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35 April Fools' Day Quotes and Sayings to Make You Laugh

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on March 26, 2024
April Fool's Day is believed to have originated in France around the 16th century. Today, the day is commemorated in various countries around the globe with April Fools' Day quotes and sayings, which are cheerful and entertaining ways for people to engage in harmless pranks and good-natured humor.

Let us capture the essence of this day with these 35 April Fools' Day quotes, messages, and funny jokes to share with your loved ones.

April Fools' Day Quotes

On April Fools' Day, in honor of hoaxes and fake truths, we've curated a list of 10 Happy April Fools' Day quotes to use however you see fit to send to your near and dear.

  1. There's something extremely enjoyable about pulling pranks on those around you. Everyone must have a fantastic April Fool's Day.
  2. On 1 April, let us take advantage of the opportunity to play practical jokes on people without fear of punishment.
  3. A very Happy April Fool's Day to all. Let the most clever people know that they are also occasionally foolish.
  4. Happy 1 April to everyone. Remember that this is our only opportunity to exhibit our brain power by deceiving others.
  5. Diligence may be the secret to success. However, it is something that you are ignorant of. Happy April Fool's Day!
  6. There is only one reason you are Incapable of completing your work: you never do it. To my dear teammates, Happy April Fool's Day.
  7. Today is the day to be delighted with yourself for being an idiot. I wish you an incredible April Fool's Day!
  8. You are very clever but also very dumb, and on April Fool's Day, let me tell you that you are the finest foolish person I know.
  9. Humans fall in love, but monkeys can ping cell phones strangely. Have a great April Fool's Day!
  10. I had a dreadful headache last night, and my doctor sincerely advised me to send a message to some idiot, which I just did.
  11. A virus has just entered your head, but it died because it couldn't find any brains inside. Happy April Fool's Day, darling.
  12. Touching your elbow with your tongue is impossible. And if you just tried to do it, then you are an idiot. Happy April Fool's Day, dear.
  13. It is not easy to dupe yourself, but you have done an excellent job. May you have a very Happy April Fool's Day.
  14. Be innovative and exceptional when telling jokes and pulling tricks on those around you. Happy April Fool's Day, sweetheart.
  15. It is idiotic not to honor April Fool's Day because it is dedicated to the fool that we all have within us. Have an excellent April Fool's Day.

April Fools' Day Quotes

You can save the April Fools' Day image above for free. With the SwifDoo PDF editor, you can convert the image to PDF formatadd the text of your liking to the PDF card template and send the edited text message to anyone in any form.

10 Funny April Quotes

You can share any of these ten best April Fools' Day quotes, sayings, and funny messages with your friends and family on April Fool's Day and make the most of the day.

  1. What is the difference between a wise person and an idiot? A wise person simply sends a text/message, and an idiot keeps reading it. How often have you read my messages? Happy April Fool's Day to you.
  2. I may forget to wish you on Christmas, Diwali, your birthday, or even your wedding anniversary, but I am grateful to the Lord that I remember and wish you on this very special day meant for persons like you. Happy April Fool's Day, buddy!
  3. Today is the day when the world jubilates the reality of people like you, their personalities, and their points of view. You are just so lucky! Happy April Fool's Day!
  4. The earth may stop rotating, birds may cease flying, candles may cease melting, and hearts may cease beating, but your brain will never begin working. 'April Fool's Day was meant just for guys like you!
  5. Hey, buddy! Guys like you make me realize I am still way more clever than many. Thanks! Everything is funny throughout the time it is happening to somebody else. Happy April Fool's Day!
  6. You are incredibly precious to me. Even momentarily, I can't think of my reality without you. I am constantly aware of you! Don't put too much tension on your brain! I'm referring to oxygen for you—Happy April Fool's Day.
  7. It is better to say nothing and have people think you are a stupid person than to open your mouth and remove all doubt— Happy April Fool's Day.
  8. I plan to loiter on April Fools' Day, thinking of all the pranks I thought of last year but ultimately failed to remember to execute this year. April Fool's Day has been postponed this year. But don't worry; we will dedicate some other day to you.
  9. Have you ever observed that anybody driving slower than you is stupid and anyone driving quicker than you is mad? A word to the wise isn't compulsory— the stupid ones require the advice.
  10. Happy 1 April to you, sweetheart! We cannot change the fact that you are an idiotic person, and you will remain one. Merry Christmas! Whoops! Happy April Fool's Day!

