Do you like reading tragic adult romance storybooks based on the philosophical theme of grief? Then, I Fell in Love with Hope by Lancali is the perfect novel for you. The book is expertly articulated with some nearly unexplainable ideas of human beings about trauma, love, friendship, and so much more.

Whether you have read the I Fell in Love with Hope book before or want to reread it, we will provide critical details, like its specs, summary, heartfelt quotes, readers' reviews, and much more. There's tragedy, mystery, humor, and many Shakespeare references to hook you up.

About The Book: Author, Age Rating, and More

I Fell in Love with Hope by Lancali explores various intriguing themes like loneliness, time, illness, disease, and death and portrays how some people discover an unexpected refuge within the premises of a hospital in the midst of life's harshness. Let's explore the basics of the book. 

Author: Lancali

Age Rating: 15 years and above 

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Young Adult, LGBTQ

Characters: Sam, Hikari, Sony, Coeur, and Neo

Published on: 1 August 2022 by Lancali LLC

Page Count: 402 pages, Paperback

Synopsis of I Fell in Love with Hope: Know Before Reading

I Fell in Love with Hope is narrated by Sam, one of the main characters of the novel, and is centered on the lives of five teenagers who are suffering from terminal diseases in a hospital. Sam narrates what life is like for these teens and how they struggle with life with their illnesses while still trying their best to be normal kids.

The book explores how to overcome the repercussions of the problematic issues relevant to the 21st-century teenager, like chronic illness, mental health, loss of loved ones, and strained family relationships, to find hope again. It also includes intriguing hot discussions on domestic abuse, abortion, self-harm, and suicide issues.

Insightful Book Reviews on Barnes and Noble

These are some insightful book reviews on Barnes & Noble for Lancali's book I Fell in Love with Hope; you may like to have a look. 

  1. A Truly Amazing Read

The story is fantastic, and the characters are amazing. The writing style can be a bit much, but the author wrote it the way she did on purpose, and future works won't be so much. 10/10. This is tied with only one other book to be my all-time favorite.

  1. Touching & Heartbreaking 

The story is really touching and heartbreaking at the same time. The writing is pretty and poetic. The characters are attached, too. I recommend it greatly! 

  1. This Book Holds My Heart 

This book made me cry. I don't think I could ever say how much I genuinely love this book. The characters are well-written, and it's such a beautiful found family.

Heartfelt Quotes from the Book

These are some heartfelt quotes from the book you would like to remember for a long time. 

  1. "Just because the stars fell doesn't mean they weren't worth wishing on."
  2. "Time will cease, disease will fester, and death will die."
  3. "Hate is a choice. Love is not."
  4. "Time, Disease, and Death are the greatest thieves in the world."
  5. "You're allowed to love books and broken things."
  6. "The dead do not haunt, no matter how much you beg them to."

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Now you know what the book I Fell in Love with Hope is about. It is a heartbreaking but hopeful story of loneliness surrounding terminally ill teenagers determined to live to the fullest. If you have ever wondered how to get the book in any format to read, we have explored sites that can help you get them.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is I Fell in Love with Hope LGBTQ?

Yes. Every main character of the book falls somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. 

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