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80 Superb Birthday Wishes for Twins to Make Them Both Happy

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on January 9, 2024
Twins are synonymous with double the happiness and the fun, filling your home and life with joy. So why not celebrate their Birthday in the best way by sending heartfelt birthday wishes for twins? Write quotes, messages, and special greetings to express your joy and their importance in your life. Sending your twins happy birthday wishes will leave a significant impact on their hearts.

Stay tuned to find an enormous collection of 80 Happy Birthday wishes for twins boys and girls, twins sisters and brothers, and your twins friends, along with heartwarming wishes for twin babies celebrating their first milestone. Also, find out the best way to use birthday images for free download. Let's dive through our enormous collection of 80 superb birthday wishes for twins. 

30 Birthday Wishes for Twins Boy and Girl

If you are the parent of twins and your kids' Birthday is nearing, you can wish a happy birthday to twins with our fabulous and heart-touching messages. We have listed 30 birthday wishes for twins boy and girl from mother and father to keep you sorted. 

15 Birthday Wishes for Twins Boys

  1. Keep growing happily, my boys, and always be there for each other like you do now— Happy Birthday to my lovely twin boys.
  2. Life was filled with twice the happiness and fun when the two of you entered our lives and stole the show. Happy Birthday, my duo boys!
  3. I woke up today wondering why the sun was shining brighter and the birds singing more cheerfully. Then I remembered it's your Birthday, which calls for a dual celebration. Happy Birthday, my twin boys!
  4. O my dear, God loved you so much that he just created another one just like you. Happy and blessed Birthday, my precious twins!
  5. This birthday will be double the excitement and fun. Sending loads of happy birthday wishes and smiles to the world's most beautiful twin boys.
  6. If I had to choose between being a millionaire and knowing the two of you, I would always pick you guys. You guys make life so much fun. Happy Birthday to the best boys around!
  7. You two have something unique to add to this world. May you both continue to shine brighter as the years go by. Happy Birthday, twins!
  8. I hope you continue supporting each other through highs and lows, good days and bad, as you grow. Happy Birthday, my twin boys!
  9. Twin boys mean twice the fun and 2000 times the happy memories. Sending best birthday wishes to the life of the home!
  10. A few are lucky enough to have a best friend for life. But each of you is lucky to have one another through all the ups and downs. Happy Birthday to my charming and best twin boys!
  11. To the dynamic duo, may your Birthday be twice as awesome and twice as memorable. Have a blast, twins!
  12. May the Almighty grant you two all that you both deserve and the godliness of life. Happy Birthday to the most special and energetic twin boys I know!
  13. Happy Birthday to the most adorable twins! May your special day be twice as beautiful and twice as amazing as you are.
  14. Only a few people are fortunate to have twin bros who become their lifetime true friends; you both are that lucky one. I wish you lifetime blessings and success. Happy Birthday, boys!
  15. You two are growing up too fast, and we're so happy to have you around! Happy Birthday to my wonderful sons.

15 Birthday Wishes for Twins Boys

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15 Birthday Wishes for Twins Girls

  1. You two may look identical, but your souls are genuinely unique. Happy Birthday, my little darlings!
  2. You girls were twice the blessing when born, and each one of you deserves twice the blessings and happiness in your lives. Happy Birthday to the twin girls who have won our hearts!
  3. May your bond grow stronger with each passing day— Happy and joyful Birthday to the two most special girls in the world.
  4. Sending double the wishes to the fantastic twin sisters on their birthday! May your special day be as beautiful and extraordinary as the both of you.
  5. Though you're twin sisters, you both are individually unique, talented, charming, and fabulous— Happy Birthday to the twin angels.
  6. Your presence doubles up everything - Double the sister trouble, twice as much the sister fun! Happy and joyous Birthday to the sweetest twin girls in town.
  7. Sisters are great confidants in the bests and lows. I wish my beautiful twin girls a great birthday!
  8. Two celebrations, twin wishes, twin cakes, and twin joys. Happy Birthday, twins!
  9. Twin girls have an enigmatic bond and look cute together. May God bless you with a healthy and long life!
  10. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my two pretty girls who share an unbreakable bond.
  11. I wish a Happy Birthday to the world's most beautiful and intelligent twin girls. I'm blessed to have you both in our lives.
  12. Wishing a joyous birthday to the two cute girls whose bond is mystifyingly beautiful. May God bless you with a healthy and long life!
  13. When you two walk together, it's like seeing double. But, when the double vision is as beautiful and graceful as the two of you, it really isn't a bother. Happy Birthday to dear twins.
  14. Happy Birthday, gorgeous souls! I pray you meet all your desires and goals. Always be happy, my darling twins. May each one of your lives be filled with endless wins.
  15. There are many pairs of twin girls across the world, but none is as wonderful as you two— Happy Birthday to my little twin darlings.

15 Birthday Wishes for Twins Girls

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Since birthdays are special occasions in anyone's life, the best happy birthday wishes for twins girl and boy, must also be creative and meaningful. You can delete the original text from the card PDF or image using the SwifDoo PDF and write preferred wishes by hand. Then, save and print the card out and share it with your loved twins.

