Since the birth of PDF files, they have always been used to distribute documents. PDFs are supported by more apps and devices than many images such as HEIC. When you want to share your HEIC photos quickly and easily, sharing them as PDFs is a good solution. Then you will have to convert HEIC to PDF format so anyone can open them. For that a HEIC to PDF converter is obviously needed.

Since HEIC (denoted by .heic) is a less popular image file format, there are not many HEIC converters but still some. Not all the converters are safe or worth using. In this article, we will suggest you the 6 reliable best HEIC to PDF converters. They are available for free or deliver free services. You can either opt for an offline program or go with an online one to convert HEIC image files to PDFs.

#1. SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is one of the most amazing software programs to convert HEIC to PDF. It is small and powerful, packing tools to convert all the file types. As a HEIC to PDF converter for Windows PCs, it can batch convert numerous HEIC files to PDF documents at once. The converter allows you to select or customize the converted PDF page size to suit your image’s dimension. One of its coolest features is to merge multiple images into one PDF if necessary.

HEIC to PDF converter SwifDoo PDF

Greatly, the HEIC to PDF converter enables you to preview all the added HEIC images before conversion. The converter software will convert HEIC to PDF while keeping the image quality intact. The entire process to convert HEIC image files to PDF files is simple. Just tap any conversion option in the start interface, click “More Features”, select “Convert to PDF”, then choose the “Image to PDF” tool.

If you need to combine all the HEIC images to one PDF, choose “Create a New PDF” within the converter. You can drag to re-order the images to make them appear in the PDF correctly. After the HEIC to PDF converter helps create a PDF from HEICs, the PDF file may be too big due to heavy images. Still compress the PDF or the images with SwifDoo PDF.

Major highlights of SwifDoo PDF:

  • Convert HEIC to PDF, HEIC to JPG, PNG, or some other image format.
  • Convert PDFs to HEIC, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and lots of document formats.
  • Edit, annotate, compress, combine, and protect PDFs.
  • Low-memory application.

#2. Pixillion Image Converter

If you prefer an image file converter to convert HEIC to PDF, resort to Pixillion Image Converter. This HEIC to PDF converter for free download is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It’s designed to convert any image format in just a few simple clicks, including HEIC, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and ICO. You can convert between two formats (e.g. PNG to ICO). The converter’s user interface is intuitive and modern. The best part is that it can do batch conversion.

HEIC to PDF converter Pixillion Image Converter

To convert HEIC to PDF with the converter, all you need to do is import the HEIC files and select the output format. This converter software also has the ability to watermark, resize, and crop images. The drawback is Pixillion offers a free trial version for a short limited time.

#3. Preview

Preview will likely be the best free HEIC to PDF converter at your disposal on Mac. It’s not just an image and PDF viewer but also an image and PDF converter. The application comes included with macOS operating system and thus is completely free. To convert your files from HEIC to PDF format, open and select the HEIC image files in Preview, go to “File” to choose “Print” or “Export Selected Images”, then select PDF as the exported format.

HEIC to PDF converter Preview

The native application not only acts as a HEIC to PDF converter but also provides a way to split, and merge PDF files.

#4. FreeConvert

To convert a HEIC image to a PDF file instantly, you can turn to the FreeConvert website. The site comes as an online PDF and HEIC converter to convert HEIC to PDF in all the major web browsers. It works on any desktop and mobile device. No need to install software or sign up. The HEIC to PDF converter allows you to convert up to 25 HEIC files to PDFs online for free a day. However, it loads slower than other conversion programs and has disturbing ads.

HEIC to PDF converter FreeConvert

On the converter site, you can upload HEIC files from your local device, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive to convert. There are also tools to convert videos, audio files or ebooks.

#5. Zamzar

Another best file converter recommendation to convert HEIC to PDF is Zamzar. This HEIC to PDF converter is professional and efficient for all users to work with online. The web software’s interface is clean and ad-free. It offers free service but only allows you to upload files maximum 50MB in size. Therefore, you cannot process too many large HEIC files.

HEIC to PDF converter Zamzar

When using the online HEIC to PDF converter, the steps on how to convert or change HEIC (.heic) to PDF are listed on the conversion page. So, new users can effortlessly follow. The site claims that all the files will be deleted in 24 hours after conversion for privacy reason.

#6. Convertio

Convertio is one of the top online free HEIC to PDF converters that can batch turn HEIC image files into PDFs. Converting HEIC to PDF format is a matter of seconds. Users simply upload images to the HEIC file converter, and click “Convert” to convert them to PDF files. Please note that it only converts your files individually to PDFs. No advanced options for page setting.

HEIC to PDF converter Convertio

The online converter also lets you convert other formats, such as spreadsheet and presentation. All the converter tools are integrated into a user-friendly and visually pleasing interface.

Why Pick SwifDoo PDF?

With all these HEIC to PDF converter software, which one is best to use? Maybe some of you prefer to convert HEIC to PDF with an online free converter. A web-based tool is convenient to access. Despite that, some others else more trust offline desktop programs. By looking at the performance of all the HEIC (.heic) file to PDF converters, your primary pick can be SwifDoo PDF. Some advantages of using SwifDoo PDF are as follows:

  • It supports batch converting HEIC files to PDFs in one go.
  • It can convert multiple HEIC images into a single multi-page PDF. That’s an online converter and many other offline programs cannot do.
  • A wide range of additional PDF conversion and editing features meet almost all your needs.

The Bottom Line

HEIC to PDF conversion is in great demand to make pictures more shareable. With the 6 HEIC to PDF converters introduced, you can get the conversion task done without a hassle. Select one or more of them and SwifDoo PDF is recommended. It’s better to adopt the offline desktop software considering the relative file security. If you urgently need to convert less vital files, resort to online HEIC to PDF file converters.


Can Adobe convert HEIC files to PDFs?

Adobe’s PDF software, Adobe Acrobat doesn’t have the feature to transfer HEIC files. However, you can convert HEIC to PDF in Adobe Photoshop by downloading the HEIC and HEVC support tools. After HEIC support tool download, import your HEIC files into Photoshop, and use the “Save as” option to export it as PDFs.

How do I save a HEIC/HEIF as a PDF on my iPhone?

You can convert a HEIC photo to a PDF file with the built-in Photos app on an iPhone. Select the HEIC photo in the Photos app, tap the up arrow “Share” icon, scroll down to select “Print”, then pinch or zoom in the page preview. After that, a PDF will be created.

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