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Tips for Designing the Ultimate Happy Birthday Banner

By Simpson | Follow twitter | Updated on May 14, 2022

A birthday is always an occasion to celebrate, and if there’s somebody close to you who has a special birthday coming up, you might want to make it that little bit more special. Sure, you can go with a cake, flowers, and a generic card, but what else can you do to give it more of a personal feel? Well, you could design your very own happy birthday banner.


A happy birthday banner printable PDF is the ultimate way to kick off a birthday party or celebration, and best of all, is the fact that if you do design it yourself, you can personalize it and cater it specifically for the lucky recipient.

Thanks to the web, you can search for a free printable happy birthday banner PDF online, or alternatively you can design and edit it on your own using SwifDoo PDF instead.

If you’re thinking of designing a birthday banner, here are some useful tips to help you out.   

Search for Inspiration

Not everybody is a creative genius with a Master’s degree in Graphic Design and if you’re designing a happy birthday banner for the first time, it can be tricky to find inspiration and ideas.

To help you design a stunning banner, hop online and look for ideas from things such as a birthday card PDF or even a free printable birthday banner PDF and see what takes your eye.

Look at several designs, find ones which you like the best and look at ways in which you can incorporate different elements into your banner to make it unique, rather than just copying existing designs.

Download Free Happy Birthday Templates

For designers out there who are struggling for ideas when designing a happy birthday banner, a way of making the process even easier is to download and edit a free birthday banner template instead.

With so many templates already existing, you can download one in PDF, open up SwifDoo PDF editor, edit it to really personalize your birthday banner, and add the finishing touches to it.

SwifDoo PDF allows you to insert images, add text, shapes, and lines to your PDF banner. You can also crop the pages, highlight the text, and do much more with the software to create your own happy birthday banner printable PDF.  

Birthday Messages

Now that you want to design and make a birthday banner yourself, you'd better think about what you want to say to your friends who are going to have their birthday. The words will be what are you going to write on the banner and should be casual and short. General birthday messages that you can take into account are as follows:


If you design the banner with a PDF, you can use SwifDoo PDF software to add the text onto it. 

Determine the Theme of the Banner

If you want to personalize your happy birthday banner, design it with a special theme. The theme will help you choose the colors, patterns and fonts easier. 

The theme can be determined according to the preferences of the person celebrating the birthday. For example, if your friend likes to travel, you can make the banner travel-like. If she likes pink color, you can add a pink background color to the banner. Of course, you can match the theme to your own interests or the birthday party. 

If you indeed have no idea about what theme to use, go to surf the Internet and download your favorite free printable birthday banner PDF as a reference. To give the banner a nice look, use SwifDoo PDF to add a background color or image to the PDF and update it whenever you need.

Pick Your Colours Carefully

When designing a happy birthday banner, colour is also very important.

Choose your colours carefully, as colours can clash and sometimes having too many colours on there will distract from the overall message of the banner itself.

Typical birthday colours include: whites, pinks, light purples, reds, light blues, and so on, though in reality you can choose whichever colours you like.

Make the Text Readable

Finally, as you are creating a happy birthday banner, you need to ensure that the text is readable, and readable from a distance.

Choose a very large font for the main ‘Happy Birthday’ message, and choose a slightly smaller, but still large, font for any secondary messages of texts that your banner might include.

Use Patterns

Whether you use PDF software, Adobe Photoshop, or cardstock to design your happy birthday banner, make the banner interesting and unique with patterns. You can fill every letter with stripes, dots, polygons, animal pitcures, or draw patterns by hand on physical papers. Also use blank spaces to add patterns. 

As for designing a happy birthday banner printable PDF, add your favorite images or pictures with SwifDoo PDF editor.

Print the Birthday Banner Off

When you finish the banner design, save it to your computer and USB flash drive, then go to print shop to print it out. In case you need to make any change to the design in the near future, remeber to save it as a PSD file on your PC if you are using Photoshop. For easy printing, it's better to save your happy birthday banner as a printable PDF or image to your USB drive.

Choose the proper paper type and size when printing your happy birthday banner printable PDF. 

Glue the Banner to a String and Hang it

Finally, as the banner is going to be hung in the room of the birthday party, you need to prepare glue or clear tape to stick the happy birthday banner to a string. Flip the banner over, draw a line of glue along the top edge of the banner paper, and press the string down to the glue. After the glue dries, tie the ends of the string to proper locations in the room and fix it.

Final Words

In addition to the above method, you can also design and make a birthday banner by using sheets of cardstock paper. Trace the shape of each letter of the HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the sheets of paper, paint, color, cut them out, glue and hang them. You can even print a free downloaded happy birthday banner printable PDF directly.

The key to designing and making birthday banners is keeping your friend's preferences in mind. Don't include elements he/she hates in the banner.

Simpson is from London, he is a professional columnist for certain fields of software,E-Commerce content writing. At SwifDoo Software, Simpson’s articles are usually about PDF software.

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