10 Funny April Quotes

First, save the card image as a PDF. Then, you can add the image to the funny April Fools' Day quotes and jokes greeting card PDF for free using the SwifDoo PDF editing tool and send the edited card to your loved ones in any form.

10 April 1st Quotes

On April 1, many people made plans and enjoyed playing practical jokes on others. Here is a beautiful collection of 10 perfect April Fools' Day messages, quotes, and thoughts that you may like to share with your friends and family to make this day more joyful and memorable.

  1. 1st April is the day we are remembered for what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four days.
  2. Some guys can't be tricked on April Fool's Day because they have been tricked too many times throughout their lives.
  3. A stupid person may be known by six things: annoyance without cause, speaking without profit, swapping without progress, querying without object, putting faith in a stranger, and mistaking enemies for friends.
  4. The mistakes of the stupid person are known to the world but not to himself. The mistakes of the wise person are known to himself but not to the world.
  5. Don't proceed towards a goat from the front, a horse from the back, or an idiot like you from any side. Happy April Fool's Day!
  6. Mix a little stupidity with your wisdom: It's good to be foolish at the right moment. Today, you look more impressive than on any other day! Don't stretch your head; it's April Fool's Day.
  7. On 1 April, we must learn not to laugh at idiots because sometimes they may also be correct. You are the one who most often makes us laugh with your no-sense jokes. Happy April Fool's Day, partner!
  8. Some things are made for each other, such as bread and butter, fork and knife, paper and pen, and you and foolishness. Happy Fool's Day to the best stupid friend!
  9. A mother takes twenty years to make a man out of her boy, and another lady makes a fool of him in twenty minutes. When uncertain, make a fool of yourself— I wish you a happy April Fool's Day, buddy!
  10. May you live long, dear. Please take all the idiots out of this world; there wouldn't be any pleasure or gain in it. So I wish you to live long, dear. Happy April Fool's Day!

You can save these April Fools' Day quotes and images from this post to make your personalized, unique greeting card PDF, which you can share with your friends and family to make them laugh.

How to Edit Happy April Fools' Day Quotes on a Card

You can use the ready-to-use card templates provided with the SwifDoo PDF editor to make a personalized Fools' Day card image online for free and send it with the best quotes on April Fools' Day to your friends and family members. You can also write your preferred inspirational quotes for April Fools' Day using the SwifDoo PDF.

Let's find out how to quickly use the SwifDoo PDF to edit the best April Fools' Day pictures and quotes on a personalized card.

Step 1: Download, install, and open the SwifDoo PDF editor on your mobile phone, computer, or laptop. Then, download the card template of your choice from the SwifDoo software;

Step 2: Choose Convert > Image to PDF, import the card image, and set the size to create a PDF;

How to edit April Fools' Day quotes on card 1

Step 3: Hit the Insert Text button in the main Edit menu section. As mentioned above, choose the inspirational quotes for April Fools' Day from our collection in this blog and add the April Fools' Day pictures quotes of your liking to the text bar as required in the PDF;

 How to edit April Fools' Day quotes on card 2

Step 5: Hit the Image button under Edit to add an image of your April Fools card PDF. Or search the Annotate section and choose Stickers to add stickers to give your card a beautiful look;

Step 6: Click the File and Print buttons to print your card, or choose Convert > PDF to Image to make a Fools' Day card image.

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