PDF files are hard to edit, and they remain self-contained on all devices. When encountering an image (especially a document image), it's better to save it as a PDF file for storing and sharing. However, do you know how to save a picture as a PDF? If the answer is no, you have really come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to save a picture as a PDF on all different systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can skip to the part you’re curious about most by clicking the table of contents on the right side directly. Let’s dive right in.

Two Methods to Save a Picture as a PDF on Windows

You can use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or any other browser you like. The feature is almost the same, but the methods will slightly vary.

Method 1. Save a Picture as a PDF in the Browser Directly

Here, we’ll use Chrome as an illustration.

Step 1. Open the page that contains the picture you want to download, then right-click it and select Open image in new tab;

Step 2. Click the three dots in the top-right corner and choose Print…, or you can press Ctrl + P directly;


Step 3. Select Save as PDF in Destination and customize other settings, such as layout, color, paper size, margins, etc. Then hit the Save button;


Step 4. Choose a destination where you want to save this picture, name it, and click Save again.

Now your pictures are saved successfully in the PDF file format. To make it clear, check out the following information about how to access the Print dialog box on Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

For Microsoft Edge: Press Ctrl + P;

For Firefox: Click the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner and click Print.

Method 1. How to Save a Picture as a PDF with SwifDoo PDF

In addition, we have another way to help you save a picture as a PDF, which is much more convenient and helpful.

SwifDoo PDF is a compact and comprehensive PDF converter that can help convert images to PDFs without a hassle. All common image file formats are supported by SwifDoo PDF, including PNG, JPG, BMP, and TIF.

Here are specific steps to save a picture as a PDF on Windows with SwifDoo PDF.

Step 1. Open the website that displayed the image you want to save;

Step 2. Right-click the image and select Save image as…, then save the image to your local folder;

Step 3. Download SwifDoo PDF and install it on your computer;

Free Download

Step 4. Click PDF to Image on the homepage to open SwifDoo PDF Converter, then click Image to PDF;


Step 5. Press Add Files in the top left corner to import the image you’ve saved previously;


Step 6. Click Start to convert the picture to a PDF document.

Best Image to PDF Converters in 2022 [Free & Paid]

Best Image to PDF Converters in 2022 [Free & Paid]

Saving an image as a PDF saves storage space, making it more convenient to transfer documents. Check out how to convert images to PDFs easily.


Download a Picture as a PDF on Mac

Like on Windows systems, you can also use different browsers to save a picture as a PDF on Mac, and the method is much alike. To be specific, you need to call out the print dialog box first, and then you can save a picture as a PDF on Mac. Here, we’ll use Safari to make it more understandable.

Step 1. Launch Safari and open the webpage with the target image, then right-click it and select Open image in new tab;

Step 2. Click File > Print in Safari’s menu bar, or press Command + P simultaneously;

Step 3. Select Save as PDF in the drop-down menu in the Print dialog box;


Step 4. Hit the Save button and choose a folder to save the PDF file.

No matter what system you’re running, it’s the print feature that helps save a picture as a PDF for free. You don’t have to pay a bill or download any file converter. Browsers make it easy to save picture as PDF on a PC.

Download a Picture as a PDF on Android

If you’re using an Android device and walking through a webpage with pictures you want to save, you also need to download a picture as a PDF with the print feature.

Before we start, you need to know that it’s easy to save a picture as a PDF on Chrome and Edge, but Firefox doesn’t support any printing options. Now, follow the guide below to learn how to save images in Chrome on Android.

Step 1. Launch Chrome and access a webpage with pictures;

Step 2. Tap and hold on one picture and select Open with new page;

Step 3. Still, tap the three dots in Chrome’s top-right corner and choose Share;

Step 4. Click Print in the bottom menu, and choose Save as PDF on the print screen, then tap the PDF icon;


Step 5. Input the file name and click Save to download the image to your phone.

How to Save a Picture as a PDF on iPhone (iPhone 12)

In fact, you still don’t need to download any applications, and the pictures on your iPhone can be saved as a PDF document. The process may sound a little complex, but you’ll find it’s really simple when you start to try.

Let’s find out how to save a picture as a PDF on iPhone for free:

Step 1. Open the Photo app on your iPhone and select your target picture;

Step 2. Click the share icon in the bottom-left corner, then scroll down and select Print;


Step 3. Tap Print again in the new pop-up window, then choose Save to Files;


Step 4. Name the image and choose one destination folder. When you’re finished, tap Save;

Step 5. Go to Files and locate the folder there. You’ll find the PDF file.

In this part, we used iPhone 12 as an example to let you understand how to save a picture as a PDF on iOS. However, the steps are totally the same even if you’re using other iPhones.


There are five methods listed in total to help you save a picture as a PDF on all systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. All solutions are proven to be workable and helpful. You can choose one as per your requirements. Also, if you encounter any issues when downloading pictures, you can save them first and then turn to SwifDoo PDF for help to convert a picture into a PDF document. After all, SwifDoo PDF serves as one of the most popular and professional image to PDF converters.




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