Do you like reading contemporary family dramas? Celeste Ng's Everything I Never Told You is both a gripping story and a touchy-feely family portrait that mainly focuses on exploring how lineage and identity can affect the way the children are raised, and divisions between cultures and the disagreement within a family, in their insufficiency of attempts to understand one another.

Let's dive deeper into the book's beautiful emotions and mind-blowing twists that explore an intriguing storyline. Here, we will understand its spoiler-free summary, highlights, and the best way to read the Everything I Never Told You PDF. Just enjoy the experience of masterfully depicting the impact of the unspoken desires and emotions between the closest people.

Everything I Never Told You Book Specifications

Everything I Never Told You PDF is about the 2014 debut novel by Celeste Ng. The novel has ranked number one on Amazon's Best Books of the Year list for 2014 and tells the story of a mixed-race Chinese-American family. The storyline explores themes of identity, societal expectations, and the burden of unfulfilled dreams, wherein every central character in the book is kept out from the world around them and badly suffers from feelings of loneliness, complexities of family dynamics, secrets, and the weight of unspoken truths. Let’s check the book’s basic highlights at a glance.

Author: Celeste Ng

Main Characters: Lydia Lee, Marilyn Lee, James Lee, Nathan "Nath" Lee, Hannah Lee, Jack Wolff, Doris Walker, Louisa Chen, Officer Fiske, Dr. Janet Wolff

Language: English

Genre: Novel, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Age Rating: For 13 years and up

Theme: Identity, race, and the impact of unfulfilled dreams

Publication Date: 26th June, 2014

Page Count: 297 pages, Hardcover

Everything I Never Told You Summary

The story of Everything I Never Told You book begins in the 1970s, when James and Marilyn Lee discover their middle child, 16-year-old Lydia's body in a nearby lake. After that, a series of events triggers that compel the Lee family to encounter their internal struggles and reexamine their relationships with one another. Both parents hope that their children will be able to adapt to American society more consistently.

A Caucasian woman, Marilyn, projects her unfulfilled dream of becoming a doctor onto Lydia. She pressures Lydia to perform very well in academic studies and work towards building a career in medicine.

Lydia's siblings, Nath and Hannah, also struggle with their own feelings of seclusion and their less critical presence than their sister Lydia. However, Lydia feels a strong desire to escape the patterns of interactions between family members by going to college. Hannah, the youngest, is often ignored and struggles to be accommodated within the family.

As the story of the novel opens out gradually, secrets and misunderstandings become widely evident, revealing the complex patterns of interactions among relatives within the Lee family. You will delve deeper into the character's internal struggles and the impact of their unexposed desires and emotions on one another.

Enjoy Everything I Never Told You Online and Offline

The book explores the themes of family dynamics, cultural identity, and the secrets we avoid exposing from those nearest to us. The novel examines and scrutinizes the effects of societal pressures, cultural differences, and uncommunicated expectations on family relationships and individual identity.

If you are interested in reading the winner of the Amazon Book of the Year Award (2014) and several other prestigious American Awards, Celeste Ng's Everything I Never Told You, you could get it in several formats besides the paperback and hardcover editions from Amazon or a physical book store.

Everything I Never Told You book
Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

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About the Author

Celeste Ng is an American author and novelist, born on 30th July 1980, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

She is the author of three novels. Her first novel, Everything I Never Told You, won the Amazon Book of the Year award and several other prestigious American Awards. Her masterfully written second novel, Little Fires Everywhere (2017), was a number one New York Times bestseller, a number one Indie Next bestseller, Amazon's Best Fiction Book of 2017, and the winner of various awards.

Her third novel, Our Missing Hearts, was published in October 2022 and became a New York Times bestseller instantly. Celeste Ng has written several fiction articles and essays for the New York Times, The Guardian, and many more publications. She has also received the Pushcart Prize, a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, and a Guggenheim Fellowship, among other honors.

The Bottom Line

Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You is a beautiful story of perplexed family dynamics. Secrets can be damaging to ourselves or others. Usually, people keep a secret for fear of being mocked and taunted or being treated differently or less favorably. People also keep secrets to avoid being seen as deviating from the prevalent social norms or hurting others. Keeping a secret is a mental burden or a load on your mind. Sometimes, people fail to keep secrets and decide to reveal them. However, some people report feeling like a heavy weight has been lifted off their chests after revealing a secret.


Q:Is Everything I Never Told You Sad?

The intriguing storyline of the novel Everything I Never Told You makes you feel sadness or regret and explores the weight of secrets between family members, the consequences of their unfulfilled dreams, and the value of empathy and understanding in creating meaningful connections with a lot of hard work, hoping that these connections will be strong or lasting with those we love.

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