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40 Heavenly Birthday Wishes: Heartwarming Happy Birthday Ideas

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on June 25, 2024
Heavenly birthday wishes remind us that, even though our loved ones, female or male, may no longer be physically present with us, their spirit remains alive within our hearts, and we remember them on their special day. However, wishing someone a happy birthday in heaven is always challenging.

Here are forty well-curated, heartfelt wishes, quotes, and messages for the passed-away souls of your loved ones. You can write in cards or share them aloud during a birthday gathering to honor their memory on their special day and bridge the earthly and heavenly worlds.

10 Heavenly Birthday Wishes for Friend

Love doesn't end when someone dies. Neither does the commemoration of their Birthday. Here are ten heartfelt heavenly birthday wishes for your best friend who is no more. These wishes will tell you what to say to someone on his heavenly birthday.

  1. Happy Birthday! Your friendship is a blessing that makes every day brighter and happier.
  2. Here's to another fabulous year of friendship—may it be as unique as you are!
  3. Happy Birthday to a friend who brings warmth and sunshine to my life every day.
  4. To a friend who's always there, may your Birthday be as incredible as you make life.
  5. Warmest birthday wishes to an extraordinary friend. Here's to another year of adventures together.
  6. Happy Birthday! Your friendship means the world to me, and I wish you all the best today.
  7. May your Birthday be as beautiful, amazing, and unique as you are, my dear friend.
  8. Happy Birthday! Thank you for being the incredible friend that you are—thank you for being you.
  9. Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day—happy Birthday, dear friend!
  10. Happy Birthday to my dear friend! May your day be as unique and unforgettable as you are.

10 Heavenly Birthday Wishes for Friend

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You can create a personalized birthday wish card using SwifDoo PDF. With the help of the SwifDoo PDF, you can make a blank PDF card, add a background to the PDF card, type your favorite wish text to say your close friend happy Birthday in heaven, and save the card as a printable PDF or image.

10 Birthday Wishes for Female in Heaven

Just because someone has died doesn't mean you will stop wishing them on their Birthday. Here are ten curated happy heavenly birthday wishes and quotes for your beloved female's birthday in heaven to find solace in the memories of her warmth and love.

  1. Celebrating your life with joy and fond memories. Happy heavenly Birthday!
  2. Wishing you eternal peace and happiness. Your spirit remains a beacon of light.
  3. In loving memory of your Birthday. Your grace and courage continue to inspire.
  4. Happy heavenly Birthday! Your presence in our lives is a blessing we cherish.
  5. Honoring your memory with love and gratitude on your special day. You are deeply missed.
  6. Sending heartfelt wishes to heaven. Your kindness and compassion continue to inspire.
  7. Remembering your laughter and joy on your Birthday. You are forever in our hearts.
  8. Celebrating your legacy of love and kindness. Happy heavenly Birthday!
  9. Wishing you peace and tranquility on your Birthday in heaven. You are dearly loved.
  10. In loving memory of your Birthday. Your spirit lives on in our hearts forever.

10 Birthday Wishes for Female in Heaven

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Using the SwifDoo PDF, you can download an editable birthday wish card template PDF to say Happy Birthday to someone who passed away. Then, you can change the text in the PDF card template to type your favorite heavenly birthday messages or wishes for a mom, daughter, friend, or other female. You can even change the format and layout of the added wishes text and make more beautiful designs with the SwifDoo PDF.

10 Happy Heavenly Birthday Wishes for Male

To say Happy Birthday in Heaven wishes quotes after deaths are deeply emotional, mainly to the loved ones who are left behind. Here are ten beautiful ideas to wish a male a happy heavenly birthday that will tell your passed-away dear ones that you are missing them on their birthday.

  1. Celebrate your birthday in heaven with love, remembering your strength and kindness.
  2. Wishing you joy on your heavenly birthday. Your legacy of courage inspires us still.
  3. Happy heavenly Birthday! Your wisdom and laughter are cherished memories that live on.
  4. I am honoring you today with love and gratitude. Your presence is deeply missed, dear friend.
  5. Sending birthday wishes to heaven. Your strength and warmth continue to light our way.
  6. Happy heavenly Birthday! Your legacy of love and compassion shines bright in our hearts.
  7. Celebrating your life and the joy you brought to all. Happy heavenly Birthday!
  8. I wish you peace and happiness on your birthday in heaven. You are dearly loved.
  9. In loving memory of your Birthday. Your kindness and humor are timeless treasures.
  10. Remembering your adventurous spirit on your special day. You are forever in our hearts.

10 Happy Heavenly Birthday Wishes for Male

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For wishing a person in heaven Happy Birthday, you can say or write happy birthday wishes for heavenly persons from our list above.

10 Happy Heavenly Birthday: Wishes Quotes for Loved One

Celebrating our loved ones' happy Birthdays in heaven who have passed away can be poignant and reflective. Here are the most heartwarming birthday wishes for mother, dad, husband, wife, friends, and other loved ones to honor their lives, celebrate the beautiful moments we shared, and keep their memories alive.

  1. Celebrating your eternal joy today. You're dearly missed and forever cherished.
  2. In loving memory on your special day. Your light shines on in our hearts.
  3. Sending birthday love to heaven. Your presence is felt in every cherished memory.
  4. Happy heavenly Birthday! Your spirit continues to inspire and uplift us all.
  5. Remembering you with love and smiles on your Birthday in heaven.
  6. Wishing you a beautiful birthday among the angels. Forever in our hearts.
  7. Honoring your life with gratitude and love on your heavenly Birthday.
  8. Sending hugs to heaven on your Birthday. You are deeply loved and missed.
  9. May your Birthday in heaven be filled with peace and eternal happiness.
  10. Today, we celebrate the amazing person you were and the love you shared.

10 Happy Heavenly Birthday Wishes Quotes for Loved One

Heavenly Birthday Wish Card Download to Send Your Wishes>>

You can print a PDF like a booklet with free heavenly happy birthday wishes to make a birthday card. You can use the card to wish a happy birthday to a person in heaven for memorizing them.

How to Design a Birthday Card for Sending Heavenly Wishes

There's nothing more meaningful than writing a touching message to wish a happy birthday to a heavenly person. Even if your loved one is no longer with you, sending heavenly birthday wishes along with birthday card images is a thoughtful way to honor their memory. Using SwifDoo PDF, you can create a unique, personalized, birthday wish card for your loved ones.

Let's quickly understand how to make a free heavenly birthday card with wishes using the SwifDoo PDF.

Step 1: Initiate and open the SwifDoo PDF program on your PC or other device. Then, download the PDF card template and drop it into the SwifDoo PDF;

Step 2: Click the Edit tab, hit Edit All, and delete the text in the text box;

how to design a birthday card for sending heavenly wishes 1

Step 3: Click Insert Text, type or copy and paste your favorite messages inside the PDF's text bar to wish a happy birthday;

how to design a birthday card for sending heavenly wishes 2

Step 4: Click the Image tab to add an image of your PDF birthday card, make other designs using the tools, and save the card as a PDF or export it as an image. 

how to design a birthday card for sending heavenly wishes 3

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