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35 Birthday Wishes for Brother [Heart-Touching and Funny]

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on July 17, 2023

A birthday is a big day everyone may celebrate and receive birthday wishes. When your brother’s birthday is approaching, you might want to say birthday wishes for brother in unique words. You can express your feelings for your brother and make him feel extra special over the birthday wishes text. The problem here is that putting feelings into words can be challenging especially if you want birthday quotes to be creative and impressive.

No worries, this post has compiled the 35 best happy birthday wishes for brother you can use directly or get inspiration from these ideas. Some are heart-touching and you can take the perfect opportunity to let your brother know how much you love him. There are also funny and motivational birthday wishes to choose from.

Birthday wishes for brother

Whether it’s your big brother, little brother or even your brother-in-law’s birthday, read these birthday wishes for brother to show your sentiments and strengthen your sibling bond. A birthday comes only once a year and you should surprise your brother by writing a distinctive birthday wish. 

10 Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Brother

If you are at a loss for words when it comes to sending your brother birthday wishes, go through the following list. The 10 heart-touching birthday wishes for brother will brighten his day and make him feel loved and appreciated. Whether you want birthday wishes for your big brother, little brother or brother-in-law, the list has you covered.

1. Happy birthday, brother! Thanks for letting me know how lucky I am to have a brother. Keep our memories alive and create more in the days to come.

2. Happy birthday, my big brother! You always have my back so I can grow up happily, healthily and carefree. Thanks for being my brother, friend and partner.

3. Happy birthday, my brother. You have always been a role model in my life, giving me direction and courage. I get so much from you.

4. Happy birthday to my brother who is the best in the world. You are an integral part of my life and may all your wishes come true.

5. Thank you for being the shoulder I can lean on when I'm down and the best friend I can share joy with when I'm up. Happy birthday, dear brother!

6. Happy birthday, little brother. It's been great to see you grow into the kind, lively, brave person you are today since you were born.

7. You are one of the best gifts our family and I have ever received. No matter when we will always be each other's solid support.

8. You are one of my favorite people on this planet and I am always by your side. I love you so much. Happy birthday, my little brother.

9. Happy birthday to the boy who is my amazing brother. Regardless of the geographic distance between us, you are one of the most important people to me.

10. We've been through so much good and bad together, and I have more smiles with you by my side. Thank you and happy birthday to my dear brother.

When you wish to draw the relationship between you and your brother closer, the above heartfelt birthday wishes for brother come in handy. If you are older, tell your appreciation for having him and the happiness the little brother brings you. If you are the younger one, speak out about how your brother guides and helps you.

Choose your preferred birthday wishes for your younger brother or elder brother to write on a free birthday card template with SwifDoo PDF.

Birthday wishes for brother card

Get Free Birthday Wish for Brother Card

10 Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

Birthday wishes for brother can be funny to make your brother laugh on his birthday. When your brother’s birthday rolls around, there are different ways to say birthday wishes. Since your brother is someone you know inside and out, you can use some humor and joke around with him to celebrate. Check the 10 best funny birthday wishes for brother you probably don’t want to miss out.

1. Happy birthday, brother. Congratulations on the best gift you could ever receive, me. No thanks.

2. Wishing a happy birthday to my brother, the second most favored child in the family. Let you take my place today to be the most favored child for a day!

3. Happy birthday to my brother who has the most handsome and strongest sibling in the universe.

4. Happy birthday, brother. It's your birthday again. Would you count the candles on the cake or the gray hairs on the top of your head?

5. Happy birthday, my brother. This is one precious time of the year when you can hug me and receive my love without fear.

6. Growing up and living with you is not easy but you are the only brother I choose. Happy birthday, my beloved brother.

7. Happy birthday to my brother! Let’s continue to be people who share secrets with each other and blackmail each other.

8. Happy birthday, bro! I don't seem to see that you grow wiser with age as others do. But I still love you the same.

9. Wish you the happiest birthday, brother! Glad you already have me as the best role model. I'm also very proud that you've grown up so well.

