Have you ever landed in the wrong place at the wrong time? What if the Universe gives you a chance to undo the scenarios? Gillian McAllister's Wrong Place Wrong Time is a sci-fi mystery thriller fiction that time travels to undo the committed acts. But will it help?

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Wrong Place Wrong Time Book Details

Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister is a standalone astonishing and compulsively twisty psychological thriller with sci-fi elements about a mother who finds her life torn apart after her teenage son inexplicably stabs a stranger. It explores the idea of the multiverse, where the events play out in alternate realities in endless variations.

The 416-page novel was first published in May 2022 by William Morrow and briefly referenced nudity and mentions of sexual content but no details. However, violence includes stabbing with a lot of blood and the threat of danger from a drug gang. The strong central characters include Jen Brotherhood, Kelly, and Todd, who evoke genuine emotions, and Gillian's writing is such that they feel like a family you know or could even be a part of.

Wrong Place Wrong Time Summary

The Wrong Place Wrong Time book summary revolves around a mother trying to stop and save her teenage son from becoming a murderer.

Jen Brotherhood, an attorney and a mother, waits up for her eighteen-year-old son, Todd, to come home one night and inadvertently witnesses him kill an older man in the street in front of their house. As her nerdy, kind son is handcuffed and taken away, she is horrified with how her and Todd's life has turned around in one second.

It's horrifying and shocking, and Jen is in absolute incredulity that her sweet and kind boy, Todd, would murder someone like that. That night, Jen goes to bed hoping it will be just a bad dream, and it is—kind of.

When she wakes up the next day, she is one day before the crime scene, and that's how the rest of the book goes, her waking up earlier and earlier in her and Todd's life, trying to piece together what led her son to commit murder and try to stop it from happening in the future. Jen realizes she is traveling back to the past to change the present, but along the way, she discovers so much more. But there is a bigger mystery she must uncover.

Will Jen be able to save her son from committing the crime? Or are things set to take a different turn?

Read Wrong Place Wrong Time PDF with Immersive Experience

The Wrong Place Wrong Time book is worth a read with a well-written, riveting story that pulls you in. The story is told from a couple of different Points of View and is a page-turner that keeps you instigated to know what will happen next. Once started, you will be highly invested in seeing if Jen could stop her son's crime from happening. The plot twists and surprises will surely keep you hooked on the fantastic story.

Wrong Place Wrong Time PDF

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Bottom Line

Gillian MacCallister's Wrong Place Wrong Time is a murder mystery thriller and time travel adventure. It is an entertaining twist on the Groundhog Day-type scenario. The characters were intriguing, and the suspense was excellent, but most of all, it was a mind game with a difference. Grab the Wrong Place Wrong Time PDF today to dive into an immersive reading experience with the SwifDoo PDF reader. However, before setting in to read, remember the trigger warnings of death, violence, murder, and suicide.


Q:Is Wrong Place Wrong Time worth reading?

Wrong Place Wrong Time has a beautiful premise, storytelling, and plot that is poignant in many ways. The book is most definitely a page-turner that can be consumed quickly! You will love the mix of obscurity and science. The characters were intriguing, and the suspense was excellent, but most of all, it was a mind game with a difference.

The book is a mystery thriller that plays with your own natural thought process to piece together the story and the plot while the twists keep coming. The whole concept is pretty enjoyable and exciting and takes you on a trip down memory lane when our lives didn't involve so much technology.

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