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How to Save ChatGPT Conversation as PDF | Top 3 Ways

By Lena | Follow twitter | Updated on April 22, 2024
When you find your conversations with ChatGPT meaningful or interesting, you may want to save them to revisit later or share with others. In this case, saving the conversation as a PDF is a good idea because PDFs are easy to share and can be accessed on almost any device. In this guide, I will give you all the info about how to save ChatGPT conversation as PDF.

What Methods Can Help You Save ChatGPT Conversation as PDF?

Three methods can help you export ChatGPT conversations as PDFs. Let's get some basic information.

Two recommended methods

➡️ Save ChatGPT conversation via the Print feature. ChatGPT allows you to print the conversation directly, and you can use this Print feature to save it in PDF format. However, it cannot export the entire conversation.

➡️ Save ChatGPT conversation via the browser extension. If you use the ChatGPT web app, you can use one browser extension to save the entire conversation as a PDF document.

Another proven method

➡️ Save ChatGPT in other formats and then convert it to PDF. The Export function can export the conversation as an HTML file. After that, use a conversion tool to convert it to PDF. This method is time-consuming but can help you export the entire conversation.

Next, I'll show you the exact steps. In addition, I will tell you how to edit, annotate, split, and compress the PDF file to make it better. You can click the download button below to get the tool in advance. The tool also has an AI chatbot to help you summarize, rewrite, proofread, translate, and analyze PDFs.

3 Ways to Save ChatGPT Conversation as PDF

Let’s start learning how to export ChatGPT conversation as PDF. All three of these methods will work if you are using the ChatGPT web app. If you are using the ChatGPT app, you can use Methods 1 and 3. If you want to save a long conversation, try Method 2 or 3.

Method 1. Save Conversation via the Print Feature

The most direct way is to use the Print feature. However, it can only export conversations currently displayed on the screen. If you want to export the entire dialog, then you can refer to the other two methods.

1. Open the ChatGPT client or the web app and go to the chat you want to export.

2. Right-click your mouse and choose Print.

3. Change the printer destination to Save as PDF.

4. Adjust the settings as needed.

5. Finally, click Save and choose a location to save the PDF file.

Save Conversation via the Print Feature

Method 2. Save Conversation via Browser Extension

The major browsers offer a variety of extensions to help users simplify their work. Fortunately, some can help you save ChatGPT conversations, such as Save ChatGPT as PDF. Here, let me show you how to export ChatGPT conversation as PDF in Google Chrome.

1. In Google Chrome, click the three dots icon at the top right corner, choose Extensions, and select Visit Chrome Web Store.

2. Search for Save ChatGPT as PDF and add it to your browser. You can also install another one you prefer.

Save ChatGPT as PDF

3. Go to the ChatGPT web app, and a new button called Save as PDF will appear. You can immediately click this button to export the conversation as a PDF. If needed, click the down arrow to adjust the export setting.

Save as PDF

Method 3. Save Conversation Use the Export Feature

ChatGPT lets you export the conversation to your email in HTML format. You can first export the conversation and then convert the file to PDF. The steps are as follows.

1. Go to your ChatGPT > Click your name in the lower left corner and choose Settings.

2. Choose Data controls and click Export.


3. Check the information and click Confirm export.

Confirm Cxport

4. Go to your email to download the zip file.

5. After that, you can download the PDF converter (SwifDoo PDF) to convert HTML to PDF.

6. Launch SwifDoo PDF > Choose Convert > Go to More to PDF and select HTML to PDF.


7. Click Add Files to add the HTML file > Select a location > Click Start.

Convert HTML to PDF via SwifDoo

Bonus: How to Easily Edit PDF and Chat with PDF

You already know how to save a ChatGPT conversation as a PDF. Next, let's see how to edit the PDF to make it perfect. To make the PDF more understandable and attractive, you can highlight text, add annotations, draw something, or add comments.

To realize these ideas, you can use SwifDoo PDF, a professional PDF editor. Click the button to get this tool.

SwifDoo PDF has a user-friendly interface. You can find the tools you need and make changes to the PDF in one or two clicks. For example, when you want to add annotations, choose Annotate, and you will access all the annotation tools.

SwifDoo PDF Annotation

In addition to PDF editing, it has a lot of other useful features:

  • Delete unwanted pages
  • Split PDF pages to make it smaller
  • Compress PDF for easy sharing and transfer
  • Make and add an electronic signature with legal validity
  • Add a password to protect the PDF from copying, editing, printing

SwifDoo PDF Features

It's also worth pointing out that SwifDoo has a powerful AI Chatbot. Powered by GPT 4.0, SwifDoo AI  can summarize, translate, rewrite, proofread, analyze, and explain PDFs. Don't miss SwifDoo PDF if you want to speed up your workflow!

SwifDoo AI

Save ChatGPT Conversation as PDF FAQs

Q: Is there a built-in feature in ChatGPT that saves conversations as PDFs?

ChatGPT does not have a built-in feature to save conversations as a PDF. However, you can do so by using the Print function and selecting "Save as PDF" as a printer option.

Q: Can you export ChatGPT as PDF?

Yes. You can use a plug-in to export ChatGPT as PDF. In Google Chrome, add the add-on called Save ChatGPT as PDF > go to ChatGPT page > click the Save as PDF button.

Q: How do I convert ChatGPT to PDF?

Use the Print feature to convert the current conversation; Use a browser extension to save the entire chat; Export conversion as an HTML file and convert it to PDF.

Q: Can I save ChatGPT conversations as PDF on mobile devices?

Yes. You can also save ChatGPT conversations as PDFs on your mobile device. Open the conversation in your mobile browser, click the Share or Options menu, and select Print.


That’s all about how to save ChatGPT Conversation as PDF. To save a short conversation, you can directly utilize the Print function to achieve the goal. To save a long conversation, you can use the Export function or a browser plug-in. Hope this guide is helpful.

Lena has been in the editing industry for 8 years. She is familiar with a variety of products that can make things easier, such as PDF tools, video recording software, iOS location changer, etc. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with users to help them solve problems in their work and life. In her spare time, she likes to play with her cat.

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