The Yellowface by R.F. Kuang quote, "Reading lets us live in someone else's shoes," is the perfect introduction to this one of the New York Times best-selling books. It makes you realize someone's negative emotions of jealousy, anger, or frustration caused by failure, unhealthy competition, over-ambition, etc. These days, people have been through all of these emotions and situations but can't get through the solutions.

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Yellowface Specifications

Yellowface book is written by American fantasy novelist R.K. Kuang. Her fifth published novel, the Yellowface, is about racial discrimination in the writing industry, social media trolling, sexual assault, violence, etc. This book also falls into the genre of fiction, thriller, adultery, etc.

This 336-page book was published on 16th May 2023 by William Morrow. Having some vulnerable context, Yellowface is suitable for 22 and above. The story revolves around the main characters, June Hayward and Athena Liu.

Author Of Yellowface

Yellowface's author R.K. Kuang is a New York Times bestseller author who won several respected awards, including the Nebula Award for Best Novel, the Crawford Award, the Compton Crook Award, and many others. She also became a finalist in several awards for her first book, The Poppy War.

She was honored by Blackwell's Books of the Year for Fiction in 2022. Her other renowned books are The Dragon Republic, The Burning God, Babel, and The Necessity of Violence. She studied at Yale University after graduating from Magdalene College, Cambridge, and University College, Oxford.

What is The Book Yellowface About

Yellowface is a story about a struggling and unsuccessful writer, June Hayward, whose best friend, Athena Liu, a Chinese American, is a renowned author. After the sudden death of Athena, June decided to edit and own Authena's unpublished manuscript based on the deprival of Chinese laborers in World War l. Eventually, June published the book with an Asian-sounding name, Juniper Song, to make it sound quite Asian and an ambiguous photo to ensure the authenticity of being Chinese American to the readers.

However, the instant success of the book did not leave her at peace as she was constantly threatened by a Twitter account named after Athena about her stealing the book. Even though June tries to hide her secret, the truth is revealed. So, to know how June was exposed and what she did after that, you must read the Yellowface book in PDF so that you can read your favorite portion or the entire book as many times as you want on your smart device.

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Yellowface by R. F. Kuang Review

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The Closing

So, if you love reading contemporary content with thoughtful messages and dynamic storylines, Yellowface has it all with surprising twists, turns, thrills, and mystery. You will witness some brutal truths of some social tabu and a human's complex mind to meet aspirations. While reading, if you want to add your opinion on any part and share it with your friend, you should go for the Yellowface book PDF with the customizable support of the SwifDoo PDF reader.


Q:What Happened At The End of Yellowface?

At the end of the Yellowface book, June's secret of stealing the book was disclosed to the world by the former editorial assistant Candice Lee in Eden Press, which published June's book. The publication industry banned Candice because of the false allegation made by June to hide her secret from the eyes of the world. So, to take revenge, Candice revealed June's truth, and after a deadly fight between them, June was hospitalized and made a new plan to prove herself innocent while using her white skin privilege to the world.

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