Do you like reading dark romances and psychological thrillers? Haunting Adeline by H. D. Carlton embarks readers on a chilling and suspenseful expedition in the first book, the Cat and Mouse Duet. Carlton provides a haunting and atmospheric thriller with a skillful blend of intrigue, obsession, and psychological twists that will leave the readers on the edge of their seats.

Prepare to be captivated by this dark and intense novel that travels over the depths of obsession and the devastating repercussions it can unbind. It is the first full-length dark romance book in the duet by H.D. Carlton, spoken in Dual perspectives, and ends on a heart stopper.


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Introduction to the Author: H. D. Carlton

International and USA Today's best-selling author, H. D. Carlton, was brought up in a small town in Ohio. By day, she does boring adult stuff; by night, she's putting her imagination into words. She published a few poems back in her days, but now she is entirely dedicated to turning poetry into a story. A story that preferably features immoral dark worlds with the worst kind of villains. She likes watching paranormal shows and wishing she was a mermaid.

Her favorite characters are of the moral ambiguity variety, and she believes that everyone should check their soundness of mind at the door before delving into her stories.

Haunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton is primarily designated within the genres of dark romance and psychological thriller. The novel intricately fabricates elements of suspense, mystery, and romance, creating a story that is both emotionally ferocious and psychologically complicated.

Summary of Haunting Adeline

Let's quickly look at the plot of the two books, Cat and Mouse Duet Book 1 and Cat and Mouse Duet Book 2, without any scope for spoilers to enjoy guilt-free.

Haunting Adeline Book Cover

Cat and Mouse Duet Book 1

The story of Haunting Adeline revolves around Adeline Reilly, a writer who lives alone in the haunted mansion her grandmother gave her. Soon after moving in, she finds a dark secret: her great-grandmother was murdered in that mansion, and the killer was never caught. As if that's not bad enough, Adeline starts to see similarities between her own life and that of her assassinated grandmother, the most significant being that each of them had a stalker.

Adeline's stalker is Zade Meadows, the leader of an underground organization, Z, which aims to end human trafficking. In association with her friend Daya, Adeline uncovers the secrets of her new mansion, Parsons Manor, and the killing of her great-grandmother, Gigi, all while trying to keep Zade to avoid being very close to her.

The book includes themes of the separation between consent and arousal, as Zade and Adeline maneuver instances of sexual assault, the balance of morality in deciding character, regarding Zade's dubious morality and performance as a Means of Deception, both regarding the offenders that Zade tracks and Zade himself.

Not long ago, Addie discovered that someone had been watching her, both in and out of the house. Her stalker will not let her go, and the more she reads her great-grandmother's journals, the more she starts to feel like history might be repeating itself.

Read Hunting Adeline PDF

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Cat and Mouse Duet Book 2

Adeline gets kidnapped by a human trafficking organization and is abused and prepared by her captors to groom her for a new buyer for the skin trade. This inhuman episode changed Adeline for the worse, and she began adapting herself as an "angel of death." Now, Adeline is dead set on criticizing her abusers repeatedly with the help of her stalker and now-boyfriend, Zade.

Hunting Adeline, the second part of Cat and Mouse Duet Book 2, elevates after the end of Haunting Adeline, the first part of Cat and Mouse Duet Book 1, and it soon reveals the true criminal of the first book.

The second part, Cat and Mouse Duet Book 2, is darker and even more disturbing than the first book, which is set in the course of Adeline's captivity, and this is when all the distressing things happen. We also learn about the things that Z does to get Adeline back. He is very ruthless in his ways, and we encounter many interesting characters that help him on the go.

Readers will find themselves captivated by the suspenseful narrative and passionate romance that throb their hearts through the pages.

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