If you’re on the hunt for PDF textbooks, it pays to know which resources can help. A PDF textbook makes reference to the digitized variation of a good old fashioned paper textbook that you might expect to find in the library. Don’t get us wrong, paper still has its place in the modern world, but since we are so reliant on the internet and technology in general, it pays to get with the times and get with the 21st century.

Due to more and more schools and businesses jumping online because of recent goings on in the world, having electronic textbooks available is vital for students and teachers alike. Sourcing these textbooks in PDF format however, is much easier said than done.

So in terms of where to find PDF textbooks, to help you on your quest for a PDF textbook, here are 3 of the best sites to download free PDF textbooks.

Library Genesis

Up first we have Library Genesis.

This file sharing site provides a whole host of free PDF textbooks, including many academic titles, along with articles, comics, books, newspapers and magazines.

Using the site couldn’t be easier either, as you simply head onto the site and enter the name of the PDF textbook that you’re searching for, into the search bar and hit ‘enter’. You can then download the PDF once you have found it.

You can also search via author or even by subject.


Up next, we have Openstax.

This non-profit educational institution is based in Rice University and offers numerous PDF of textbooks selections in numerous subjects. From biology and chemistry to economics and humanities, there are free PDF textbooks for all subjects.

Just be aware that if you are searching for high school books, the selection here is limited as the emphasis is placed very strongly on college.

Open Textbook Library

Finally, we have Open Textbook Library.

Here, you can search for textbooks via subject, and you can choose from a wealth of academic resources, including those on engineering and business education.

Like OpenStax, the Open Textbook Library is mainly for college PDF textbooks.

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