How many times have you been scrolling the Internet, only to come across a webpage that’s very important and that you’d like to save? Everything seems fine, you click the "Save As" button, hoping to save it as a PDF but you can’t quite figure out how to do so?

If that sounds familiar to you then rest assured that you’re certainly not alone, which is why we’re looking at how to save a webpage as a PDF in today’s article.


Now, regardless of what you need to save the webpage for, if you’re struggling to save it as a PDF it’s safe to say that you’ll probably feel pretty annoyed. Read this article to get rid of the issue. 

How to Save a Webpage as a PDF

Those looking to save webpage as PDF will be pleased to hear that with the right advice, the right software such as SwifDoo PDF, and a little patience, making a PDF editable and saving a web page as a PDF is easier than ever before. This is where we come into the mix. Here’s a look at how to save a webpage as a PDF.

Step 1

Begin by opening up the browser as usual, and heading over to the URL of the web page that you would like to save as a PDF.

Step 2

Next, to ensure you get your PDF annotation correct, make sure to right click anywhere on the web page that you want to save and then either use the shortcut Ctrl + P, or select "Print".

Step 3

Now, if you want to save webpage as PDF, once the print dialog box appears, you need to alter "Destination" to "Save as PDF".

Just be aware that the exact wording may differ slightly, depending on which browser you’re using. Basically, you need to simply make sure that you select the option that ends with "As PDF" or "To PDF".

If using Microsoft, DO NOT use the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ option as all this will do is save the PDF as an image, as opposed to saving it as a searchable PDF.

Step 4

Now you’re getting close to the end but you’re not quite there just yet.

Up next, you will need to click on "Save" followed by the "Save As" dialog box. Now, if you’re looking to make a PDF edit, you will need to move the file to the folder which you want to store it in, and then click on ‘Save’. You may also rename the file here if that would be easier.

Now, you’ll be very pleased to hear that the webpage has in fact been saved as a PDF document. Now, if you’re using software such as SwifDoo PDF, you can make PDF editing, alter the document, and much more besides.

Why Choose SwifDoo PDF?

There are many PDF software providers out there, so what’s so great about SwifDoo PDF?

Well, SwifDoo PDF is user-friendly, is incredibly reliable, is loaded full of handy functions and features, it makes editing a PDF a piece of cake, and of course, the reviews speak for themselves.

If you work with PDF, SwifDoo PDF is exactly what you need.



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