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3 Tips for Designing a Blank Monthly Calendar PDF Template 

By Simpson | Follow twitter | Updated on April 18, 2022 | Deutsch

Time. Time is a commodity considered more precious than silver, more valuable than gold, and for many, much rarer than diamonds. Time is something which many of us wished we had more of in a day, especially in a busy working environment, which is why managing our time with a calendar is so important. 

Owning a month calendar is something we surely all do, especially in the workplace, yet if you really want to turn heads, impress your colleagues, and manage your time more effectively, you may wish to customize a calendar with a blank monthly calendar template PDF.


Calendars are so useful, especially in the business world, yet if you get just a little creative, there is so much you can do with a PDF calendar template. You can design it with attractive photos using a PDF template editor, SwifDoo PDF to add outstanding words and highlight them.

Don’t believe us? Just see for yourselves! Here are how to download and 3 tips for designing a blank monthly calendar template PDF.

Free Download a Monthly Calendar Template

If you’re sure that you aren’t the best when it comes to designing a blank month calendar from scratch, or anything else for that matter, why not just download a monthly calendar template to design instead?

There are many sites where you can free download a blank monthly calendar template PDF, regardless of a June 2022 calendar template PDF, August 2022 calendar template PDF or December 2022 calendar template PDF, such as Calendar-12.com, Time and Date.

Before downloading, remeber to select whether to download a yearly, weekly or monthly blank calendar template PDF, and choose your country so that holidays will be automatically marked on the downloaded PDF. You can also determine the main color and even language of the template. 

By downloading a blank calendar template, the design is almost there, and if you would prefer, you can go ahead and open it up with SwifDoo PDF editor, and just edit it that way and make a few small alterations.

Edit Your Template PDF

The first tip on calendar template design is using PDF software to make changes to the downloaded template PDF. To create a unique blank month calendar, you can customize the template with lovely and beautiful pictures and words. 

Check the quick guide to edit and design your blank monthly calendar template PDF with SwifDoo PDF editor

Step 1: Launch SwifDoo PDF editor, drag and drop the template in;

Step 2: Go to Edit, Insert Text, and click a place to type text. Or, you can change the existing text in the PDF;


Step 3: Exit the editing mode, choose Image to insert your favourite pictures, adjust the picture size or rotate it; 


Step 4: Hit Background to add a background color or background image to make your monthly calendar template more beautiful.


After done, go to "SwifDoo" and "Save as" to save the changes.

When needed, you can use PDF annotation feature of SwifDoo PDF to highlight the vital dates or events so that they can stand out from others.

Consider a Tent Calendar

Speaking of how to design a calendar or designing a blank monthly calendar template PDF, you may mean to create a tent calendar.  

A tent calendar is, as the name implies, a calendar which is laid out in the shape of a tent. Basically, it is a triangular shape and can be customized with your work’s business logo and/or colours and branding. Tent calendars are great for advertising purposes, and they make great corporate gifts. 

If you want to create a tent calendar, you can download a tent calendar template PDF (12-month blank calendar template PDF) from Solopress site first, then design it. Or, you can download all blank calendar PDF files from January to December, and use SwifDoo PDF to merge the PDFs into one.

A site like Making The World Cuter will teach you how to DIY a tent calendar. 

Photo Calendar

If you really want to create an eye-catching calendar that will make you the source of envy in the office, go ahead and create a photo calendar with a photo calendar template.

A photo calendar is basically a 12-page photo album, with 12 large photographs included, and each month of the year, and of course all days of each month, included under each photo. 

If you want to design a photo calendar template yourself, SwifDoo PDF is the perfect software to use. Choose a downloaded empty month calendar PDF such as 2022 12-month calendar PDF, open it with SwifDoo PDF editor, and then go ahead and insert pictures or images for every month.

You can either use your own images, or alternatively you can simply use free stock images from various websites online. You can change the text and add text in the blank calendar PDF. 

After finishing the calendar design, remeber to save the printable blank monthly calendar template PDF as need.

Simpson is from London, he is a professional columnist for certain fields of software,E-Commerce content writing. At SwifDoo Software, Simpson’s articles are usually about PDF software.

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