The Sun and The Star book is all about realizing and accepting the negative and positive side within yourself. Instead of escaping from your darkness, you should embrace your limitations while enhancing the brighter side of your existence. This is the stand-alone follow-up to the book The Tower of Nero. It has become the New York Times bestseller, and it is also the "The Best Book of 2023" on Bernes & Noble's book.

This Greek mythology-based young-adult, romantic, and fictional story represents the LGBT community with authentic emotions and positive appeal by showing the social taboo. So, this much-talked-about book will enlighten different aspects of your life and thoughts in a very philosophical and thoughtful way. Now, before beginning your journey with this book, let's get a compact review of The Sun and The Star with its customizable offline PDF reading option.

Author of The Sun and The Star

The Sun and The Star Book Cover

The fictional fantasy novel is co-written by the New York Times best-selling writer Rick Riordan and award-winning author Mark Oshiro. Rick is famous for his much-hyped Percy Jackson series. Despite being a writer, Mark is designated in multiple prestigious posts in various queer and other organizations.

He is also a huge pet lover who does lots of online and offline social work in his free time. Being a straight person, Rick has decided to write the book with the young adult queer writer Mark to make the main gay character, Nico, and his romantic relationship with his boyfriend Will authentic and realistic.

In the book The Sun and The Star, the writers give attention to mental health, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating other contemporary crises of today's generation and life. The authors have conveyed their message by saying," There cannot be light without darkness, nor darkness without light. You must have the contrast for both to exist."

The Sun and The Star Summary

The Sun and The Star is the 17th novel of the Rick's Camp Half-Blood Chronicles series. This is the story of a demigod, Hades's son Nico, and his emotional and self-evolutionary journey while saving his friend Bob, Titan, who earlier saved Percy Jackson.

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During the journey to the underworld, Nico, who personifies darkness, is accompanied by his boyfriend Will, who is the son of Apollo and represents light. In the process of their way to rescue Bob, Nico and Will had to confront lots of challenges and difficulties such as cycles or nightmares, Will's unfair assumption about life and light, etc.

However, they also came across several thought-evoking situations where they met Nico's step-mom, Persephone, who taught them the lesson on how to love underworld people and gave advice about the acceptance of darkness instead of rejecting it.

They also learned the strength and purpose of happy memories from the nymph called Gargyra. Finally, they reached the Tartarus to save Bob, where they had to fight with the pain and mania. Then, they went to the garden of Nyx, which represents night.

Bob was trapped in the cycle of regeneration as a demigod Lapetus. After rescuing Bob, you must know how they have evolved in their life while enhancing light and embracing darkness in life with your smart reading of the PDF version of the book on smart devices.

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