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6 Best Marathi OCR Tools: Extract Marathi Text Accurately Online

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on April 18, 2024
An accurate Marathi OCR tool online is essential when you need to extract text from an image or a PDF whenever you are. This post lists six online Marathi image-to-text converters that can help you achieve the task within seconds.

Compared to English or Spanish, Marathi is less widely spoken, which poses a challenge in extracting Marathi text. The following tools can convert a Marathi image or PDF to text with accuracy. In addition, a PDF editor, SwifDoo PDF, has been introduced to OCR PDFs in other languages for easy text editing. Let’s explore them together!

1. Marathi Typing: Best Image to Marathi Text Converter

Marathi Typing is an online Marathi image-to-text converter specialized in extracting text from images in PNG, JPG, BMP, WEBP, and other formats. The service is offered by a website dealing with Indian languages, making it more reliable in OCRing Marathi images with precise results.

Marathi OCR tool - Marathi Typing

The simple UI promises easy navigation. You can easily follow the instructions to convert an image to Marathi text. A highlight of this tool is that it can recognize Marathi and English simultaneously from the same file. This capability lets the OCR software better understand the file content and transcribe the text more accurately.


  • Only process one image at a time;
  • Cannot OCR images in other languages;
  • No editing tools to make changes to the file.

2. PDF24: OCR Marathi PDFs

When copying text from a scanned PDF, PDF24 is a great assistant. It has a free Marathi OCR technology online to make a scanned Marathi PDF editable. This online platform shines for OCRing Marathi PDF documents for free without daily limits. It can process multiple PDFs at the same time to enhance the workflow. Besides detecting one language during a task, the site allows you to select multiple language options when handling multilingual PDFs.

Marathi OCR tool - PDF24

Additionally, PDF24 features a collaborative PDF-to-text converter for Marathi. You can convert the PDF to a text file without manually extracting the content.


  • Display ads when using its services;
  • Unable to directly extract text from the PDF during OCRing.

3. i2OCR: Convert Files to Marathi Text Without Limits

If you need to OCR multiple Marathi images, i2OCR can be the right option. The website has a free image to Marathi text converter that straightforwardly extracts text from an image. It accepts file sources from both a local folder and a URL address, enabling you to convert the image without downloading it.

The platform has no limits when it comes to the number of files it handles per day. You can transform multiple images to text for Marathi one by one.

Marathi OCR tool - i2OCR


  • Can only recognize one language at a time;
  • Time-consuming when handling multiple images.

4. Boolway: Free Convert Images to Text in Marathi

Unlike i2OCR which processes files one by one manually, Boolway boasts a batch-converting feature to help you transform multiple Marathi images into text simultaneously. It now owns various tools to extract text from an image, such as Marathi, Kannada, English, Latin, and Japanese OCR technologies.

The website has a quick processing speed and automatically presents the results in the dialogue below the workspace. This helps users copy the text efficiently and paste it to another site to carry out translation or other tasks.

Marathi OCR tool - Boolway


  • When using the Marathi OCR tool to handle multiple files, the images won’t be displayed after selecting.

5. OnlineOCRConverter: Marathi OCR Tool for All Image Formats

OnlineOCRConverter offers a powerful OCR tool to convert images to Marathi text. This online site is compatible with various image formats, including JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, SVG, WEBP, and more. As a proficient image-to-text converter for Marathi, it extracts text precisely from an uploaded file. The smart algorithms analyze the content and apply processing to enhance the accuracy of the detected text.

You can OCR Marathi images from a local folder or link address. After it generates the converted text, the platform allows you to save the results as a Word or TXT file.

Marathi OCR tool - OnlineOCRConverter


  • Handle only five free tasks with up to five MB per day;
  • Convert one image to text.

6. Free Online OCR: Extract Marathi Text from PNG & JPG

Free Online OCR is the last recommended image to Marathi text converter. It can convert JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PDF, and DjVu to text through the OCR software. Its functionality to recognize multiple languages from a single file aids in enhancing precision when dealing with multilingual files.

Marathi OCR tool - Free Online OCR

Besides, the online software collaborates with Google Translate. When the results are generated, you can translate Marathi into English or other languages for PDFs and images.


  • The ads can be annoying.

Extra Part: Best PDF OCR Tool for Other Languages – SwifDoo PDF

Most PDF OCR programs have one common drawback: the inability to edit PDF documents after OCRing. Hence, if you are looking for a good PDF editor that allows you to edit PDF text for other languages, SwifDoo PDF is an optimal choice.

This PDF program collects a wide range of PDF editing tools to adjust the font style, change font color, replace text, and do more. The built-in OCR works with 27 languages, including English, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek, Dutch, etc. Although the Marathi OCR tool is not available, the support for other languages makes editing PDFs a worry-free job.

Here are the simple steps to use this PDF editor:

Step 1: Open SwifDoo PDF. Head to Open to import and open your PDF file;

Step 2: Click the OCR option below the Home tab;

Step 3: Choose the corresponding document language from the pop-up window;

Step 4: Tap Apply to OCR the PDF document.
OCR other languages in SwifDoo PDF

Now, you can edit the PDF text or extract the text through conversion.


All the recommended tools are free to convert Marathi images or PDFs to text with easy steps. Though they have some limitations, accurate text extraction capability makes them optimal choices for your daily work.

Additionally, as a comprehensive PDF editor, SwifDoo PDF is a wonderful assistant to OCR and can edit a PDF file in languages other than Marathi. When you need to make changes to a scanned PDF, it is helpful.


Q:How to convert a Marathi text image to English?

Google Translate provides free translation services to convert a Marathi image to English online. It directly OCRs the Marathi image and generates a translated picture to help you quickly understand the content. The following is the guide to perform the task:

Step 1: Go to Google Translate and hit Images;

Step 2: Select the source and target languages;

Step 3: Upload your file to the designated area to gain the results.

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