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Top 12 Free Textbook Websites to Explore PDF Books World

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on April 16, 2024 | Deutsch Français
PDF textbook is the recent technology revolution that wipes out the notion of carrying heavy-weight books in your bag. The advent of science facilitates you to carry digital books inside your smartphone. In addition, PDF textbooks are an initiative to support the environment. So let’s learn the top 12 free textbook websites in our post.

The advantage of a digital book is its accessibility from anywhere on any device. If you have internet access and a device, you can read and enjoy any book available in PDF format. Further, you do not need to buy as free PDF books are available for download from various websites and saved to your device.

Let’s explore the top 12 free textbook websites!

Top 12 Free PDF Textbook Websites You Must Visit

1. Library Genesis

Library Genesis a free PDF textbook website

Library Genesis offers millions of journals, published documents, and costly books. Academic books, textbooks, magazines, etc., are available on this site. PDF book download facility is available. The site's simple interface attracts bookworms because it enables book reading on Kindle, Android, iPad, and various e-reader devices.

2. Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library a free PDF textbook website

Open Textbook Library is based on various branch-related books students prefer for higher studies. You can access 12 subjective streams like Education, Engineering, Business, etc. Search option is available based on your studying stream. The good part is here, you can freely access the funded and published books with licenses for use. You can share, adapt or print out those books with minimal expenses. The website offers free editing on any book reader found wrong or incorrect information generated.


3. OpenStax

Openstax a free PDF textbook website

Rice University launched a free PDF textbook site on various subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Social Science, Humanities, etc. This website is mainly for college students, and the availability of all the books is well maintained with the standard scope and apt sequence. Along with college books, high school textbooks are also available for free reading with a PDF reader.

4. ScholarWorks

ScholarWorks a free PDF textbook website

If you want to access GVSU scholars' works, you do not need to visit the library. Instead, you land on the ScholarWorks website and can read millions of journals and books written by scholars and keep them neatly. You can search the books by author, citation information, year of publication, etc. This site is mainly for college students and preferably for higher studies.

5. PDF Search Engine

PDF Search Engine a free PDF textbook website

If you're comfortable searching on Google, then the PDF Search Engine will be an easy task for you. You can find numerous PDF textbooks; fortunately, you can download those files. In addition, high school students can find a better place to find all kinds of books and enrich their knowledge of various subjects.

6. Junky Books

Free PDF textbook download website - Junky Books

Junky Books is another free PDF textbook download site that hosts a huge library of books. It detailedly divides books into extensive categories, including business, computers, essays, art, and so on. You can find and read your target textbooks online for free and download them for further studies. In addition to downloading free PDF textbooks, this website also allows you to do some light reading. It lists the top interesting and featured books to enrich your after-class activities.

7. Textbooksfree

Textbooksfree a free PDF textbook website

If you're a high school student, your must-visit site will be Textbooksfree. Its simple user interface is mainly for high school students and allows them to search books on various subjects and topics like English, Art, Science, etc. Additionally, the site offers free course materials for high school students in video and lecture formats. If you want to expand your knowledge scale, try Textbooksfree PDF books for free.

8. Bookboon

Bookboon a free PDF textbook website

Bookboon is a book publishing brand for e-books online with a simple interface. The site specifies Business, Engineering, and IT books worthy of professional and academic scholars. You can try Bookboon to publish your work online if you have exceptional writing skills. However, the Business e-books are not free to access, and users need to pay $5.99 per month after availing of the 30- days free trial.

9. PDF Books World

Free PDF textbook download website - PDF Books World

From its name, you can tell that it is a free PDF textbook download website with quality PDF books. It has a simple user interface so that you can quickly find the feature you need to locate the PDF textbook resources. It enables you to search textbooks by book names, genres, and authors. You can read these free textbooks online in PDF format before downloading them. Each book has illustrations and book reference links. You can do a quick reference to Footnotes, Citations, and others.

10. Free Kids Book

Free Kids Books a free PDF textbook website

Keeping in mind the increasing demand for tiny tots' book reading habits, Free Kids Book site builds its library for them. The site primarily focuses on pre-primary, primary, and secondary education. Young adults can get various literary books from great authors for free. The interface is simple, and the download option is easy.

11. FreeComputerBooks

FreeComputerBooks a free PDF textbook website

FreeComputerBooks is enriched with free PDF textbooks on Computer Programming, Computer Mathematics, etc. Science-related books are available in its comprehensive library. The site provides various computer and science books that are available for download. You need to search books by name and get a link to download and read.

12. Free-Ebooks. net

Free Ebooks.net a free PDF textbook website

Free-Ebooks.net provides you with a massive collection of literary Classics, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Sci-fi, romance, business, etc. It's a powerful site that articulates every genre so that various readers can search for the books they're looking for. The downside of this site is that you need to be a registered member to download 5 books for free monthly access.

How to read PDF books?

As PDF is the universal format, you can access it from any device or any website. However, you need a PDF reader like SwifDoo PDF Reader to get a full view of the file. The tool offers various options to open the PDF book and read on your PC with unmatched viewing options. The reliable SwifDoo PDF Reader helps you access any PDF book seamlessly, enjoying its every ooziness.

Why should you pick SwifDoo PDF Reader for a flawless reading experience?

The software offers various options to read PDF books, including:

  • It lets download Text-to-Speech options to learn the pronunciation of hard words
  • You can read the PDF book in a full page
  • It offers Fit-Width and Fit-Page to adjust the page if it's large
  • Its View option lets you read in Single or Facing mode for comfortable reading
  • An annotation option can let you highlight the central part of the book to create footnotes for further studies

How to read?

Follow the simple steps to read effectively using the SwifDoo PDF Reader.

Step 1: Install the software and run the program on your PC;

Step 2:

  • Open the Interface.
  • Click on ‘Open’ and you'll get your PDF book from your system.
  • Click the ‘OK’ button.

How to read free PDF textbook

Step 3: Once you get the PDF book, click on the ‘Reader’ option, and SwifDoo PDF will let you download the ‘Text-to-Speech’ engine to learn how to pronounce difficult words;

How to read free PDF textbook 1

Step 4: Next, click on the ‘View’ option, and at the top, you'll get several other options like ‘Fit-width,’ ‘Full screen,’ or ‘Fit Page’;

Step 5: Click on any mode depending on your choice, read your book, and obtain knowledge.

Note: You can highlight and Annotate your PDF book to take necessary notes by clicking on the Annotation menu. It's helpful to create footnotes for further study and understanding of the topic.

Last Word

With the free PDF textbook websites, you can access millions of PDF books for free. These sites help expensive access books. Now you do not need to pay for any classics or academic journals as these sites will serve you the purpose. In addition, install SwifDoo PDF Reader and optimize your reading as per your choice on your PC screen. SwifDoo PDF Reader, thus, is primarily associated with providing you with a coherent PDF reading experience.


Q:Is it safe to download PDF textbooks for free?

It depends when you consider whether it is safe to download free textbooks in PDF format. As long as you download them from reliable websites, the PDF textbooks you got are safe and free from viruses or malware. If you still have doubts, use an antivirus scanner to scan the downloaded free textbooks before opening them.

Q:Where can I download free textbooks legally?

Many websites allow you to download free textbooks legally without worrying about copyright and malware, including some that we have mentioned in the article. Here are several sites that provide legal access to download free textbooks in PDF format: Free-Ebooks. Net, OpenStax, Open Textbook Library, LibreTexts, and Saylor Academy. 

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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