When you create a PDF document from MS Word documents or scanners, the font in PDFs can be presented inconsistently, with different font styles or font sizes. For those who need to work with PDF editors regularly, changing font in PDF may be of great use.

In the following paragraphs, let’s explore how to change the font in PDF to ensure a uniform font style within the whole PDF document.

Methods to Change Font in PDF on Windows

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a feature-rich PDF editor on Windows. PDF users can easily change font style, color, and size with its assistance. What’s more, it enables users to italicize, bold, and format text within the document. Please take a look at how to change the font in PDF with a few clicks:

Step 1: Download SwifDoo PDF from the official website and then launch the program;

Step 2: Click Open on the initial interface to upload the PDF document to the workspace;


Step 3: When your PDF is opened, navigate to the top menu bar and choose Edit > Edit to activate the text boxes;


Step 4: Put your cursor over the wrongly used font and select the font you prefer in the drop-down menu next to Add Text.


Tips:If you need more editing options, such as superscript or subscript, select the text and click “Superscript” or “Subscript” to realize what you want. Besides, SwifDoo PDF can add a text box, images, and links to the PDF.

For users who are used to editing text in Microsoft Word documents, SwifDoo PDF offers another way to change the font in PDFs: convert a PDF into an editable Word document. Check out how to utilize SwifDoo PDF converter to save PDF as Word to change the font style in MS Word.

Step 1: Choose Convert > PDF to Word;


Step 2: When the SwifDoo PDF Converter window pops up, ensure all the settings are correct.

Step 3: Once ready, hit the Start button to convert this PDF into a Word file;

Step 4: Open the Word file in MS Word, select the text and change the font in the Home tab.


That’s the whole process of changing the PDF font with the SwifDoo PDF converter. Noteworthily, The fonts provided by SwifDoo PDF are in line with your system fonts. This PDF editor does not support embedding fonts into PDFs.

Some users are curious about how to change the font in fillable PDFs. Don’t sweat it. You’ll find answers about how to change the font in a fillable form in the following words.

Step 1: Open a fillable PDF with forms using SwifDoo PDF;

Step 2: Enter Edit Format by clicking on the Edit button, then all editable text boxes will appear;


Step 3: Select the text within the form and choose the font style in the sub-navigation bar;

Step 4: Save all the changes made previously to complete changing font in a fillable PDF.

                                                                        Free Download

Here we need to point out SwifDoo PDF is not a PDF form filler that cannot fill in fillable forms with PDFs. If you need to create or fill in PDF forms, then the post below is what you expect.

Best Free PDF Form Fillers and Creators [Online & Offline]

Best Free PDF Form Fillers and Creators [Online & Offline]

If you need to insert a form into the PDF to display data, click in this post to know how to create a fillable PDF form with online and desktop PDF programs.


Comprehensively, SwifDoo PDF is an easy-to-use and user-friendly PDF editor to change the font in PDFs. Furthermore, this program is a PDF converter, annotator, and password protector.

Methods to Change Font in PDF Online

Some users who don’t use professional editors frequently may need PDF tools to change the font in PDF. Is it possible? Absolutely yes, we will cover how to use online applications to change the font in PDF.

Soda PDF

During our research on online PDF editors, to our surprise, most online PDF editors could not edit the existing text in the PDF or the fonts embedded in your PDF. Possibly, this is either because online PDF editors lack the ability to change the font embedded under the image layer, or the fonts in the PDF are not available in your system

Soda PDF is one of the few online tools that can change the font in PDF. Follow the instruction below to figure out how to change the font in PDF online:

Step 1: Type the URL in the address bar, then upload your PDF;


Step 2: When your PDF is loaded up to the main interface of Soda PDF, enter the Edit mode by clicking on the Edit tab;


Step 3: Select the text and change the font in the Font drop-down menu.


Best of all, Soda PDF includes changing the font in fillable PDF forms, making it possible to standardize the different font styles in PDF documents. Here is how Soda PDF works to change font in fillable PDFs.

Step 1: As usual, open the official website and upload a fillable font to the workspace;

Step 2: Click Edit to enter Edit Mode, then navigate to the fillable forms;


Step 3: Select the text within any text box and choose the font you need.

If you are interested in how to change the font in a PDF fillable form, this post may be of help:

5 Approaches to Change the Font Size within a PDF Form Field

5 Approaches to Change the Font Size within a PDF Form Field

If you want to figure out how to edit or change the font size in a fillable PDF form to make the PDF look more consistent, this post can help.


In the latest version, Soda PDF supports bolding, italicizing, changing font size and color online. It has a desktop version to reach a wider fanbase. However, this online editor has some drawbacks. The first one is that you will be asked to upgrade the plan no matter what changes are made on the PDF. In other words, this is not a free online editor to change font in PDF. The other point is the web-based tool requires a smooth internet connection. Otherwise, the slow loading may upset you.

Wrapping Up  

Changing PDF font is no longer tricky, especially we have multiple excellent PDF editors. Relatively, we would highly recommend users to turn to desktop PDF editors to change the font in PDF because desktop programs are much more comprehensive. Online PDF editors fail to change the font of the existing text while enabling changing the font in a newly added text box. It is obviously not what you’ve been asking for.

Considering all these factors, SwifDoo PDF can be a good choice if you need to change the font in PDF.

Common FAQ about How-to Solutions: Change Font Style in PDF Easily

Q:Why cannot I change the font in a PDF?

Before changing the font in a PDF, the first thing that needs to be figured out is how this PDF document is created. If this PDF is a scanned copy or image PDF, then it is hard to edit the PDF, including changing the font style. If it's a standard PDF, you need to make certain whether you have installed the font in your system.



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