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The 8 Best Free Ebook Download Sites [2022 Updated]

By Susy | Follow twitter | Updated on November 18, 2022
The growing use of digital devices makes more and more people tend to read e-books. Ebooks are portable digital format of books and you can access them on a phone, laptop, or an e-reader on the go. With the increasing need of reading e-books on various topics, tons of free ebook download sites emerge to offer free ebooks.

Since it is not easy to quickly distinguish which sites are free and useful, this article lists and introduces the 8 best ebooks free download sites to save you time. Furthermore, as PDF books are popular for its broad compatibility with the most device, we would like to introduce a good-to-use PDF reader, SwifDoo PDF for improving your reading experience.

Internet Archive

One of the free Ebook download sites we most recommend is Internet Archive. This website is an awesome library with over 20 million free ebooks and text to download. The free ebooks are downloadable in PDF, EPUB, or Kindle format without registration. The site allows you to filter the books by release year, topic, number of views, and language.

Internet Archive free ebook download sites | SwifDoo Blog

This site has books suitable for different readers, from students, and teachers to businessmen. Better yet, there is no annoying ads on the site. If interested in, you can stream or download free movies, music, or software from the great place.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is another of the free ebook download sites that bookworms should not miss. The site lets you read ebooks online and download the books for free in EPUB or Kindle MOBI format. It provides more than 60000 free ebooks. You can search for a book by entering the author’s name, book’s title, or some other relevant information. The site allows you to look for a book by category, or the most downloads.

Project Gutenberg free ebook download sites | SwifDoo Blog


Manybooks is a great place where you can view and download ebooks online and sort books by ratings. As one of the best ebooks free download sites, it offers 50+ genres of books, including art, business, non-fiction, and adventure. You can browse articles or literature by title, author, and popularity. If you want great modern and classic books to read, this site is a stellar service.

Manybooks free ebook download sites | SwifDoo Blog

Most of the free ebooks on this download site is available for download in PDF format. You can view the PDFs in any PDF reader.


GetFreeEBooks is a free ebook websites that many professionals like to visit to improve working skills. Unlike other free ebook download sites, it provides readers with thousands of free knowledgeable and informative learning sources, such as legal, and engineering ebooks. You can also learn mathematics, programming, economics, and many more from this place. The ebooks from the site are available in PDF, EPUB, or MOBI.

Getfreeebooks free ebook download sites | SwifDoo Blog

PDF Drive

If you want a site with free ebook downloads service but without annoying ads or download limits, PDF Drive might be the best solution. This site is a search engine for PDF files and it allows you to download a great number of MOBI, PDF, and EPUB eBooks for free. This is one of the free ebook download sites without asking registration. PDF Drive is available as an app on Android phones.

PDF Drive free ebook download sites | SwifDoo Blog

Planet eBook

Planet eBook lies on the list of the most amazing ebooks free download sites with its collection of classic literature. All the ebooks on this platform are completely free to download. After downloading these high-quality ePUB, PDF or MOBI classic eBooks, you can read on your reading app, browser, or a PDF viewer. The site allows you to explore the full list of authors and their works.

Planet Ebook free ebook download sites | SwifDoo Blog

Global Grey ebooks

Ebook lovers can bookmark the Global Grey Ebooks site to view and download free ebooks. Especially for those who are addicted to esotericism and occult, it deserves top of the best free ebook download sites. The site’s filter categories 2000+ ebooks into occult books, and psychology, classic literature, and many more. You can read the ebooks online or download them as PDF or Kindle format files to enjoy offline at any time.

Global Grey Ebooks free ebook download sites | SwifDoo Blog

Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library is recognized as one of the best free ebook sites for PDF textbook download. The site is supported by authors and publishers so you can download, and distribute your preferred books without signing up or spending a cent. You can narrow the book searching results by selecting a subject, such as computer science, business, education, engineering, etc.

Open Textbook Library free ebook download sites | SwifDoo Blog

4 Sites to Download Free PDF Textbooks and Read with SwifDoo PDF

4 Sites to Download Free PDF Textbooks and Read with SwifDoo PDF

PDF textbooks are portable and becoming more popular today. This post will share 4 of the best sites to download free PDF college textbooks.


The Best Software Application to Read PDF eBooks

After you go to these best websites to download free ebooks, how do you read them? Among all the ebook formats, PDF might be the most universal. If you want to read PDF ebooks, get SwifDoo PDF for free. The lightweight application enables you to view a PDF side by side or in full-screen mode and play the PDF pages like slide show. You can change the software window’s theme color and adjust the page view size to comfort your eyes. The PDF reader can read PDF aloud to you. 

Free Download

Free download ebook to read with SwifDoo PDF

Here is how to read a PDF ebook:

Step 1: Download and save a PDF ebook from any of the listed free ebook download sites, then launch the PDF reader to open the file;

Step 2: Under the View tab, choose an option to view the book in your desired way, such as Facing or Full Screen;

Step 3: Use other tools to add bookmarks to the position where you stop reading, or make other edits.

Moreover, the software has a text-to-speech feature allowing you to listen to the PDF content. You can use it to do word count in your PDF ebook for free. When you need to highlight specific text, or add some notes, take advantage of the program to annotate your PDF in a breeze. Searching for words or phrases in a PDF book is a piece of cake within the app.

4 Methods to Search for a Word in a PDF [2022 Version]

4 Methods to Search for a Word in a PDF [2022 Version]

We need to search for a word in a PDF to quickly locate text as we do in Word. Can PDFs be searched? See how to search in a PDF in this post.



Have you just discovered the joy of reading electronic books? Collect the 8 free ebook download sites to embrace the excellent way of relaxing your body and learning knowledge. Use the filters to select your favorite literature with the free ebook download services. Download SwifDoo PDF for free to enjoy viewing PDF ebooks.

Free Download



Susy has worked with PDF tools for more than 5 years. During the past time, PDF software is of huge assistance in increasing her productivity. She joined SwifDoo PDF one year ago and works as an editor now. Based on a lot of research and tests, Susy can offer users professional and practical solutions to PDF issues.

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