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6 Best Free Android Scanner Apps for Easy Document Scanning [2024]

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on March 29, 2024
Do you need to scan a PDF on an Android device? A scanner app helps you save time and creates digital copies of physical documents without sacrificing quality. However, choosing the right app can be challenging. How can you find the best free Android scanner app to generate and share files easily?

That’s why this article comes to help. We compare six free scanning apps for Android to choose from based on various needs. These apps streamline the process of scanning documents. Here is a glance at these apps:

  Ratings Best for
SwifDoo PDF 4.8 Students, professionals, and anyone who handles PDFs the most.
Document Scanner 4.7 Scan ID/business cards and receipts.
Apowersoft Scanner 3.1 Digitally sign a file
TurboScan 4.8 Adjust the page order
Smart Doc Scanner / Create sharp scans
Fast Scanner 4.7 Password-protect digital documents

Best Free Android Scanner Apps

We handpicked six incredible free document scanner apps for Android devices.

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF for Android is a free PDF scanner designed to streamline the art of document scanning. Thanks to its advanced image-capturing and text-recognizing abilities, it has gained increasing recognition as one of the best free Android scanner apps.

Best free Android scanner app - SwifDoo PDF

Excelling at capturing quality images while smartly detecting the document edges aids in improving the overall quality of scanned PDF files even in a low-light condition. This makes the scanning process more effective, removing unnecessary background to ensure the text and graphics are sharp.

Additionally, SwifDoo PDF for Android features a powerful PDF converter that flexibly converts scanned PDF to Word, Excel, and more while maintaining the formatting. Its user interface achieves simplicity and promises easy navigation.

Key features:

⭐ Scan documents to PDFs on Android for free;

⭐ Automatically detect the borders of target pages to crop out the document;

⭐ Offer multiple scan filters to adjust the brightness, color balance, and effects to enhance the scan quality;

⭐ Create customized scans by changing the page borders on your own.

Document Scanner

Document Scanner is a cutting-edge scanning technology focused on text or image recognition. Its primary purpose is to scan documents for free and store them as digital files. It is the best document scanner app for Android to scan receipts and ID cards due to its various scan modes.

Best free Android scanner app - Document Scanner

Document Scanner’s outstanding scanning capabilities make it shine from other free scan software. These capabilities allow users to choose the optimal color combination for image enhancement and reduce large PDF file size.

Key features:

⭐ Specific formats are available for scanning ID cards, business cards, and academic papers;

⭐ Password-protect your scanned files to secure sensitive identification information;

⭐ Add watermarks to identify the source of the file when sharing it.

Apowersoft Scanner

Apowersoft Scanner is another recommended best free Android scanner app that aims to generate digital copies of receipts, business cards, and documents. It uses advanced OCR software to detect and recognize text from various document pages to produce quality scanned images.

Best free Android scanner app - Apowersoft Scanner

One of the notable attributes of the free scanner app for Android is its batch scanning ability. Apowersoft Scanner allows users to take multiple pictures and turns them into scans at once, combining them into one PDF or Excel document to streamline the managing process.

Key features:

⭐ One click to sign your name on the scanned page electronically with no need to print;

⭐ Transfer your scanned page as a JPG or PDF file;

⭐ Combine batch scans into one file for better management.


TurboScan is a popular document scanner app for Android users that boasts easy-to-use tools for scanning documents to PDF on Android devices. It can scan files, adjust color filters, add stamps, and share documents via email platforms. TurboScan can take pictures successively and auto-crop page borders for files with fixed size requirements, making it the best tool to deal with receipts for accounting and tax purposes.

Best free Android scanner app - TurboScan

Key features:

⭐ Auto-scan target pages to capture multiple documents or images faster;

⭐ Flexibly reorder all your scans before saving them into one;

⭐ Selectable document sizes for receipts, business/ID cards, and US letters.

Smart Doc Scanner

If you want to have better image quality, Smart Doc Scanner is the best free Android scanner app you need. It is a user-friendly PDF scanner that presents scans with higher accuracy. The app assists in backing up important documents into digital ones. The free PDF scanner uses powerful technology to generate a copy of your physical files.

Best free Android scanner app - Smart Doc Scanner

In addition to the PDF format, other formats such as DOC and JPG are available to accommodate different needs. Another highlight of this app is that it can restore files with the help of Google Drive, enabling you to retrieve accidentally deleted digital documents.

Key features:

⭐ Locate specific scanned files by searching words accurately;

⭐ Free to correct wrongly recognized text;

⭐ Offer multiple languages to OCR PDFs for editing and annotating.

Fast Scanner

The last document scanner app for Android in the list is Fast Scanner. It enables you to create scanned PDFs by importing images or taking photos. To safeguard digital files, the app sets passwords to add additional layers to sensitive information. Before exporting, you can select the output format as PDF or JPEG based on your needs.

Best free Android scanner app - Fast Scanner

Key features:

⭐ Customize the frame of scanned pages and contrast;

⭐ Easy to change the document type;

⭐ Work with Gmail, Google Drive, WhatsApp, and other apps.

Final Thoughts

Scanning a physical document while ensuring high quality and clear resolution can be daunting. However, this article solves this problem by testing and listing the six best free Android scanner apps with a comprehensive analysis. You can create a scanned PDF file in seconds, removing the need to perform the time-consuming task manually. Find the perfect fit for your requirements and create quality scanned files!


Q:Does Android have a built-in scanner app?

No, the Android system doesn’t come with any built-in free scanning app for Android devices. As a result, most Android users might need to download one to scan physical files into digital documents. However, several Android device manufacturers like Samsung pre-install free scanner software as part of the packages.

Here are the steps for Samsung Galaxy smartphones to scan a file with the built-in app:

Step 1: Tap Camera. In the bottom right corner, enable the blue light icon;

Step 2: Click on the Settings button on the top and toggle on Scene optimizer;

Step 3: Hit Scene optimizer and enable Document scan;

Step 4: Get your file ready and press the Tap to scan button to scan the file to PDF on Android for free.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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