10. Happy birthday my little brother. Lucky for you, being my brother so you can learn a lot of the good qualities and sense of humor that I have.

The 10 happy birthday wishes for brother demonstrate how to wish your brother a happy birthday in a funny way. You can joke about his age or past embarrassments and should think about how far you can joke with him. Pick the appropriate birthday quotes for brother from the list.

Birthday wishes for brother card

Free Birthday Wishes for Brother Card Template >>

Get a PDF editor tool to write your happy birthday wishes to brother on a printable PDF.

10 Simple Birthday Wishes for Brother

Browse the below 10 simple and short birthday wishes for brother. Sometimes you may like to wish your brother a happy birthday with great wishes posted on WhatsApp, Status, Instagram caption or some other places. In this case, you’d better keep the happy birthday for brother quotes short and simple to meet the app’s limit on the number of characters. That’s why you will need the following list to get inspiration.

1. HBD! Cheers to becoming an adult today.

2. Happy birthday to the coolest boy on the planet.

3. Happy birthday, brother! You always have my best wishes.

4. I love you past, today, and tomorrow. Wishing a happy birthday to my brother!

5. Wish you a happy birthday, the brother who has always had my back!

6. Thank you for all the good memories. Happy birthday, brother.

7. Happy birthday, brother! Best wishes to you and I love you a whole lot.

8. Happy birthday, my brother! You mean the world to me.

9. You deserve all the wonderful things in the world, my brother. HBD.

10. I’m so proud of being your sister and the man you are. Happy birthday, brother.

These birthday wishes for brother can be from a sister or another brother. It’s no problem to say the wishes for your cousin brother if you want.

Birthday wishes for brother card template

Download Free Birthday Wishes for Brother Card Template

5 Motivational and Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Brother

Whether your brother is older or younger than you, he probably needs encouragement, support, and praise from you. Take a look at the 5 big or little brother birthday wishes that are motivational and inspirational.

1. You have done such a good job in the past and I’m sure you will be a better person in the future. Happy birthday!

2. Another year older, let yourself achieve more goals next! Happy birthday, my excellent brother.

3. You have always been the person I look up to and respect. Be bold to do what you want to do and be who you want to be. I will always vote for you, my big brother.

4. You are such a strong person who has always protected me. Thank you for lighting up my life. Happy birthday, my brother.

5. Happy birthday, my brother, friend and best buddy. You inspire me so much. As far as I've seen, you struggle with adversity and always keep a smile on your face.

Don’t worry if you are struggling to send a birthday message for your brother or write special birthday wishes for brother on a card. This compilation of quotes makes it not challenging anymore. Take advantage of these choices or thoughts to convey your feelings.

How to Make Birthday Card for Brother

Your brother’s birthday is near but you’re not sure what to write in his birthday card this year? Use the 35 birthday wishes for brother given above or create your own birthday wishes messages with them.

Making a birthday wish card is one of the best birthday gift ideas for your brother. You can design the text and print the card out easily. With a free birthday wishes card template this post offers for your brother, you can quickly do the job. The handy PDF card editor, SwifDoo PDF allows putting your preferred birthday wishes for brother where you like on the card and format them.

Step 1: Save a free birthday wish card template and open it with SwifDoo PDF;

Step 2: Click the Edit tab and choose Edit All;

Step 3: Input or paste your birthday wish for brother into the text box, and change the appearance till you are satisfied;

Step 4: Click Insert Text under the Edit tab to add more birthday wishes for brother if you want;

Step 5: When you finish the design, press Ctrl + P to print the card.  

Make birthday wishes for brother card with SwifDoo PDF

You can save the happy birthday greeting card for brother as a printable PDF and print it out later in a shop. SwifDoo PDF is free to use in the first 7 days and has no limitations on its features.


Heart-touching, funny, simple and motivational birthday wishes for brothers are all covered in this post. You know your brother's personality, how close you are, and what style he likes. Choose the best way you think to say happy birthday to him. Take into account the big brother or little brother birthday wishes you would like.

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