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How to Make ChatGPT Read A PDF | 5 Proven Methods

By Lena | Follow twitter | Updated on May 11, 2024
This guide will show you how to make ChatGPT read a PDF. This way, you can quickly get the main content or extract specific data from lengthy documents. This is a great idea to increase efficiency and save time.

Can ChatGPT Read PDF File?

The answer is YES. ChatGPT 4 can read a PDF file directly. However, you'll need to spend $20 monthly to upgrade to a Plus account to access ChatGPT 4.

Think it's too expensive? Don't worry. There are three alternatives!

➡️ Use a PDF reader that integrates ChatGPT 4, such as SwifDoo PDF. This tool offers 10 free inquiries. If you want to continue, it only costs $7.9 per month.

➡️ Many online sites can also help you read PDF. ChatPDF.com can process 2 PDFs per day for free.

➡️ If the PDF is small, copy and paste the text into ChatGPT 3.5 and then let it analyze or summarize the content.

For more information on “how to make ChatGPT read a PDF”, please keep reading.

Way 1. Make ChatGPT 4 Read PDF via SwifDoo AI

Let’s first see how to get ChatGPT to read a PDF via SwifDoo AI. Powered by ChatGPT 4, it can read PDFs and help you analyze, summarize, translate, rewrite, proofread, and explain the content.

SwifDoo AI is a built-in feature of the PDF tool SwifDoo PDF. After opening a PDF file with SwifDoo PDF, you can enable SwifDoo AI to read the PDF and answer your questions. It can analyze the whole PDF for you, and of course, you can chat with PDF directly.

SwifDoo AI can analyze the PDF 3 times and answer 10 questions for free. Click the button below to get the trial!

Here is how to make ChatGPT read a PDF via SwifDoo AI:

1. Launch SwifDoo PDF > Click Open to add your PDF.

2. Click SwifDoo AI to open the dialog box.

Choose SwifDoo AI

3. Then, let it read the PDF and generate the information you need.

  • To analyze PDF with ChatGPT, click the Analyze option. It will read the entire PDF and provide some insights you may be interested in.


  • To have it answer specific questions, go to Chat with PDF > select a prompt > enter the commands and click the Send button.

Chat with PDF

Of course, you can enable SwifDoo AI while reading the PDF. Select the text > Right-click and choose AI > Select a prompt and you will get the answer immediately.

Use ChatGPT While Reading

As you can see, SwifDoo PDF provides a new way for users to interact with PDF documents. It will be a good helper if you often need to work with PDFs. It can not only help you edit PDFs but also handle text work. Get the free trial version to enjoy all the features!

Way 2. Make ChatGPT 4 Read A PDF File

ChatGPT 4 allows users to upload PDFs/Words/TXTs/spreadsheets and can assist with various tasks such as content summarization, data/text extraction, and data interpretation. Read on to learn how to make ChatGPT read a PDF file.

1. Go to ChatGPT website or app > Log into your account > Click the drop-down icon next to 3.5 and select Upgrade to Plus to get the Plus account.

Upgrade to Plus

2. Click the paperclip to browse your computer and select the PDF you need. You can also drag and drop the PDF into the interface.

3. Enter the information you want to know and send it. To let ChatGPT know your interests, you can explain your needs in as much detail as possible.

Read PDF with ChatGPT 4

Note: ChatGPT 4 can handle documents up to several hundred pages long without any trouble. But if you want to be more efficient, you can split a PDF into several smaller ones.

Check this guide if you want to save the chats as PDF:

How to Save ChatGPT Conversation as PDF | Top 3 Ways

How to Save ChatGPT Conversation as PDF | Top 3 Ways

This guide will tell you how to save ChatGPT conversation as PDF. In addition, you will also know how to edit the PDF afterward.


Way 3. Make ChatGPT 4 Read PDF via URL

ChatGPT 4 can read and analyze content from a URL in real-time. Therefore, you can provide a PDF on the Internet, let it read the content, and tell you what you want to know. The steps are as follows.

1. Go to your ChatGPT and ensure you have selected ChatGPT 4.

2. Copy and paste the URL into the dialog box.

3. Ask it to read the content from the website and describe what information you need.

Read PDF via URL

Way 4. Read PDF Online with ChatPDF

In addition to ChatGPT, many online AI tools can read PDFs and assist you with various tasks. These tools often offer free usage. Take ChatPDF, for example. It allows you to use it for free with two PDFs every day.

An online tool is convenient for people who occasionally need ChatGPT to work with PDFs. Check to learn how to let ChatGPT read PDF with ChatPDF.

1. Open a browser and go to https://www.chatpdf.com.

2. Drag the PDF into the box to upload it to the server.

Upload PDF

3. When the upload is complete, it automatically reads and summarizes the PDF. In addition, it will 3 topics that you may want to know about. Of course, you can ask any question.

Read PDF via ChatPDF

Way 5. Make ChatGPT 3.5 Read A PDF

Although ChatGPT 3.5 cannot read PDF files directly, you can provide the text in the PDF and let it help you analyze it. The only trouble is that you must copy the PDF text. You can try this method if the PDF file does not have much content.

1. Go to ChatGPT and log in to your account.

2. Copy and paste the text into the dialog box.

3. Enter the command and send it. For example, if you want it to summarize the content, you can type: Please summarize the content above in 50 words.

Read PDF with ChatGPT 3.5


That’s all about how to make ChatGPT read a PDF. In short, once you have upgraded to the Plus account, you can access ChatGPT 4 and let it read and process PDF files. Alternatively, you can use a PDF reader or online tool that integrates ChatGPT. If you want to read any part of the PDF easily, then the former is a better choice.

Lena has been in the editing industry for 8 years. She is familiar with a variety of products that can make things easier, such as PDF tools, video recording software, iOS location changer, etc. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with users to help them solve problems in their work and life. In her spare time, she likes to play with her cat.

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