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How to Easily Insert a PDF into a Word Document [2023]

By Roche | Follow twitter | Updated on April 14, 2023 | Deutsch Français
When creating a Microsoft (MS) Word document, it may be necessary to add vital details from other sources to support your ideas, for example, the information in a PDF file. However, copying text from a PDF to a Word is a mistake-prone process. Fortunately, MS Word offers a feature to insert PDF into Word as an external attachment.

How to Insert PDF into Word 

In teamwork, we may be occasionally required to attach a PDF to a Word document to provide detailed explanations on a specific topic. Therefore, it poses a question: how to add a PDF to a Word document? Don’t rush, this is what we have for you, read this article to insert a PDF into a Word document by yourself!

How to Copy PDF to Word

When dealing with digital files, Microsoft Word is a must-mentioned productivity program. Microsoft Word has integrated a full set of tools to make a Word document an interactive file format. One useful feature is allowing users to insert a PDF into a Word document. Let’s look at how to copy and paste a PDF into a Word:

Step 1: Open a Word document (doc. or docx) and place your cursor at the place where you need to import a PDF;

How to insert PDF to Word

Step 2: Click on the Insert tab of the ribbon and then choose Object;

How to copy PDF to Word

Step 3: In the Object drop-down menu, select Text from File and choose a local PDF file. Microsoft Word can automatically copy and paste the text from the chosen Word document into the current Word document.

How to copy text from PDF to Word

Step 4: When you see the above pop-up, hit the OK button to put a PDF into a Word document.

Tips: Please bear in mind that this method will copy text from the source PDF to the opening Word document. The good thing is, the layout and formatting will be retained after being added to the editable Word document.
How to Copy and Paste from a PDF to Word Easily

How to Copy and Paste from a PDF to Word Easily

Sometimes we need to copy PDF to Word to transfer the content. Check how to copy and paste from PDF to Word easily, whether it’s image-based or protected.


How to Add a PDF to a Word Document

If you need to import a PDF into a Word document as an object, follow the steps below. This method will attach your PDF to this Word document as an icon.

Step 1: Click Object. When an Object window pops up, choose Create from File;

Step 2: Hit the Browse button to upload a local PDF file;

How to add a PDF to a Word document

Step 3: When finished, your PDF file will be displayed as a clickable icon (as follows).

Add a PDF to a Word document as an object

In the process of importing a PDF to a Word document, users are able to upload a wide spectrum of file formats, including files and shortcuts to applications. Double-click on the icon can quickly open and access the PDF attachment.

If you pay enough attention to the dialog box, two options may spark your curiosity: "Link to file" & "Display as icon". If you tick the Link to file, then any changes made to the source file will be reflected in the embedded object. The latter one, Display as Icon, is used to insert an icon that represents the contents of the file into your document. 

Insert PDF into Word as an image

Aside from attaching a PDF to a Word as an object, MS Word enables you to import a PDF into a Word as an image, here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Click on the Object button and choose Create New;

How to import a PDF into a Word as an image

Step 2: Specify the Object type. If you have installed Adobe Reader or other PDF programs, for instance, SwifDoo PDF, just change the default PDF reader to open the imported PDF file;

Step 3: When ready, press the OK button. Double-click on the inserted PDF document and users will open the PDF attachment.

When you try to add a PDF to a Word document, you may only see a single page from that document. This is particularly true if you are using MS Word 2007 or MS Word 2010 but may also apply if you are using a later version of the program.

For those using Word 2013 or a later version, just convert the PDF to a Word document and then copy and paste the information you want to use. If you want to go this route, keep on reading to see how to save PDF as Word.

That's everything you need to know about how to add a PDF to a Word document. If you ever tried to add a multiple-page PDF to a Word document, this word processor failed to complete the task as only the first page was displayed normally. This is chiefly because you are using MS Word 2007 or 2010 but the problem may linger on in later versions of MS Word.

One possible solution to import a multi-page PDF into Word is to convert the PDF into an editable Word document. That’s why we recommend an easy-to-use PDF program in this section - SwifDoo PDF.

How to Copy PDF to Word in SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a feature-rich PDF to Word converter. When you have a long PDF at hand, SwifDoo PDF can split a PDF into smaller ones and convert the PDF into a Word document. Then users can import PDF pages into a Word document easily.

Step 1: Download and install SwifDoo PDF on your PC;

Step 2: Run the program and click on the PDF to Word button;

How to copy and paste a PDF to Word

Step 3: Upload the PDF to the workstation. When completed, go back to MS Word;

Step 4: Navigate to the Object option and choose Text from File to copy all the text to the Word document from the PDF file.

Final Thoughts

We hope the provided three solution works well when you need to insert a PDF into a Word document. Once you need to process PDF documents, for instance, splitting or converting PDF files, SwifDoo PDF proves to be a good helper and makes your work smoother and easier.


Q:What is the difference between embedded objects and linked objects?

Generally, these two share some similarities. However, embedded objects become components of the Word file and have no connection with the source file after they are inserted. Concerning linked objects, they can be updated if the source file is modified.

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