In What to Expect when you're Expecting, the author says," There is no such thing as ready. You just jump on a moving train and try not to die." So, while going through the famous quote of this book, you can imagine the risk, vulnerability, fear, trauma, uncertainty, excitement, and many other internal emotions, mental and physical conditions an expecting mom would be going through.

The fifth edition of this book is available today, and this pregnancy guide has been considered the Bible to all expecting parents in America. This book consists of multiple chapters; each chapter refers to each month of your pregnancy, its symptoms, week-after-week developments of mom and baby, unexpected complications, dad's involvement in the pregnancy, etc. This book is written in question-answer form, where you will get all the answers to your queries related to pre, post, and during pregnancy.

What to expect when you're expecting: Book Info

Title: What to expect when you're Expecting

Author: Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel, Arlene Eisenberg ( Heidi's Mother), Sandee Hathaway ( Heidi's Nurse Sister)

Genre: Pregnancy, Adult, Health, Newborn baby

Published In: 1984 by Workman Publishing Company


  • In the paperback advice category, it is in The New York Times Best Seller list.
  • According to USA Today, it has been on the list of "25 Most Influential Books" for the last 25 years.
  • 22 million plus copies were in print.
  • 42 million copies are sold worldwide
  • 93% of pregnant moms read this book
  • An official website launched in 2005
  • What to Expect mobile app is also launched for Android or iOS platforms.
  • This book is also adapted for filming.

What to expect when you're expecting: Author

Heidi Murkoff is known for creating What to Expect when you're Expecting a book. She also founded the online platform and its mobile application. She also created this pregnancy guide series and the What To Expect project. She decided to write this book just a few hours before delivering her daughter.

She wanted to give complete guidance regarding the queries, conditions, and other things she faced during her pregnancy to guide other expecting moms. What to expect when you're expecting it has been published in 38 countries and it is translated into 44 languages. She became the executive producer of the film made after her book.

She has appeared on many renowned shows, including Good Morning America, Good Morning Australia, The Today Show, BBC Breakfast, The CBS Early Show, and Oprah. She has been honored with several prestigious awards, including Time 100 Most Influential People in the World, McGovern Award, the International Medical Corps Humanitarian Award, etc.

What to expect when you're expecting: Summary

As the name suggests, this book is all about pregnancy, childbirth, second pregnancy, sex during pregnancy, precautions, twins, and the list could go on unless you deliver your baby. It also provides postpartum guidance to new parents. The question-answer format book has been written chronologically, starting with the first sign of pregnancy.

It gradually moves to each month of pregnancy as a separate chapter and covers 9 months in the same manner till the postpartum period section. Each chapter contains two parts: 1. "Your Body This Month" & 2. "Your Baby This Month." In the first section, the author discusses the physical and emotional changes an expecting mom would go through. It also discusses some common and uncommon symptoms and advice one should follow while visiting her gynecologist.

The author shows pictures of the fetus and embryo in the " Your Baby This Month" section. There is also an additional section leveled as "What You May Be Concerned About." This action discusses certain unexpected complications, life challenges, trends, etc. In the "For Dads" section, the author guides the "Father to be" with the information to handle his wife's entire journey throughout pregnancy.

What to expect when you're expecting: Review

While living our life with Google assistance, you can get the answers to any queries; the book What to expect when you're Expecting is still relevant to pregnant women. While giving minute details during pregnancy, the author has shared information about her personal experience. The best part of this book is its question-answer type pattern. The question you may or may not have in your mind, the book has all the answers in advance.

It makes you aware of being responsible during pregnancy in every aspect of your life. It teaches you how to adapt or accept the changes you have gone through during pregnancy. While taking care of your baby, self-care is also one of the most fundamental lessons of this book. So, if you are expecting a baby, What to expect when you're Expecting is a must-read.

What to expect when you're expecting: PDF(E-Book)

Carrying around a 600-page book during pregnancy is not a good idea. Instead, you must keep the PDF version of What to Expect when you're Expecting on your phone, tablet, or laptop is the most convenient option. While availing of e-books on your preferable devices, you can easily start reading any part of the book anytime, anywhere. You can also share it with your other pregnant friends during their pregnancy.

What to Expect When You're Expecting
What to Expect When You're Expecting: Get Ready With Your Pregnancy

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Read What to Expect When You're Expecting

Last Word

If you are planning for a baby or are already pregnant, reading What to expect when you're Expecting would be a life-changing and learning experience. Instead of giving mere advice, this book will share your emotions or physical challenges during your pregnancy. It will make you realize that you are not the only one going through vulnerable and unexpected situations in your life.


Do people still read What to Expect when you're expecting?

Yes, pregnant women still read the book during their pregnancy since it is considered "the Bible of American pregnancy." Since this book also gives you information about so many things that you may not think about, reading this would enhance your knowledge about pregnancy, and therefore people still read this book.

What to expect when you are Expecting a baby?

Heartburn, fatigue, increased urination, nausea, food craving, constipation, mood swing, anxiousness, exhaustion, and many other things can make a very significant impact on your daily life.

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