 3: Translate PDF from Arabic to English

Set the original and translated languages, specify the output location, and click Translate to English to start the PDF translation from Arabic to English.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English for entire PDF with SwifDoo PDF step 3

Translate PDF Text

Step 1: Open the PDF

After downloading, installing and opening SwifDoo PDF, drag and drop the PDF to be translated into it.

Step 2: Choose the Translation Option

Drag over the text to select it and hit the Quick Translation icon in the pop-up small toolbar.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English for text with SwifDoo PDF step 2

Step 3: Translate PDF from Arabic to English

Click the language drop-down buttons to select which languages to translate to and from, then the PDF text translation starts automatically.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English for text with SwifDoo PDF step 3

The free PDF viewer, SwifDoo PDF allows you to do word count in PDFs for free and offers a 7-day free trial of the most advanced features such as instantly translating words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs in PDFs. Not only translate PDFs from Arabic to English or translate any language to another accurately, but you can do a lot more:

  • Convert scanned PDFs to Word so the need to convert and translate scanned Arabic PDFs to English PDFs can be met.
  • Edit text, add notes, highlight text and mark up PDFs.
  • Compress, delete, extract and separate PDF pages.

Download SwifDoo PDF to start your translation now!

Translate PDF from Arabic to English with 5 Other Translators

To translate PDFs from Arabic to English, there are several other stellar offline and online translators to resort to. Some can directly accomplish the translation and some others will convert your PDF to achieve the goal. They are selected thanks to their clean interfaces and generous translation services. With limitations, they enable you to do the PDF translation from Arabic to English without a complicated process.

#1. Lingvanex

Lingvanex is a translator app downloadable on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It can translate PDFs from Arabic to English, and deal with Word and other documents. It supports 100+ languages. The free version allows limited text translation and document translation requires the pro version. You can copy and paste text from PDFs to translate for free. The pricing of the pro version for straightforward Arabic to English translation on PDFs is a little high and no flexible plans are available.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English with Lingvanex

The interface is a little lag. The time the PDF translator takes to translate PDFs from Arabic to English is longer. A good part is that you can download the language packages to work offline. But please note that you can only do that with a subscription. To translate Arabic to English for PDFs with a free trial, you need to provide the payment info.

#2. Reverso

Reverso is a popular online PDF translator that enables you to translate PDFs from Arabic to English and English to Arabic in a web browser for free. It also comes with a dictionary and pronunciation aids. The cutting-edge AI-powered translation service can translate German, Spanish and other 20+ languages as well. When an Arabic to English PDF translation is completed, it will automatically convert PDF to Word for the translated copy’s free download.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English with Reverso

The software has a simple interface but is heavy and can slow your computer. To translate your PDF from Arabic to English, choose the “Translate documents” option, change the language setting, and upload a PDF. There is a 2.5 MB file size limit. The translator lacks extensive vocabulary. The translation results sometimes may be confusing.

#3. Google Translate

Google Translate is a free PDF translator to translate PDFs from Arabic to English online, which also translates text and other office documents. The maximum file size it allows processing is 10MB. Only the desktop web translation software but not the mobile version can translate whole documents. To convert and translate Arabic PDF to English PDF online for free, choose “Documents” on the translation page, select the source and target languages, upload your PDF and click “Translate”.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English with Google Translate

The drawback of using Google Translate to translate PDFs is the translated documents are watermarked. You can remove watermarks from PDFs using a PDF editor. Besides, you can’t perform scanned Arabic PDF to English PDF translation with the translator. Some users complain about the translation quality.

#4. TranslateFX

TranslateFX does a good job of translating financial and legal documents. While it doesn’t support uploading PDFs, you are still able to translate PDFs from Arabic to English with it. The method is to turn your PDF into a PowerPoint, Word or Excel file that the translator can handle, using a PDF converter. The document translation tool runs on both computers and phones in browsers. It lets you translate an Arabic PDF file to an English PDF file online for free without registration.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English with TranslateFX

The free service allows you to translate a PDF from Arabic to English with a 1500-word limit. You have to provide your email to receive the translation within 5 minutes. Except for PDF file translation from Arabic to English, 17 more language translations can be fulfilled.

