If you are hungry for love stories and Literary Fiction interests you, Miranda Cowley Heller's The Paper Palace is right for you. The Paper Palace is one of those books that stirred the reader's interest before it even hit the shelves. The central theme of this beautifully written, character-driven, slow-burn novel is love: Family love, love with nature, and a secret illicit love story, and Heller's lyrical writing has added grace to the storyline.

We have covered a thorough review of the novel with its quick specifications, summary, ending, and PDF. You can download and read The Paper Palace book PDF with the SwifDoo PDF program without any hassle. Let's quickly get into the book's highlights!

The Paper Palace Book Specifications

The Paper Palace book is vivid, luscious, and soaring, with an enthralling storyline. It is cleverly constructed and sweeping, announcing an unforgettable new talent, Miranda Cowley Heller. Check out the book specifications.

Book Name: The Paper Palace

Author: Miranda Cowley Heller

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary/Romance/Adult

Language: English

Published: Published on 6 July 2021 by Riverhead Books

Number of Pages: 400 pages

Age Rating: 22 years and up

Main Characters: Eleanor (Elle), Peter, Anna, Wallace, Henry, and Jonas

Trigger Warnings: Rape, incest, child abuse and pedophilia

Synopsis of The Paper Palace

The Paper Palace summary is pretty simple and divided into five parts: Elle, Jonas, Peter, This Summer, and Today.

The book takes place mainly in the backwoods of Cape Cod, in the countryside by a lake, namely, "The Paper Palace" – a building built by one of Elle's family where they spend their summers every year. It focuses on the story of our 50-year-old protagonist and narrator, Elle Bishop, and her secret affair with a childhood best friend and sweetheart, Jonas, despite being married to a man she truly loves, Peter, with whom she has three kids.

It tells the tale of the 24 hours after the incident (the act of love and betrayal) but, more importantly and interestingly, the life that led Elle to make this decision. Elle's life isn't perfect, which is possibly why she made the decision she did in the modern-day. Her story features loss, divorce, broken home life as a child, and then hard work and perseverance is how she got to where she is now.

But the long-held secrets that Elle narrates and deals with, over the span of her decision day, cast the biggest shadow over her life to impact the rest of her days.

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Spoiler Alert! The Paper Palace Ending Explained

With The Paper Palace plot, it is clear that the whole storyline revolves around the act of love and betrayal and the big question: Whom will Elle choose?

Elle has consummated a decades-long love with Jonas, whom she met during one of her family's summers at the Paper Palace. With both of their spouses, all of Elle's children, and even their parents present in the backwoods for the summer, Elle is forced to reckon with the implications of her sexual encounter with Jonas and how it will influence her romantic life moving forward.

However, the book has an ambiguous open ending where Heller leaves some clues but doesn't specifically say which man Elle chooses. In the last scene (spoiler alert, if there ever was one!!), Elle decides on Peter—she even tells their kids they are in love and would never divorce. But then she gets up the next morning and sees Jonas waiting on the other side of the pond. Elle takes off her wedding ring and her clothes and goes for a swim. 

To Sum Up

Complex relationship dynamics, provocative and forbidden love, undeniable family bond, and palpable atmosphere perfectly summarize the novel. The Paper Palace book is a work of literary and women's fiction revolving around secrets, love, lies, and the choices of Elle's life. Elle's compelling voice entices the readers to follow the narrative.

The book also explores the complex and possibly triggering issues of rape, incest, child abuse, and pedophilia. Moreover, you can download The Paper Palace PDF and access it anytime with the SwifDoo PDF reader.


Q:Is The Paper Palace steamy?

The Paper Palace book has the story on the side of all-encompassing love. There are sex scenes enough to be spicy and a high rapid rating. Mallery ensures to strike a careful balance with spicy sex scenes, naughty swearing, and enough heartbreak to avoid being cloying. While it is a romantic book, it is suitable for ages 22 years and up.

However, the book contains trigger warnings of rape, sexual assault and harassment, incest, parental abuse, and more that occur frequently, so some readers can find it disturbing for the detailed descriptions of exploitation.

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