"The friend zone is not the end zone." If you are passionate about reading a heart-melting love story, include The Cheat Sheet in your list of must-reads. The famous love novel by Sarah Adams offers a blend of humor, love, warmth, comedy, and emotions. The beautiful book expresses the selfless gestures of love between the two-lifetime friends.

The book is worth reading, and the copy is available easily on several websites. Users may also enjoy reading this romantic comedy by downloading its PDF. Read the book to know how the two friends, Bree and Nathan, find true love in each other. Let's explore details about The Cheat Sheet book here.

Know Basic Details about the Book

The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams is a heartwarming friends-to-lovers romance that entails a beautiful tale of lifetime friends. The book highlights the captivating story of Bree and Nathan and their adorable bond. Read the details of the book to get an overview at a glance. 

Author: Sarah Adams

Publication: 2021

Main Characters: Bree Camden and Nathan Donelson

Genres: Contemporary romance, romantic comedy 

Page count: 336 Pages

What The Cheat Sheet Is About

The Cheat Sheet is an Interesting romance novel that begins with a lovely friendship. The story revolves around Bree Camden, a beautiful and confident young lady, and Nathan Donelson, a hot NFL legend. 

Bree falls in love with her longtime best friend, Nathan, who has always helped her achieve her dreams. Bree hides her love with a fear of a broken friendship. The two continue to fake their relationship with each other. Read to know why.

Popular Book Ratings and Reviews from Readers

This book is a well-written romance book that its readers appreciate. Check some reviews here. 

  • The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams is a beautifully narrated love story with an intriguing plot. The story of the two friends ending up in a charming bond is interesting. This humorous love story entails the truth that your love must be your best friend first. 
  • The book is a beautiful, humorous love story that remains interesting till the last page. The friendship story adds a unique narrative style that connects you to both the characters wonderfully. The book entails a beautiful tale to read if you are a big fan of true friendship. 
  • If you wish to include a comedy love story, have The Cheat Sheet as your must-read option. The novel is a beautiful expression of friendship that turns into a love story. The story is a sweet and tender love story that connects with the readers well. 
  • The adorable friendship that ends well makes it one of the best romantic novels. It is a casual yet must-read book for readers interested in friendship and love-related novels. The beautiful tone of the author adds a unique charm to each page.

The Cheat Sheet PDF, EPUB, AudioBook, Paperback: How to Get

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Final Wrap

The Cheat Sheet is a romantic comedy that narrates a beautiful story of two friends, Bree and Nathan. The story revolves around their relationship and is a good read for readers interested in true love. Suitable for readers above 18, the story has beautiful twists and turns that may keep readers hooked until the last page. Readers will love the story for its two charming characters and their intimacy with each other. 


Is The Cheat Sheet a standalone?

A: The cheat sheet is a perfect standalone book that narrates the story of friends-to-lovers. This beautiful romantic novel revolves around a hot footballer and a ballet studio owner.

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