#5. Google Docs

Another way to translate a PDF file from Arabic to English is using Google Docs. The free cloud-based platform can open and convert your PDF into a Google Doc and then allows you to choose the Translate document tool. The first step is to log into Google Drive and upload the PDF documents. Then right-click on one of them to open it.

Translate PDF from Arabic to English with Google Docs

The disadvantage of this translator is the translation may be misleading as the converted files may lose some formatting and layout.


Comparison of the 6 PDF Language Translators

Quickly go through the below comparison table to roughly figure out the advantages and drawbacks of the 6 PDF translators. So you can better make your choice on which one to use to translate PDFs from Arabic to English.

Translator Software




SwifDoo PDF

  • All-in-one PDF application with a PDF translator, PDF editor, converter and more;
  • Over 100 languages supported;
  • Lightweight and fast


  • Only work on Windows, iOS and Android
  • Year plan: $5.75/month, all PDF tools include the PDF text translator;
  • Document translator: $0.0795/page;
  • AI translator: 10 messages for free


  • Available on both Windows and macOS;
  • 100+ languages;
  • Heavy program taking up your space;
  • Only translator but no other PDF editing feature
  • Yearly plan: $79.991


  • No software download or installation;
  • Dictionary and pronunciation help
  • Only 20+ languages;
  • Free translation up to 2,500 words with 2.5 MB file size limit;
  • Yearly plan: $77.88, up to 30 MB per document;
  • Pro yearly plan: $299.88, up to 120 MB per document

Google Translate

  • No registration or software download;
  • Translate text and websites;
  • Add watermarks on the translated copy;
  • 10MB file size limit for free translation;
  • Cloud Translation API: $0.08 per page


  • Translate PowerPoint, Word or Excel files;
  • Easy to access in browsers;
  • 1500-word limit;
  • Only 17 more language;
  • Cannot directly translate PDFs
  • Not clear

Google Docs

  • Online free;
  • Translate more than 100 languages;
  • May cause formatting and layout issues;
  • Cannot translate just selected text;
  • Free

You don’t have to rely on just one translation software. According to your current needs, if you need to do PDF translation as well as other works on PDF documents, SwifDoo PDF won’t let you down. If all you need is to translate a smaller document, online free tools such as Google Translate are good to go.

Share this post for later reviewing or to help others translate PDFs.

Final Words

This post is written to save you time looking for and comparing tons of translators on the market. Among the top 6 options, online ones are suitable for small, non-confidential or sensitive documents. They are best for allowing you to translate Arabic to English in PDFs without installing software on your computer.

However, if your PDF is large in size and frequently needs to do translation on PDFs, SwifDoo PDF won’t let you down. The PDF editor recommended by PCWorld can be freely downloaded to translate PDFs from Arabic to English on Windows safely and timely.


Q:How can I translate Arabic page to English?

If you wish to translate an Arabic web page, open the page in Chrome, click Translate this page at the end of the address bar, choose a proper language option and translate it.
To change your Arabic document page to English, open the document as a PDF in SwifDoo PDF, select the text and use the Quick Translation tool to instantly get the translation. Or, use the Document Translation tool to translate entire pages into English. 
Besides, upload the document to Google Drive and open with Google Docs, then translate it with the Translate document.

Q:Is there any AI to translate PDFs?

SwifDoo PDF comes with one of the best AI translators that can translate PDFs from Arabic to English and many other languages. Copy and paste PDF text into the chat box beside the file, tell the chatbot to translate into your desired language, and that’s it. SwifDoo AI tools also let you summarize and rewrite a PDF. The software also has the full document translation function.

Q:Can ChatGPT translate PDF documents?

ChatGPT lets you translate text from PDF documents to new languages so you have to enter or paste the text into the AI tool. It can’t process an entire document.  

Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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