Despite being a psychological thriller novel, The Silent Patient will make you encounter different shades and dimensions of human emotion, intention, and passion. Therefore to realize the basics behind any love relationship, the author says, "Remember, love that doesn't include honesty doesn't deserve to be called love." 

This debut novel of the author Alex Michaelides reaches the peak of success with its unpredictable ending and mind-shaking storyline. So, before getting drawn into the suspense of the book, let's highlight its book info, summary, review, and many other things. You will be able to know how to read the The Silent Patient PDF from this article.

The Basic Book Info

The The Silent Patient book is a fascinating psychological thriller that makes you wonder how a woman's violent behavior towards her husband just like a therapist in a book obsessed with revealing what's going on. The author shapes the main characters through extensive work. Whether you have read many novels in this genre or not, you may still be guessing the truth in the end. The fog of this complex story was lifted at the end. You can fully appreciate the clever plot design.

Author: Alex Michaelides

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Adult, Fiction, Suspense 

Published In: 5th February by Celadon Books

Length: 323 Pages


  • Book of the Month Book of the Year Award Nominee (2019)
  • Barry Award Nominee for Best First Novel (2020)
  • Goodreads Choice Award for Mystery & Thriller and Nominee for Debut Novel (2019)
  • Number one position in The New York Times Best Seller list
  • Sunday Times bestseller
  • 6.5 million copies were sold

A Brief Profile of The Author

The British Cypriot author Alex Michaelides is also known as a famous screenwriter. He lives in London, and his personal experience as a psychotherapist in a secure unit of young adults reflects in his first best-selling book, The Silent Patient. 

After completing his formal education in English literature, he pursued a psychotherapy course for three years. He also wrote three films as a screenwriter. The The Silent Patient book has been sold in 49 countries, and it received many awards, nominees, and appreciation worldwide.

The Silent Patient: Short Summary

The story begins with a silent patient named Alicia in a mental asylum. After killing her husband six years back, she became quiet. Theo Faber has been appointed as a forensic psychoanalyst to work with Alicia to discover why she murdered her husband. During the investigation, the The Silent Patient story reveals layers of present and past times through Alicia's past diary that she talks about to Theo.

Alicia had a disturbing childhood with her aunt and father, who wished she could die instead of her mother. Once she has grown up, she finds love in her husband, Gabriel. On the other hand, after coming out from a disturbing childhood with a drunken father, Theo has settled with his beloved wife, Kathy. However, the story stunts you when you find that Theo and Alicia are involved in Gabriel's murder. Six years back, Theo found that Kathy was having an affair with Gabriel, and therefore he started to stalk Alicia to reach Gabriel. 

One day when Theo attacks Gabrial at his house, ties him up, and asks him to choose between Alicia and himself, Gabriel chooses himself over his wife, Alicia. Gabriel told Theo to kill Alicia. However, even though Theo didn't shoot any of them, Gabriel's abundance towards Alicia triggered her childhood pain and rage while remembering her father's wish that she could die instead of her mother influencing her to kill her husband. After that, she also tried to commit suicide.

The Silent Patient: Review

The fascinating aspect of The Silent Patient is that while revealing the main protagonist's psychological shadows, shades, and secrets, this book will give some deep philosophical thoughts to introspect. During the murder mystery, this story evolved around love, fear, expectations, hatred, betrayal, abundance, revenge, and pretension. 

The protagonist and the antagonist have gone through the same childhood crisis, unconditional love for their spouses, betrayal, and many other shades of life. While going through almost the same emotions and situations in life, both reacted differently when choosing good over evil. 

Here, the author says, "You know, one of the hardest things to admit is that we weren’t loved when we needed it most. It’s a terrible feeling, the pain of not being loved." This book also highlights how people carry their childhood memories and upbringing in their subconscious minds. So, reading The Silent Patient PDF will not only be an entertaining experience it will also give you some learning lessons in life.

The Best Way to Read The Silent Patient PDF

The Silent Patient PDF
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Note: While ebooks are portable and convenient to access, do not download those without the permission of the copyright owner. 

Why Is This Book So Good?

There are so many reasons that make the The Silent Patient book worth reading. Let's see the most highlighted aspects of this book that make it exclusive for reading.

  • Nail-biting thriller & suspense
  • Unexpected twists & turns in incidents
  • Unpredictable actions of characters
  • It's extremely engaging & thought emerging
  • Certain situations & emotions are extremely relatable to real-life circumstances. 
  • Contemporary issues such as infidelity, material crisis, one-sided love, childhood abuse, mental ill-health, depression, trauma, suicidal tendency, etc.
  • Lots of surprising situations with jaw-dropping actions.


If you enjoy suspense and thriller, reading The Silent Patient will give you the ultimate satisfaction in your pass time. Once you start reading this book, you can't help but finish it in one go. So, at a stretched reading, nothing would be best but the PDF version of the book. This is not only worth your one-time reading; instead, this book should be on your best book collection list.


Why is The Silent Patient Considered a Bad Book for some people?

There is a lot of sensitive and negative content, like murder, suicide, infidelity, betrayal, abuse, etc., in this book. Therefore some people have considered it as a bad book for reading. It might evoke negative thoughts and emotions in you. It could also disturb your mental health and instigate trust issues.

Is The Silent Patient Appropriate for Beginners?

No, as there are lots of adultery, murder, deception, etc., involved in the main content of this book, it is not advisable for beginners.

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