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Transform Gujarati PDFs to Word Documents with Ease [4 Ways]

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on March 21, 2024
Although there are many useful PDF conversion tools nowadays, not all of them can recognize the Gujarati language. This post features four ways to convert a Gujarati PDF to Word and prevent Gujarati characters from becoming garbled.

These converters are available offline or online, allowing you to finish a task wherever you are. It is hassle-free to transform a PDF file into a Word document using handy PDF-to-Word converters in the Gujarati language. Explore these practical solutions with us!

#1 Convert Gujarati PDF to Word in SwifDoo PDF (Offline)

SwifDoo PDF highlights a powerful PDF converter that is installed with various language fonts. It smoothly transforms a PDF file into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CAD, and others or vice versa. The advanced PDF converting ability guarantees unchanged formatting after the conversion, and the Gujarati font is also maintained.

This PDF converting tool analyzes an uploaded file efficiently and enables you to convert Gujarati PDF to Word for specific pages. It processes large PDF files without slowing down its processing speed. Additionally, SwifDoo PDF offers a great AI-powered assistant that smartly helps extract major information and break down complex text into simpler terms for understanding.

⭐ Safe convert multiple PDF documents to Word in Gujarati font without limits;

Translate Gujarati PDFs to English and other languages to streamline collaboration among international teams.

Learn how to use SwifDoo PDF to convert a PDF to a Word document in Gujarati:

Step 1: Double-click to open the PDF converter;

Step 2: Hit the PDF to Word button shown under Popular Tools;
Convert a Gujarati PDF to Word in SwifDoo PDF

Tips: You can also find the same button under the Home tab and the Convert tab.

Step 3: Click Add Files in the dialogue and upload your Gujarati PDF documents. Adjust the page range;
Convert a Gujarati PDF to Word in SwifDoo PDF

Step 4: Press Start to convert your PDFs to Word documents in the Gujarati language.

#2 Convert Gujarati PDF to Word in SwifDoo PDF Online Converter (Online)

An online PDF to Word converter supporting Gujarati font is the optimal choice for users who value convenience and accessibility. SwifDoo PDF’s online converter provides direct access to its free PDF converting service, eliminating the need to download the application.

The same as its desktop program, the online Gujarati PDF converter supports the Gujarati language and other languages to ensure a seamless conversion. Compared to other free converters, the best part of this web-based tool is that it handles large files up to 20 MB with 200 pages. There is no need to split your PDF into multiple small documents for PDF transformation. After converting your PDF file to Word, the PDF will be automatically deleted.

⭐ No need to manually select the document language before conversion,

⭐ Offer two free tasks per day.

Follow the instructions below to convert your Gujarati PDF into a Word document online:

Step 1: Open this online PDF to Word converter for Gujarati font;

Step 2: Click on the Choose File option to import the PDF;
Convert a Gujarati PDF to Word in SwifDoo PDF Online Converter

Step 3: After the PDF is converted to Word in Gujarati, click Download to save the file.

#3 Convert Gujarati PDF to Word in Online Convert (Online)

The former two PDF to Word converters with Gujarati font are best for standard PDF files; however, if you need to deal with a scanned PDF document, an online platform that can OCR Gujarati precisely is required. Online Convert is a web-based site with OCR software designed to convert scanned PDF files to Word documents.

It now can recognize over 100 languages for OCRing. Excepting for detecting a single language from a scanned PDF, Online Convert can OCR a file containing multiple languages. The site allows you to select the corresponding languages in your PDF and generate the results with accuracy.

⭐ OCR scanned Gujarati PDFs to make it easy for conversion;

⭐ Transform multiple PDF files at the same time.

Step 1: Head to this Online Gujarati converter. Drag and drop your file to the workspace;
Convert a Gujarati PDF to Word in Online Convert

Step 2: Scroll down and locate Optional Settings. Tap the drop-down arrow below Source language of your file to select Gujarati;
Convert a Gujarati PDF to Word in Online Convert

Step 3: Tap START to convert the scanned Gujarati PDF to Word.

#4 Convert Gujarati PDF to Word in ZonePDF (Extension)

The last recommended PDF to Word converter in Gujarati language is ZonePDF. It is a Chrome extension that can be installed on your Chrome browser. This add-on has more stable performance than an online site when it comes to converting Gujarati PDFs to Word documents. ZonePDF can get multiple PDFs converted to Word in Gujarati at the same time to save you time.

In addition, it boasts other PDF tools to reduce your PDF file size, split PDF pages, and perform other tasks to streamline your work.

⭐ Upload PDFs from online cloud storage platforms without downloading;

⭐ Preview imported files to verify the content.

Read on to convert a Gujarati PDF to a Word document in ZonePDF:

Step 1: Install the extension on your Chrome browser;

Step 2: Head to Extensions and click on it to enable the software;
Convert a Gujarati PDF to Word in ZonePDF

Step 3: Tap the workspace to upload your file. Hit CONVERT TO WORD to get the PDF converted to Word in Gujarati.
Convert a Gujarati PDF to Word in ZonePDF

A Quick Wrap-Up

With the tools and steps provided above, converting Gujarati PDFs to Word has never been such easy work. You have multiple options to choose from based on your requirements. To deal with standard Gujarati PDFs, SwifDoo PDF, its online converter, and ZonePDF are the tailored solutions. Online Convert is the online Gujarati converter that can transform scanned PDFs and make your PDF ready for conversion.


Q:How to copy Gujarati text from PDF to Word?

SwifDoo PDF can recognize the Gujarati text in a PDF and allow you to copy the text to a Word document. The PDF program enables you to effortlessly edit a PDF as you want with its versatile editing tools. Here is the guide to copy Gujarati text from your PDF to Word:

Step 1: Open SwifDoo PDF and click the document icon below to import your file;

Step 2: Go to Edit and tap Edit All;

Step 3: Click on the desired text and select it;

Step 4: Press Ctrl + C to copy the Gujarati text and paste it into a Word document.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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