Want to immerse yourself in a love story and experience a virtual romantic journey in your leisure time? You must look no further than It Happened One Summer. This is a book that tells love, the dilemma when faced with choices, self-exploration and a memorable summer. You will see how the protagonist, Piper Bellinger, grows up, falls in love and changes her mind through the twists and turns in life. 

This post gives a full introduction to the book, from the author and book series to summary and more. A free PDF viewer is introduced for you to enjoy the It Happened One Summer PDF delightfully. 

General Info about the Book

Published in 2021, the novel is written by Tessa Bailey, an American author who was inspired by the TV drama Schitt's Creek to create this work. The contemporary romance fiction novel tells the story of what happened since the heroin Piper Bellinger goes to Westport, Washington from Los Angeles. The paperback has 416 pages and there are a total of 31 chapters. 

It Happened One Summer is the first book of Bellinger Sisters series and the book 2 or sequel to it is Hook, Line, and Sinker. The book series was both New York Times and USA Today bestseller and is highly popular on TikTok. The book contains explicit and spicy scenes and is appropriate for adult readers aged 18 and up. 

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The Author's Biography

Tessa Bailey comes from Carlsbad, California in United States. She studied at Kingsborough Community College and Pace University. She wanted to be a reporter before but failed then was engaged in romance novels and started writing. Good at romance fiction, her other books include Fix Her Up, Hook, Line and Sinker(a New York Times bestseller)and Unfortunately Yours.

Entertainment Weekly called Bailey the “Michelangelo of dirty talk,”as she always writes novels with spicy, exciting and swoon style and plots. The author now is a good mother of a three-year old daughter and she has married his husband for seven years. She and her familly live in Brooklyn, New York currently.

It Happened One Summer Summary

The main character in It Happened One Summer, Piper Bellinger is a fashionable and pretty socialite in Los Angeles. She is arrested for throwing a wild and illegal party after being dumped by her boyfriend. Due to that, her wealthy stepfather, Daniel exiles her to the small fishing town called Wesport in Washington to manage a bar of her late birth father. Her father hopes she can become more mature and responsible. 

When Piper Bellinger goes to the bar with her sister, she met Brendan Taggart who is a fisherman and captain. The two people were hostile at the beginning and gradually became attracted to each other. However, Piper always plans to go back to Los Angeles and thus she is struggling with conflicting feelings. 

In the later part, Piper starts to think if the previous life is what she really want and whether she should return or stay with Brendan Taggart and this small town. Her heart wavers.

It Happened One Summer Review

While this book’s storyline seems to be cheesy and predictable for many readers, it’s right in the genres those rom-com novel fans love. By reading it, you surely will step into the sweet, relaxing and a little spicy captivating world. The LA wild child - Piper and Brendan both have multiple layers of themselves to be explored. You can easily find their inner struggles and personal growth as they begin and develop a relationship. 

If you are looking for a fun, engaging, and summer story, Tessa Bailey’s It Happened One Summer with loveable characters is the book for you. It brings you a breezy and adorably memorable moments. 

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It Happened One Summer presents you inner beauty, family, self-discovery, love, heartbreak, identity, perceptions of fame and fortune and a meaningful life. You can either purchase the hardcover, Kindle book or audiobook from online book stores and search for the It Happened One Summer book by Tessa Bailey in PDF format to read online for free. Then use SwifDoo PDF to level up your reading experience. We do not suggest you to gain copyright infringing books. 


Q: What It Happened One Summer's spicy chapters are?

A: Spicy chapters in the book include Chapter 16, Chapter 18, Chapter 21, Chapter 26 and Chapter 31. The description in these chapters is steamy and smut and not good for younger readers. 

Q: What other books like It Happened One Summer?

A: Some similar books you may also like: Hook, Line, and Sinker, Fix Her Up, 

Getaway Girl, and The Love Hypothesis.

Q: Is It Happened One Summer worth reading?

This book has many steamy scenes and descriptions of emotions. If you like this type, you can try reading it. This book has typical characteristics of the author Bailey's book. A character with a strong possessiveness but a soft heart. The language has some profanity. For the audience of this type of novel, it is a delightful and intoxicating book that has gained popularity on TikTok.

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