When reading a PDF file with too many chapters and abundant content, it may be hard to remember and find where you left off last time. To avoid scrolling through the whole file again and again, all you need to do is add bookmarks in PDF. As a result, how do you bookmark a page in PDF?  

What is a PDF bookmark?

A PDF bookmark in a PDF file works in a similar way to the paper or fabric bookmark in a printed book. It allows readers to directly jump to the place where they stopped reading. Users just need to bookmark a PDF in the document and click on the bookmark to jump to the marked position when in future use. 

To bookmark a PDF, it's recommended to use a dedicated PDF editor. But what kind of PDF software can you choose? As for Windows PCs, SwifDoo PDF is your reliable PDF bookmark manager. Based on different operating systems, this post will show you how to bookmark a PDF with SwifDoo PDF on Windows and Preview on Mac. Additionally, we will simply introduce how to add a bookmark to a PDF in Google Chrome.

How to Add Bookmark in PDF With SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a powerful PDF application designed for Windows OS. You can use the software to swiftly add bookmarks to PDF, edit, move, and delete them. It can create bookmarks in PDF automatically by extracting the outline or the table of contents, and also bookmark PDF pages one by one manually. After bookmarking a PDF with SwifDoo PDF, when you re-open it in another PDF reader or any browser, the bookmarks remain there and you can click to jump to linked locations in the file. 

Read on to explore how to make a bookmark in PDF using SwifDoo PDF.

Add Bookmarks to PDF Automatically

Speaking of how to create bookmarks in PDF, there are automatic and manual methods. Normally, if your file is a well-structured standard PDF converted from a Word document, once you open it with SwifDoo PDF, the bookmarks will be generated automatically based on your heading hierarchy. They are displayed in the left “Bookmark” pane beside the sidebar.

Tips:Google Chrome and Firefox can create bookmarks in PDF files automatically by showing the outline as well. To do that, open the file in the browser and click the “Show Document Outline” icon in the top left corner.

Add Bookmarks to PDF by Extracting the Table of Contents

A list of bookmarks acts as a clickable table of contents to some extent, which can direct you to a linked page. If your PDF file contains a table of contents, the “Extract TOC” feature in SwifDoo PDF allows you to add bookmarks to the PDF by extracting the table of contents. This method may not work well for scanned PDFs. 

Take a closer look at how to bookmark a page in PDF this way.  

Step 1: Free download SwifDoo PDF and launch it, then import the PDF you need to add bookmarks to;

Step 2: Hit the Bookmark icon in the sidebar to open the Bookmark pane;


Step 3: Click Extract TOC to extract the table of contents. This is how to create a bookmark in PDF automatically by extracting TOC.


Add Bookmarks to PDF Manually

SwifDoo PDF enables you to manually add a bookmark to a specific PDF page. Therefore, using the method, you can add bookmarks to a scanned PDF or image-only PDF. Let's dive into how to bookmark a page in PDF.

Step 1: Open SwifDoo PDF and import the PDF you want to add bookmarks to, then navigate to a page that needs to be bookmarked;

Step 2: Hit the Bookmark icon in the sidebar, then click on the Add bookmark option in the Bookmark pane. If there are already some bookmarks, right-click on a bookmark to choose Add bookmark;  


Step 3: Enter a name for the bookmark. Or, can right-click on the bookmark and choose Rename bookmark when needed;  

This is how to bookmark a page in PDF within just 3 steps. Apart from tapping the "Add bookmark" icon and right-clicking on an existing bookmark, you can also hold Ctrl+B to make a bookmark in the PDF. 

On top of the manual method above, SwifDoo PDF enables you to bookmark text. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Open your PDF within the SwifDoo PDF editor. Use your pointer to drag a rectangle box around the text;

Step 2: Right-click on the box to choose Insert bookmark. Then the bookmark will be created in the pop-up Bookmark pane and named with the words you choose.