15 Birthday Wishes for Twins Sisters

Birthday is the best time to express love and emotions for your twin sisters with your touching birthday wishes. Check out our 15 options to get started. Write the best happy Birthday wishes for twins sisters to tell them how much you love having them in your life. 

  1. Happy Birthday to my twin sister, with whom I share much more than genes and birthdays. May God bless you!
  2. Happy Birthday to my dearest twin sister. I'm glad it's easy for me to remember your Birthday. May God fulfill all your wishes and bless you with all happiness and love!
  3. All the time when I meet either of you, I get into a deception about which amazing twin it is. I wish you twin sisters a very happy birthday!
  4. You're the best thing your parents brought in pairs, who fight with each other but can still not live without each other. Happy Birthday to both of you, best wishes!
  5. The benefits of being twins are double wishes, double parties, double cake, double laughter, and double love. Happy Birthday, twin girls!
  6. Dear twin sister, on our Birthday, I want to confess how grateful I am to have you in my life. Happy Birthday, my beautiful twin!
  7. May all your prayers be fulfilled, and you have a happy and successful life ahead. Happy Birthday, my dear twin sister!
  8. Knowing what the other is thinking is the coolest thing about being a twin. May the love between you grow endlessly. Happy Birthday.
  9. I love you, darling sister, with all of my heart and soul, and I wish you success in all you do. Wishing you a fantastic birthday, my twin!
  10. Happy Birthday, my twin sister! You're the light to me and the reason for my happiness, too!
  11. I'm blessed that I entered this world with you, and I wish we always stay together. A very happy and delighted birthday to my beautiful twin sister!
  12. What makes us a perfect pair of twins is our love and constant support for each other. I am grateful to the Almighty, who gave me a caring and loving twin sister like you. I wish you a wonderful birthday!
  13. When I feel you, you feel me too. This is the twin connection, sister, and the same with us! I wish you the Happiest Birthday, twin sister. 
  14. No one in this world understands us like we know each other, and that's truly a blessing. Have a wonderful and happy birthday, my gorgeous twin!
  15. A very happy birthday to my most beautiful, loving, and caring twin sister! I pray for your happiness and smile each day. I wish you would always be with me.

15 Birthday Wishes for Twins Sisters

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Picking and sending the ideal Birthday wishes to twins can be challenging, but you can easily change the text in your PDF birthday card to your desired wishes text using our beautiful suggestions.

15 Birthday Wishes for Twins Brother

Your twin brother is your best friend and partner-in-crime who has known you the most throughout your life. So you must take advantage of the opportunity to wish a Happy Birthday to a twins brother. We have listed 15 heartwarming Happy Birthday wishes for twins brothers that you can check out. 

  1. I will always be by your side, dear brother. Together, we shall deal with and overcome life's challenges. Happy Birthday to my handsome twin!
  2. To the most desirable brother in this world, Happy Birthday. I feel lucky to have you and be like you.
  3. You're always by my side and lighten my mood no matter how bad it is. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face. Have a wonderful happy birthday to my twin brother!
  4. Having a twin brother is no less than a blessing. You give me a feeling of pride and contentment. I might have done something great in the past life that I have got you as a brother today.
  5. Celebrating the most important day of my life with you feels fantastic. God wanted to bless me in this life, so he made me your twin brother.
  6. Often, I wonder how people go through life without a twin brother. I can't thank you enough for always being there for me. Happy Birthday to my twin brother!
  7. I wish you lots of love and blessings. May you grow as a person and a personality so I can benefit, too. Happy Birthday to you, my twin brother!
  8. I bet there wouldn't be a perfect twin brother like us, as we not only look similar but also think and act similarly. Dear brother, I wish you a happy, joyful, and blessed birthday.
  9. I thank God for blessing me with a friendly and caring twin brother like you, as you make my everyday beautiful. I wish you a delighted and blessed birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday, dear twin brother. You have a beautiful heart. May you get lots of success and love from people around you. 
  11. You've always turned my sadness into my smiles and removed all my fears to make me feel safe. Happy Birthday to my precious twin brother!
  12. We may fight a lot, but you are the kind of brother I wouldn't trade for anything else. May this year be beautiful for both of us. Happy Birthday, twin bro!
  13. Dear brother, I am lucky to have a brother like you to support me in any situation— Many happy returns of the day.
  14. I am always confident that nothing can be so challenging with you around; you offer solutions to every challenge. Happy Birthday, twin brother!
  15. You are my other half, so I love you like I love myself. May you prosper every day, brother.

15 Birthday Wishes for Twins Brother

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Birthdays are the best time to express your love for your siblings. You can write birthday wishes for twins brother and sister, and use the SwifDoo PDF to enlarge the PDF card page size and add another card image to make a booklet. 

35 Birthday Wishes for Brother [Heart-Touching and Funny]

35 Birthday Wishes for Brother [Heart-Touching and Funny]

Wish your big or little brother a happy birthday with these heart-touching, funny, simple and motivational birthday wishes for brother. Pick your loved quotes.


