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How to Convert MOBI to PDF Document Format

By Roche | Follow twitter | Updated on December 30, 2022

MOBI and PDF are both document file formats, but they are used for different purposes. Most probably, MOBI files are readable, but they cannot be edited directly. On the other hand, PDF is a universal document format that is editable and supported by all operating systems and devices. Although they are considered for certain concerns, the time still comes when you need to convert MOBI into PDF.

Move further along with this context to explore how to convert MOBI to PDF file format without any disruption for free.

What Is a MOBI File? Did You Know!

MOBI (Mobipocket) is an eBook file format supported by Kindle and certain electronic devices. Though its utility is minimal as compared to PDF, most users are prone to accessibility issues while using Mobipocket eBooks. And, PDF always offers standard acceptance in business, education, and several other fields.

The most compelling reason for converting MOBI files to PDF is accessibility! Feel hassle-free while using MOBI to PDF converter by theonlineconverter, which allows you to convert single or batch Mobipocket files to PDF documents for free.


It is the expert's preferred online application for performing nearly all well-known document file conversions for free. Give this utility a shot and watch it convert MOBI to PDF or vice versa in a matter of seconds.

The auspicious thing about this program is that it allows you to export files to cloud storage directly without sticking with any additional program.

How to convert MOBI to PDF in CloudConvert

How to Convert MOBI to PDF with CloudConvert

  1. Simply navigate to this site and move on by loading one or more MOBI eBooks;
  2. Very next, you need to make a selection for PDF from the Convert to menu;
  3. Finally, click on the Convert button to start the MOBI to PDF conversion process;

Why Use?

  • Amazing UI
  • Swift conversions

Why Don’t?

  • Large file sizes take more time to proceed
  • Formatting disruption

If you need to convert EPUB to PDF, then this post will be of great interest to you: 

Top 9 Offline and Online EPUB to PDF Converters in 2023

Top 9 Offline and Online EPUB to PDF Converters in 2023

This post introduces the top 9 EPUB to PDF converters. You can use them to convert EPUB to PDF offline or online to read your EPUB files across any device.


PDF Candy

PDFCandy is the most well-known utility that is loaded with the best PDF editor. Plus, it provided you with the best features to achieve perfect outcomes for PDF files. Begin by using its free MOBI to PDF converter to quickly convert MOBI files to PDFs.

All the conversion and editing are 100% secure, and they do not even involve a lot of manual intervention.

How to convert MOBI to PDF in PDFCandy

How to Convert Mobipocket to PDF using PDFCandy

  1. Navigate to the PDFCandy site
  2. Then, all you need to load one MOBI file
  3. Now, it lets you specify the page size and margin
  4. At last, hit the Convert to PDF button to save MOBI as PDF online

Why Use?

  • Fast conversions
  • Easy-to-navigate tools

Why Don’t?

  • Font distortion after conversion


Zamzar has been serving the online conversion market for decades. It provided you with quality outcomes related to MOBI to PDF document file transformation. Besides that, this web-based utility lets you work with over 1200 different file formats.

Just a couple of steps are involved in creating an editable PDF file from a Mobipocket eBook. And Zamzar is always the perfect choice for experts instead of average users.

How to convert MOBI to PDF in Zamzar

How to Turn MOBI into PDF online with Zamzar

  1. Launch the Zamzar website.
  2. Now, just click on the Choose Files button to load one or a couple of MOBI eBook files.
  3. Then, navigate to the Format menu and select PDF as the output format.
  4. Finally, just select the Convert Now button to process the conversion.

Why Use?

  • Batch conversions
  • API integration for file sharing

Why Don’t?

  • Free plan comes with limited conversion


It is packed with full-fledged online tools that allow you to deal with more than 300 different file formats free of cost. This online MOBI to PDF converter takes a couple of seconds to save MOBI as a PDF file format. The most apparent reason to discuss this utility is that it offers an AI-powered automated transformation process for swift conversion.

There, you can also encounter cloud storage features through which you can readily import files to the cloud directly.

How to convert MOBI to PDF in Convertio

How to Convert MOBI to PDF with Convertio

  1. Open Convertio and click on the Add more files button to load MOBI files.
  2. Now, you need to choose the PDF from the format menu.
  3. Click on the Convert button and export MOBI as PDF.
  4. Finally, download the newly converted PDF files.

Why Use?

  • Simple UI
  • Cloud-based conversion

Why Don’t?

  • Need a PRO plan for unlimited conversion

Online Converter

You may even doubt if this is the brand name of this converting tool. Yes, you are right about that. Get the fastest MOBI file to PDF converter from this source that lets you proceed with conversion effortlessly. It uses a very basic approach to turn Mobipocket into an editable PDF document format. There, you can find a number of other converters that allow you to conduct free to-and-from conversions.

There’s no room at all for any quality distortion while using this natural online assistance.

How to convert MOBI to PDF in Online Converter

How to Change MOBI to PDF with onlineconverter

  1. Navigate to this onlineconverter site;
  2. Just click the Choose File button to add a Mobipocket eBook;
  3. Click Convert and wait for a while to download the newly transformed PDF;

Why Use?

  • Easy-to-process tools
  • Free & Swift conversions

Why Don’t?

  • Large file sizes consume time to convert
  • Inconsistency in fonts while turning documents


This web-based application is mainly designed to convert MOBI eBook files to PDF document format for free. In addition to that, you can now process PDF to Mobipocket conversion and also proceed with different eBook format conversions for free.

Furthermore, because this source is completely secure, there is no need to be concerned about data breaches because all files are permanently deleted after conversion.

How to convert MOBI to PDF in Mobi2PDF

How to Save MOBI as PDF using Mobi2PDF

  1. Access the Mobi2PDF website;
  2. Just drag and drop or choose the Mobipocket file from the local storage;
  3. Wait for a while until the MOBI file to PDF conversion process is completed;
  4. Once done, the download box appears, click on it to save the newly converted PDF format.

Why Use?

  • Easy to navigate
  • 100% free utility
  • Comes with data privacy

Why Don’t?

  • No OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Spoiler: SwifDoo PDF - An EPUB to PDF Converter

Despite the fact that SwifDoo PDF cannot meet your need for MOBI to PDF conversion, it is still a reliable Windows-based PDF converter. It is especially useful when saving EPUB as PDF or vice versa when your ebook is in EPUB. In addition, it has integrated other features to make itself a comprehensive converting tool for Windows users. Check out what SwifDoo PDF can do for you:

SwifDoo PDF's converter

  1. PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, images (JPG, BMP, TIF, and PNG) and vice versa;
  2. Compress PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, and vice versa;
  3. Add hyperlinks, text, and text boxes to a PDF;
  4. Merge, split, delete, add, replace, and reorder PDF pages;
  5. Annotate a PDF with shapes, arrows, lines, watermarks, and stamps.

Don’t miss the chance to get the 15-day free trial. Download the PDF program on your PCs to improve efficiency right now.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, PDF (Portable Document Format) is directly swapped for paperwork in every sector of life, and converting MOBI to PDF might be beneficial! Although there are numerous MOBI to PDF converters available on the market, we have selected the best ones for your convenience. 

Choose one or more of them that best suit your needs for exporting MOBI to PDF, and good luck!




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