The New York Times bestseller They Both Die at The End is a book that has won several awards and nominations and received huge appreciation for its unique approach to the eternal truth of death and destiny. The entire story revolves around the moments and events of the day before you die.

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General Info About They Both Die At The End

Author: The American writer Adam Silvera is better known for his young adult fiction novels. Apart from They Both Die At the End, his books History Is All You Left Me and More Happy Than Not are also New York Times best sellers. Being gay, he has an impeccable introspection about same-sex relationships & LGBT community.

Genres: Young Adult, Gay Relationship, LGBT, Death, Fiction

Series: Death-Cast

Prequel & Sequel: 

They Both Die At the End (2017)

The First to Die At the End (2022)

Untitled sequel (2024)

Characters: Mateo Torrez, Rufus Emeterio, Lidia Vargas, Mateo Torrez Sr. 

Age Rating: 14 to 17 years old 

Page Count: 384

They Both Die At The End Summary

To know what They Both Die At the End is about, you should know that the story is set in the dystopian background of New York City in 2017. Dystopia is a company that predicts and notifies the citizen's death with its defining Death-Cast feature. In this synopsis, you will know that two gay teenagers named Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio got the death notification, and they have only one day to live before their deaths. 

They in They Both Die At the End met through an app and started spending their last day together, meeting other people and loved ones of their lives and fulfilling their other wishes of parting, traveling through virtual reality, etc. However, at the ending, both of them die in different accidents after they fall in love with each other.

They Both Die at the End 1

They Both Die At the End Review

They Both Die At the End is a fictional theme about death prediction and people's reactions to their end. In this book review, I will draw your attention to the fact that even if you know your death prediction, you can't change it. This shows the author's belief in the density and certainty of the future. Therefore, in the entire plot of the story, no one wants to make any effort to change their death prediction. 

They Both Die At the End shows the strength and courage of the characters to accept the reality of death. On the other hand, despite knowing their certainty of death, they don't stop hoping, living, and showing love to their loved ones. They are not scared; instead, they plan for life after death with positivity and happiness. So, the unusual theme gives you the fundamental lessons of living in your present moments, as neither your past nor future is in your control. 

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Best Book Quotes You May Love

Let's see the most incredible quotes from the book They Both Die At the End.

  • I wasted all those yesterdays and am completely out of tomorrow
  • No matter how we choose to live, we both die at the end


To realize the importance of every moment, relationship, and so many other things that you have been given between life and death, read the incredible creation They Both Die At the End. To understand the philosophical phenomena of letting go of your past, living in the present, and accepting your future, you must read the They Both Die At the End PDF with peace and passion in your digital reading.


Is They Both Die At the End LGBT? 

Yes, They Both Die At the End is a story of a gay couple and refers to lots of social, emotional, and physical facts about LGBT.

What are the other books of the author of They Both Die At the End?

  • History Is All You Left Me
  • The Infinity Cycle Series
  • Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy
  • Color Outside the Lines

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