10 Birthday Wishes for Your Twins Friends

If you have a pair of twin friends whose Birthday is fast approaching, you can make their Birthday special by writing them a heartwarming message. Send Happy Birthday for twins wishes and make them cherish their birthdays. Let's look at these ten birthday wishes for your best twins friends.

  1. Having twin friends like you has doubled our happiness. I wish you guys a Birthday filled with fun and good memories. Happy Birthday.
  2. You two Angels were sent from heaven to double our joys and blessings. Happiest Birthday to the most fantastic set of twins!
  3. Happy Birthday, my beloved twin bro-sis duo. The whole world is jealous of you, I bet.
  4. Having twin friends like you is a great delight. Happy Birthday to you both! May the almighty double the blessings and wishes and grant all your wishes.
  5. Having you two in the friend group is like having two versions of the same person; we love it. Happy Birthday!
  6. I love how you two are double the trouble but always have each other's back! Happy Birthday, friends.
  7. Happy Birthday, you amazing twins! May the Lord bless you both with lifelong happiness, smiles, and prosperity.
  8. I hope your unique souls get to blossom in their cherished ways. Love you two unconditionally, twins.
  9. Happy Birthday, dear twins! Enjoy your day, and don't forget to give us double treats like you cause double trouble!
  10. As you two celebrate your Birthday together, remember to give us a big treat twice! It is my pleasure to have both of you as my friend. Happy Birthday to you two.

10 Birthday Wishes for Your Twins Friends

A pair of loving twins brings twice as much fun, happiness, and joy to our lives, so they deserve a birthday wish that wins both of their hearts and makes them feel equally loved. Send these chosen happy birthday wishes to twins friends and cheer them up on their Birthday. 

10 Twins Birthday Wishes Quotes: For Baby Girl and Boy

If you know a pair of baby twins whose birthday is nearing, you can send 1st birthday wishes for twins baby boys and girls. Celebrate a double blessing with the twins' birthday with our sweet and heartwarming greetings and say happy birthday to twins on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. 

  1. I hope your first Birthday brings you as much happiness and joy as you give to all of us, baby twins. You are so adored. I am sending wishes for a happy birthday to the sweetest one-year-old kids.
  2. You guys are the prince and princess of my heart. Happy Birthday, my little munchkins! I hope your life is filled with love and exciting experiences. 
  3. It is my little kids' first Birthday and is especially delightful with a bit of sweetness and a little spice! And both of them fill YOU! Happy Birthday, my sweethearts.
  4. Wow, a whole year has passed, and you're already a year old! Cute babies, enjoy your first Birthday. Congratulations on your Birthday, my twins. 
  5. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful twins with the most amazing spirits! You have consistently demonstrated that good things always happen in pairs. 
  6. Happy first-year birthday wishes come with sticky fingers and kisses! Enjoy your wonderful day, my lovely kids.
  7. You combine the qualities of endearing kids and kind grandchildren. May you have a wonderful first birthday.
  8. Happy Birthday to the twins who never cease brightening my life! May your lives always be filled with happiness! Stay cheerful and enjoy all the birthday wishes you receive, you happy and beloved duo! 
  9. My darling little twin is turning one, so let us celebrate by breaking out the presents and having some fun! 
  10. May your first birthday be an excellent treat for little kids who are special, loving, and kind. Thanks to you, babies, for a whole year filled with blessings! Enjoy your special day, kiddos! 

When your one-year-old twins finally reach an exciting milestone in their lives, why not make it a big celebration? Use our wishes quotes for twins' Birthday from mom, dad, grandparents, and loved ones and print your PDF birthday or gift cards as booklets to send after finishing the design, using SwifDoo PDF's editing and print features.

How to Write Birthday Wish Quotes and Messages for Twins in BC

Whether you buy a gift for your loved twin sibling or pair, you can always add a birthday card (simply BC) for more birthday cheers. We have already shared beautiful suggestions with respect to what to write in a birthday card for twins. You can use the SwifDoo PDF's readily available card template to create a free birthday card and edit it to customize it to your preferences. 

Let us find out how you can tell twins happy Birthday with the SwifDoo PDF in a few steps. 

Step 1: Firstly, you must download the SwifDoo PDF and open the readily available PDF card template in the program;

Step 2: Click Edit All from the top Edit menu, and select the original text in the text box to delete it;

Step 3: Click Insert Text to copy/paste or enter your special birthday wishes for your twins into the added text box in the PDF;

How to Write Birthday Wish Quotes and Messages for Twins in BC 1

Select the inserted text and you can change the font size, style, color, alignment method and more properties.

Step 4: Hit Insert Text again to type your name. Go to Annotate > Sticker to attach some cute and beautiful birthday stickers if you want;

Step 5: Once your card is set, click Convert and choose PDF to Image to create birthday wishes for twins images with their names written. You can also go to SwifDoo, print the card out directly, and write handwritten names. 

How to Write Birthday Wish Quotes and Messages for Twins in BC 2

Share this post to save it so you can check these ideas anytime. 

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