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Productivity Hacks to Use For Your Work

By Roche | Follow twitter | Updated on March 3, 2023

In today’s world, people just need to be productive to have time for all spheres of life. Only the wise use of time and resources, as well as the care for oneself, will help to cope with important tasks and not burn out. The keys to productivity lie in three main areas – physical, mental, and technical.

Every experienced employee knows how essential the convenience and aesthetics of the home office are for productive work. There are many productivity hacks – from eating healthy to managing your time. But you shouldn’t forget how essential it is to take care of your MacBook in time. It is your computer that defines how quickly and effectively you cope with the tasks. Read on to learn about how to turbocharge your productivity.

Things That Steal Your Productivity And How To Deal With Them

There are many reasons why people lose productivity. However, most of them are related to the following factors:

  • Insufficient attention to the body;
  • Rush;
  • Ingratitude;
  • Excessive use of gadgets.

What to do to feel full of energy again? Here are some valuable tips.

Body Care

Consider how you nourish your body – eat a nutrient-rich meal and drink plenty of water. Obtain eight hours of sleep every night, with power naps if necessary.  Here is an unexpected thing for many people. Deep, regular breathing energizes the body at the molecular level, delivering instant physical advantages. Don’t forget about working out on a regular basis and staying physically active – preferably outside.

Avoid Gadgets After Waking Up

Do not check your phone immediately after waking up. This way, you set your brain to distractions. It is much better to just listen to your favorite music or do yoga. Avoid social media in the morning. Using it can be a problem for your focus on work tasks and take up a lot of time.

Slow Down

Many mistakenly believe that rest is a waste of time. In fact, pauses are vital for recharging. Overwork is extremely hazardous to health. After a break, you will work much better. A simple walk in nature energizes you and allows you to focus on important things.

Enjoy The Power Of Gratitude

Be grateful to yourself and others, even for the little things. This will help to overcome bad moods and uncertainty. Write down at least five things that you're grateful for every day. You will find it simpler to think positively if you routinely compliment life and people.

Time-Management, Self-Discipline, and Technology Usage For Better Productivity

Let’s move from the physical and mental to the tech part. Find out how you can boost your effectiveness with the help of different services.

Watch Your Time

Self-awareness cannot be overestimated as a tool for increasing productivity. One grows only through understanding and analysis. And Clockify may help here. It is a free tracker and timesheet tool that keeps tabs on how much time you spend on various projects. It registers the hours needed to finish different activities.

How to do more in your work

If you need a simple method to count your billable hours or want to see how productive you are, this app is just what the doctor ordered. Of course, the program does not directly affect your productivity. However, knowing how many minutes you spend on a particular job makes it easier to draw conclusions. And this is the first step to positive change.

Get More Working Hours

Being productive means using every minute efficiently. Keyboard shortcuts are predefined on Macs and can really save hours for you. Instead of stretching yourself to a mouse every time, keep things more straightforward at your fingertips. It may seem like a trifle until you analyze and count every second. Such a small change can save you around 130 hours in a year. If you go to System Preferences, Keyboard, and then Shortcuts on your Mac, you can see all of the available options and even modify them to your liking.

Working with A Light and Clean Mac

Working behind a clean computer is like writing in a beautiful new notebook. You have plenty of space, and nothing stops your inspiration. But even if you are a prudent and responsible user, the system accumulates a lot of "garbage" over time. We talk about the cache, hidden and broken files, and lost folders. All this data can slow down your computer. Not to make that happen, many people try free Mac cleaner apps and read professional pieces of advice on how to avoid speed and performance issues. After you clean up the PC with such tools, you face many benefits.

There is a place for your new projects, and managing the system becomes much easier. You will work more and enhance your productivity. To clean your computer also means getting inspiration for new jobs to be done. And all that is possible in minutes, just with a few clicks! Find more valuable tips on how to improve your productivity using technologies below.

How to save your time in your work

Use Software to Serve Your Purposes

As computer hardware began to develop more and began to be sold to individuals, software became more important. Home users could not program their computers themselves because they typically did not take the time to learn programming languages, leading to the development of easy-to-use home computer software such as system software and application software.

Devices such as MacBook Air and smartphones come with many standard pre-installed apps so you can use them out of the box. If you need additional applications or programs for specific tasks, such as video editing or PDF editing, it is much easier to use these additional tools today than in the past. PDF files are easy to read and print, but much more difficult to parse their contents in plain text, a PDF editor program doesn’t typically pre-install on the device, but it can be downloaded from the Internet or a mobile application store, or accessed online via a web browser.

As with many other productivity tools/programs of all kinds, it is therefore worth betting on professionally-crafted software. They will help us eliminate problems and save us a lot of time.

Save Time And Nerves

You undoubtedly spend valuable minutes trying to remember your passwords. And this will definitely stop your workflow and waste your time. Here is some pleasant news for those who want to feel safe and free. 1Password app saves and remembers passwords of all the accounts for you. You will no longer spend hours and nerves recovering your email password.

You can devote more time and effort to your work with such a helper. That's why this tool is one of the finest mac productivity tips. You can easily access all of your favorite websites with just one click. Enhanced cybersecurity is an excellent bonus.

Avoid Distractions

What's next on our list of MacBook productivity tips? Focus tool! It is the perfect feature for those who want to stay focused during business hours. With this useful program, you can filter notifications. Do you not want to answer friends in the next 4 hours? No problem. Just set the necessary settings and immerse yourself in work for 100%. If you use an iPhone, the things you create on your Mac will be replicated on your smartphone, making it easier to manage the constant stream of alerts. Here are some more ways to regain your focus on work if you are interested in the subject.


To be productive, one must take care of their physical and mental health. It is also crucial to have enough rest. Many secrets of productivity lie in proper time management and the improvement of your organizational skills. The easiest way to develop these abilities for Mac users is to try different programs. With only a few clicks, you can save working hours, boost performance and keep your computer in perfect condition. We hope that you will find suitable options in our list, enjoy them, and feel positive changes.


With 2 years of experience writing reviews and roundup articles in the document management and software industries. Always have a passion for trying new things, especially software.

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