How to Add Sub-bookmark in PDF

When it comes to PDF bookmarks, you may think of using a hierarchical structure to identify main and subsidiary topics. SwifDoo PDF makes it easy to change the level of bookmarks. The guide below shows how to add a sub-bookmark in PDF or create a top-level bookmark in a PDF document.  

Step 1: Click the bookmark icon to show the Bookmark pane;  

Step 2: Right-click on a bookmark to choose Move bookmark, then select Indent or Outdent


Through the tutorials above, you might be more clear about how to bookmark a PDF on Windows. With the assistance of SwifDoo PDF, you can move, delete, or clear bookmarks at any time as needed.

                                                                     Free Download

If you want to add highlights as your bookmarks, check the post below to find how to highlight a PDF. Besides, SwifDoo PDF enables users to edit, convert, compress PDF files, and more. It is an essential tool to handle PDF-related issues.

How to Highlight a PDF on Windows and Mac

How to Highlight a PDF on Windows and Mac

Users may need to annotate PDFs, such as highlight, underline, and strikethrough, to mark out the text. How do we highlight a PDF? This post has the answer.


How to Add Bookmark in PDF on Mac (with Preview)

Preview is a native image viewer and PDF viewer on Mac. This handy application is a fast and easy solution to PDF management and manipulation. It allows you to merge, split, protect PDF files, and add bookmarks to PDF. Find out how to bookmark a PDF on Mac using Preview.

Step 1: Import your PDF file to the Preview app on Mac and scroll to a page you want to bookmark;

Step 2: Go to Tools in the menu bar and choose Add Bookmark in the drop-down menu. 

That's how to bookmark on Mac. When you don’t need the bookmarks in your PDF anymore, Preview allows you to delete them. You can go to “View”, and “Bookmarks”, right-click on the bookmark in the bookmark pane, then choose “Delete”.

How to Add Bookmark in a PDF Online 

Google Chrome

Some people who prefer to read PDFs in a web browser may wish to know how to bookmark a PDF in Chrome. Chrome itself doesn't have such ability, but you can install an extension called PDF Bookmark from Chrome Web Store to do so.

Please remember to allow access to file URLs once you've added the extension. Regarding how to add bookmarks to PDF in Google Chrome, follow the easy-to-learn instruction below

Step 1: Open a PDF file in Chrome first, and go to the page in need of a bookmark;

Step 2: Tap the Extensions icon in the browser to choose PDF Bookmark;

Step 3: Enter the page number and click New bookmark to bookmark the PDF.

In Closing

With the help of a dedicated PDF tool, it can be a piece of cake to add bookmarks in PDF. In daily work, a good PDF tool will greatly boost your productivity. If you are looking for a PDF software product for your Windows PC, SwifDoo PDF is worth a shot. Go ahead and get it to test yourself on how to add a bookmark in PDF. 

Common FAQ about Ways to Add Bookmarks to PDF (Step-by-Step Guide)

Q:How can I make a bookmark in PDF using Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word allows you to create a bookmarked PDF using headings or customized bookmarks in a Word document. To generate bookmarks in a Word document, follow the instruction below.

Step 1: Select text or an image where you want to add a bookmark;

Step 2: Choose Insert on the top and Bookmark in the drop-down menu;

Step 3: Enter a name for the bookmark and click Add. Repeat the steps to add all necessary bookmarks.

Here is how to convert the Word document to a PDF with bookmarks, or in other words how to bookmark a PDF in Word.

Step 1: Navigate to File, Save As, then select a folder for saving the PDF;

Step 2: Choose the output file format as PDF;  

Step 3: Click Options to open a dialog box;

Step 4: Tick the checkbox beside the Create bookmarks using: then choose Headings or Word bookmarks to bookmark the exported PDF.



Susy has worked with PDF tools for more than 5 years. During the past time, PDF software is of huge assistance in increasing her productivity. She joined SwifDoo PDF one year ago and works as an editor now. Based on a lot of research and tests, Susy can offer users professional and practical solutions to PDF issues.