Though a great love story doesn't have any color, gender, or cast deviation, One Last Stop is a timeless treat and tribute to the LGBT community. To feel the passion and possibilities of love, all you need is a heart-to-heart connection with the same frequency, and the rest will fall in the right place at the right time.

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About One Last Stop

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston is a lesbian love story inspired by an "Outlander" TV series. The New York Times best-selling author has written this book in the subway background because she believes that most people have crossed each other's paths while traveling in public transport. This contemporary romantic comedy meets your multiple-genre needs of fiction, suspense, new adult, etc.

The One Last Stop book has 418 pages and was published on 1st June 2021 and got multiple nominations for some prestigious awards. This book targets a wide range of audience from 18 to 30. The author has expertise in the romantic comedy, and her other popular books include "Red, White & Royal Blue" and "I Kissed Shara Wheeler".  

One Last Stop Summary

One Last Stop is a story of two women named August Landry, a pseudo-detective, and Jane Su, a psychic woman stuck in a subway. Here is the synopsis of the book. 

These two main characters, August Landry and Jane meet in a subway where August often travels for her daily transportation. August left her old life behind to get a fresh start in New York City, where One Last Stop describes that she gets a job in a pancake shop and continues her college classes. 

Once she comes across Jane, she comes to know that Jane has lost in time and she is from 1970, she has some connection with electricity, and she can't remember anything about her past except her name. Gradually, August uses her detective talent and resolves Jane's life secret while saving her pancake restaurant. 

One Last Stop book

One Last Stop Review

Casey Mcquiston wrote One Last Stop to target new-age readers, including LGBTQ, to portray the dynamic dimensions of love. While maintaining the intensity and passion of love, the author adds several surprising and engaging funny elements in the plot to hold the reader's attention to the story. 

Another best part of this story is that all the different parts relate to each other with proper synchronization, and therefore, you would find anything irrelevant or random. So, One Last Stop is a must-read for your romantic quality time.

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The Popular Book Quotes

Take a glance at the best quotes from One Last Stop to get the true flavor of the book.

  • Big dick energy is gender-neutral
  • August Landry doesn't trust people, but she trusts fried chicken
  • Because you got what you need. And sometimes, the universe has your back
  • Every woman a universe


If you look for pure entertainment with intense emotion and passion in your quality reading, the book One Last Stop will trigger your every subtle sensation with fun and fantasy. The new adult romantic fiction could be an all-time companion.

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Q: Is One Last Stop sad?

No, after going through the highs & lows of the relationship, August & Jane got together at the end, where they came to know that some of Jane's family members were alive. August has also donated her grandmother's inherited money to save Billy's restaurant.

Q: Does One Last Stop have spicy scenes?

Yes, there are a lot of smuts in One Last Stop book, including kissing, physically intimate scenes, etc.

Q: What are the other books like One Last Stop?

  • Kiss Me Everyday
  • Honey Girl
  • Late To The Party
  • Delilah Green Doesn't Care

Q: What are the trigger warnings for One Last Stop?

You have to be careful of homophobia, Police Violence, Childhood negligence, AIDS issues, Racism, etc while reading this book.

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